SixBlindKids – Morning Routine – Mom And 6 Kids – Back To School

SixBlindKids – Morning Routine – Mom And 6 Kids – Back To School

– T minus six hours and counting on the night before school starts. (joyful music) Oh dark thirty, first day
of school, time to get up. Are we ready for this? Here we go. (upbeat music) 5:00 a.m. I don’t know what happened
to summer, but it is go time, so let’s go get the kids up. Hannah, are you girls up? – [Hannah] Yeah. – [Mom] Is Abi up? – [Hannah] Yeah, she is, she disappeared on me. – [Mom] What do you mean
she disappeared on you? – She forgot to comb her hair, she just went off to the mud room and just sat there and waited. – [Mom] Maybe she’s
excited to start school. – I know, right? – [Mom] All right, well you
can help out with her, okay? – [Hannah] Yeah, I will. – [Mom] Jesse’s up, but I
have to get Obed up first because his bus is first. Jesse, you can come in here if you want. But we have to get Mr. Oybd up. Hey, big boy. Can you stand it? It’s time to get up and go to school. And Arnie’s ready to go out already. All right, we’re gonna
get these kids ready and we’ll be back. Are you excited to go to school Jesse? – Okay, okay. – [Mom] Okay, okay? Soon as I get Obed ready I’m gonna come and get you okay?
– Okay, okay. Okay, okay. – [Mom] Okay, okay. – Okay, okay. – [Mom] You ready to go to school, Obed? Let’s go down the stairs. Okay, let’s go down the
stairs, first day of school. Oh dark thirty, bud. Oh dark thirty. You ready? We got up very happily, big old smile on your face for somebody who’s been sleeping
in every day up until now. I hear Arnie. He’s ready to go out. Boy, is this hard. All right, big boy. (dog barking) Let’s go. (barking drowns out speaker) I can’t do this. (dog barking) Yes, big boy, we hear ya. Oh my, we’re adding that
to the mix this year. – [Dad] Good morning, Obed. – Hi, dad. (dog barking) Hi (barking drowns out speaker) – Who’s–
– Here. – [Dad] Who’s down here in the dark? – Me, Abi. – [Dad] Hi, Abi – Hi, dad.
– You’re having a little breakfast? – [Dad] Good morning. – [Mom] Mom’s gonna take Arnie out and then go get Jesse.
– Morning. (barking drowns out speaker) – Abi, did you bring a hair clip, honey? – [Abi] Yes. – [Mom] Okay, I’ll turn on
the lights, it’s so dark out. – [Hannah] We can’t see light. – [Mom] Well I can’t see without it. – [Dad] You can’t see light, Hannah? – Nope. – [Mom] Hello, big boy. – [Hannah] No light
perception for blind people. – Here goes Arnie off on his morning walk. Good morning, girls. Come on, Arnie, let’s go,
come on, it’s nice out here. Oh, you’re happy to see me, whoa. – [Dad] It’s 5:30 already,
Hannah, we have to leave. Early morning for you today, huh? – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] Normally you don’t
have to get up until what? – Five. – [Dad] Five, what time
did you get up today? – 4:30. – [Dad] 4:30 a.m? – Mm-hmm. ‘Cause I have a catering job
that I’m summoned to go to. – [Dad] Catering job, huh, offsite? – Mm-hmm. To David’s School. – [Dad] To David’s school, yeah. – Yeah, but not the
address that David’s in. – [Dad] You’re not gonna
see him at the university. Abi, are you ready for
first day of school? – Yep. – [Dad] Yeah, it’s a new
school for you today. Are you excited? – Yes. – [Dad] Do you know if you’re going to your work site today or not? You don’t know, Hannah? – On the first day of school,
first couple weeks of school they do not go off to job sites. – [Dad] Oh, they don’t? – Nope. – Okay.
– Yep. – Probably during the mid
school year they might go. – [Dad] So they have to learn the ropes? – [Hannah] Yep and all the rules of a job. – [Dad] The rules of a job. – Like the golden rules
like dress appropriately, accordingly, do not be late. I’ve learned this all in WAT. (laughing) That’s how I know this stuff. – [Dad] This is at
Abi’s vocational center? – Yep, at the school that I went to. – [Dad] You went there for
three years, didn’t ya? – Yeah, until I was 22. – [Dad] Wow, Hannah, until you transitioned
into full-time employment. – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] Excellent and you’ve been at your new job place two years. – Yes and I’m thankful for it, thank you. I love the people there. – I know you do.
– Hey. – [Dad] Well, we got a little. (calm music) – Where my coffee, I
know it’s here somewhere. (calm music) ♪ My heart is open, it
just took some time ♪ ♪ Now I just hope that you’d
stay for a little while ♪ ♪ You fix what’s broken
when you make that smile ♪ Unusual, the dad is up, but Hannah has this
catering job this morning. – [Dad] Yeah, she usually gets up– – First day of school
they have a catering job where we have to make special arrangements to take her and pick her up. – [Dad] And get her to
work an hour earlier than she normally arrives at work. – Just a little crazy, but we’re down one bus this year, because Abi and Bethany
are gonna go together, so that’s very helpful. – [Dad] And we took David
to college last night. So he’s in all by himself. – He was in the mess hall and he said he had met some new friends and it was like 10:30 at night and he was just on his way back. But we took him late, so it’s all good. – [Dad] He’s in a new
building in a new dorm with new roommates, he has no idea– – Only two guys, him and another guy. – [Dad] He knows where the building is, but he doesn’t know how to get
to and from the new building. – That’s so good. I can do this. Yes, I can, right, Hannah? – Yep. – All right, I’m gonna
make Obed’s breakfast to start it and then
I’m gonna go with Jesse. You’re gonna be obnoxious
with that thing, aren’t you? Seeing as how you’re awake
filming my every move. (calm music) Abi, did you get your breakfast or are you waiting for Bethany? I don’t know that we have
time to wait for Bethany. – [Abi] Okay. – All right, I’m gonna
go get Jesse dressed while that’s cooking. – [Dad] Okay, Hannah and I might be gone. – Okay, have a good
day, Hannah, I love you. – [Hannah] Love you too. – [Mom] Bethany, are you up? You’re up, okay. Princess, let’s go in
and get dressed, come on. – [Dad] All right, who’s in here? – [Hannah] Me. – [Dad] What are you doing? – [Hannah] Washing my
hands or drying my hands. – [Dad] Oh, there you are. – Ta-da. – [Dad] I see, now I see you. – Well, it’s different,
because I can’t see you. – [Dad] Correct. (laughing) – [Hannah] Get it? – [Dad] I get it, Hannah. – Okay.
– Here you are. All right, you waiting at the door? – Yep. – [Dad] All right, let me go get my coffee and I’ll be right with you, okay? – Yep. – Got it?
– Yeah. – [Dad] All right, we’re
a little late, 5:40, but we’ll be on time. – Sorry, dad. – [Dad] It’s all right, no
worries, you have to eat. – What will I do, go hungry? – [Dad] Yeah, really. – Okay. – [Dad] We need more
sound effects, Hannah. – Ha-ya. – Ha-ya, okay, close your door. – Okay. – [Mom] Oh, boy, Jesse’s
having a meltdown. Abi is getting a little upset, but she’s gonna hold it in, right, Abs? – Yeah. – [Mom] ‘Cause you don’t
like all that loud crying. How are you doing there, Bethany? – Good. – [Mom] You ready to go
to the career center? – Yep. – [Mom] Mr. Obed, your bus is coming soon. Okay, mommy’s gonna
give our viewers a break from the meltdown. – Yeah. – [Mom] But it goes from zero to 60 in about two seconds flat, that’s what happens around here sometimes, there’s a lot of stress this morning. But we’re gonna move past this. – Yep. – [Mom] All right, you,
guys, enjoy your breakfast. – Okay. – [Mom] Abi, you get to go to a new school with Bethany. – Okay. – [Mom] That’ll be fun. – [Dad] Here we are, Hannah. – [Hannah] Okay. – [Dad] They’re holding out. – [Hannah] Yeah. – [Dad] For your catering job. All right, go ahead.
– Okay. – [Dad] I love you, honey. – Love you too. – [Dad] Have a great day, okay? – Yep. – [Dad] So when you go out, go to the left a little bit, okay? – Yeah. – [Dad] See ya. – See ya. – [Dad] Have a good day,
honey, we’ll see you in a bit. – Okay. – [Mom] Your dad knows, 12:30? – Dad, 12:30. – [Dad] 12:30, we’ll see you then. – Yep. – [Dad] Bye, honey. – Bye. – [Mom] Are you better now, sweetie? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Mom] Are you calming down a little bit? I’ll have to get you another shaky, this one’s empty I think, all right. Jesse’s gonna wear her
vest to school today, we’ve been having issues
with removing her clothing. So she’s gonna have to start
wearing the vest to school too at least until we can get
this behavior behind us. We’ve never had to do this before, but she’s been taking
her clothes off a lot and we don’t wanna shock
the school bus drivers on the first day of school, even though they’re our same drivers. And they’ve seen it, but we
don’t wanna take any chances. Right, Jess, you feeling better, sweetie? Okay, say bye, everybody, have
a good first day of school. – [Bethany] Bye. – Obed’s going first, 6:30 a.m. first bus, you ready for this
Obed, Mr. eighth grader. Let’s go do it to it. Here we go. (bus engine revving) First bus of the year. All right, you ready,
little man, let’s go. Come on, you ready, not too sure. All right, let’s go, one, two, three. All right, we had to put Obed’s vest on. He wears a safety harness vest when he’s riding the school bus. – [Bus driver] Obed. – [Mom] All right, Obed,
there you go, buddy boy, have a great first day of school. Another team of great
drivers and attendants. We have a good group of
people serving these kids. I’m very pleased, see you at 3:05, Obed. There’s Dad from taking
Hannah on his way home. One down, three to go. – One down, three to go?
– And I’m very happy he was right on time, last
year we had a terrible time with our bus drivers
always being late with Obed being the first one and then
we’d have a snowball effect– – [Dad] Yeah. – Throughout, but these
guys seem really great and I’m very happy. – [Dad] Very good, well
Hannah is at her work, they were all ready for her
too today, so we’ll see. – You can go get Hannah early, ’cause she gets off at noon today. – All right, good to go.
– Okay. You’re not ready to go
to school, are you, Jess? Hi there, are you ready? would you like another shaky for the road? You weren’t into the puppy food, were you? I don’t know why I forgot
to cut your, girls, hair, but I just forgot. Sorry about that, we’ll get your hair cut. In the meantime we’ll do this, so that you can see everybody and everybody can see you, right? – Yep. – All right, Abs, you got a clip for me? – Yep.
– Oh, sorry. – Thank you. Goodness, it’s like Grand
Central Station here. You feeling a little better, Abs? – Yes. – She was starting to have
a little problem there with Jesse’s meltdown. But you recovered nicely, didn’t you, Abi? – Yes. – Abi gets very sensitive and upset when her brother and sister– – I hear–
– Have meltdowns. – Arnie. – She does not like it at all, do you, girlie girl? – No. – I hear Arnie too, he’s
actually being pretty good, he just started barking
a little bit, though. – [Dad] He’s not used
to all this activity. – Yeah, he’s gonna stay
in the crate, honey, ’cause we’re not gonna have him get in the midst of the crazy. – Yeah. – Okay.
– All right. – [Dad] You, girls, look beautiful. – Thanks.
– Yup. – Yup, soon they’re gonna
have to wear work clothes, but the first week or two they
don’t go to the work site, so they can wear their summer clothes. – Okay.
– Yep. – Get us over here, come
here, come here, let’s try. Are you starting to figure
out what’s going on here? Here we go with the knot.
That’s futile, I’m sorry. And I don’t wanna really brush it out, ’cause I had it nice
and curly this morning. But I don’t want her to
look like a mess either. – [Dad] She has the biggest hair of all. – She has biggest– – [Dad] And that’s even with short, can you imagine how big it
would be if it was still long? – I like this length, though. All right, I’ll stop messing with it. Jesse’s sporting a vest for reasons. She likes to go eau naturale,
let’s put it that way, right, Jess?
– Exactly. – All right, we don’t wanna
shock Mr. Umberto on day one. – [Dad] Yeah, especially
the new, on day one, right. – They’re used to it with her. All right, do you have your
backpack, you got your purse. Backpack, remember, you’ve
got money for more– (Jesse’s singing drowns out speaker) All right, Abs, there’s
your backpack, get her on. It’s heavy, ’cause you got
all your supplies in there. Jesse’s is already in the car. We get to all go up at once. – Yeah. – This is like two trips to the
bus stop, it’s unbelievable. – [Dad] In years past you’ve had to do– – We went from six. – [Dad] Six bus stops down to two. – All the way down to two. Now next year Obed will be
going to school with Jesse. – [Dad] Okay. – So, oh my gosh, we’ll
still be on two buses, but it’ll be like one trip. I won’t know what to
do with myself, right? Okay, let’s do it. – [Bethany] All right. – Okay.
– All right, girls, get your canes, Abs. No what? Say that again. – No crying. – No, no crying, honey.
– No crying. – There’s no need for that, I know you don’t like the meltdowns, but Jesse’s happy now, okay? – Oh, she’s happy. – Happy Jesse, mom’s gotta
help you through this garage. Okay, off we go, first day. You ready for this, Jesse? – Yes. – All right and everybody
get in that first backseat, because I’ve got Jesse’s backpack– – Okay. – In the first one right
behind the driver, okay? – Okay. – Bethany, why don’t
you get in next, honey, ’cause I think Jesse’s gonna go first. – [Bethany] All right. – All right. – Abi, you got it?
– Yes. – You wanna go sit next to Bethany, honey. There you go, sweet girl. – [Dad] All right, what are we gonna do with the extra nine
empty seats back there? Or 10 extra seats? – Fill it with coffee, I’ll be right back. – [Dad] Okay. Hi, girls.
– Hi. – [Dad] Ready for the first day? – Yep. – [Dad] Three of you
in a row, that’s nice. Jesse likes her seatbelt on. Honey, honey, honey. No, no. (calm music) – [Mom] Was that a yawn, Abigail? – Yep. – [Mom] Is it too early for you? You do go a little earlier this year than you did last year. – I just fell asleep. – [Mom] You fell asleep for a minute? – [Dad] You fell asleep? – [Mom] You’d fall asleep
on the bus if you’d like. You have a long ride, now, you have a much longer ride
to school than you used to. – I was sleeping in bed. – [Mom] Oh, in the bed? – Yep. – [Mom] Well, that’s good, that’s what you’re supposed to do. – [Bethany] I have a longer ride too. – [Mom] Yes, you do. – Up all night. – I get torn between doing my happy dance, because I finally get
a day off and a break. – [Dad] Yeah. – I like that part. – [Dad] And you get a couple hours. – Each day.
– Each day. – About four hours I have to
do my laundry, my housework, my grocery shopping, you’ve been doing the grocery shopping all summer. – [Dad] Yeah. – I get back to getting into my routine. And I take days off, I do
mommy days off occasionally while they’re in school. – [Jesse] Okay, okay. – She said okay. – Okay, okay, you ready,
Jesse, you ready for this? You ready for Mr. Umberto and
Mr. Sung to come and get you? – [Dad] I think she’s
excited, you excited, Jesse? I think she loves, she does love school. – Our first two drivers
were very enthusiastic and very energetic and very
helpful, it’s all good. They were on time,
that’s my favorite part. We’ll see how good Umberto is. He gave me a time of 6:50 and he is usually right on time, he used to be a timekeeper
for the races in Italy. – Oh, wow. – [Mom] Yes and so he
is extremely reliable, very punctual no matter what. He keeps that thing rolling right on time. So we’ll see how good he is
on the first day of school. I think he said 50, he
either said 50 or 55. It’s 49 now. There he is. – [Dad] He must’ve said 6:55. – [Mom] 6:53, he must’ve said 6:55. – [Dad] ‘Cause he can’t possibly– – [Mom] There he is. – [Dad] He’s waving. (bus engine revving) – Hello, Sung, how are you? – You okay, you okay, hi, hi. – How are you? Did you tell me 6:50 or 6:55? – 55. – See, I knew–
– Two minutes early. – Two minutes early, boo-yah. All right, let’s go see
your guys, let’s go. – [Dad] She’s a happy girl. – She’s a happy girl. Mr. Sung, say hi guys, happy school year. And you notice she’s wearing a vest. – Yeah. – That’s because she’s doing the thing every single time she’s in the vehicle. So hopefully that’ll keep her
from taking her clothes off. She’s doing it every time in the car, taking her clothes off. – Yeah, okay. – So hopefully the vest and I’ll send an email to her teacher, but maybe you could tell about it. She’s got that on, so she
(engine drowns out speaker). – [Mr. Sun] You lost weight? – Yeah, you lost weight. – I lost weight, I don’t know. – [Mr. Sung] Yeah, like this. – We’ve been working very hard
this summer, it’s possible. I haven’t cooked. Maybe, maybe, that would be a good thing, right, an extra bonus? All right, guys, have
a good one, what time? 3:30.
– 3:40. – 3:40, okay.
– Yeah. – That sounds about right.
– 3:40. – He drive fast, so 3:30. (laughing) – I’ll be up here at 3:30 and you can text me, okay, if it changes. – Yeah. – All right, guys, have a good one, see ya, keep it on time, bye. Two down and two to go. – [Dad] Two down and two to go. Right, Abi? – Yes. – [Mom] You, girls, ready for this? – Yeah. – [Mom] This is gonna be a
whole new change for you two. This is like the adult world, it’s not quite high school and it’s not quite college, right? You’ll probably spend the
first two weeks at the center just kind of learning the ropes before you go to the job sites. – [Dad] Yeah, Hannah talked
about that this morning about how you learn about work
ethic and dressing for work and what’s appropriate and what’s not, how to be on time and all the different– – It’ll be fun, you’re gonna
like it there, Bethany. – [Dad] All the different kind of things that you need to know about a workplace. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Of the dos and don’ts and how to be successful
in the employment world. What do you think of that?
– Lots of travel training and they do lots of fun
activities and things, so I think you, girls, will
like it there, right, Abs? – Yes. – [Mom] All right, you’re gonna be at two different work sites? – Yes. – [Mom] Yep. – Night, night. – Night, night? (laughing) – [Dad] You look tired, Abi. – [Mom] Night, night, Abi,
are you so tired, sweetie? – Okay, okay. – [Mom] Okay, okay. Are you Jesse now? – I was Jesse. – [Mom] Or you can lean
on Bethany if you want to. Goodnight. – Night, night. – [Dad] Night, night,
you’re a sweet girl, Abi. – [Mom] Abi, you’re a piece
of work, you know that? Girls.
– It’s 7:03 and the bus is here. – [Mom] Bus number three, which
is due to be here at 7:05, it’s here at 7:03 and I’ll tell you what, for being short 80 drivers this year they sure are running on
time, we are very thankful. – Abi.
– All right. – Get your backpack. Come on, Abi, come on. – [Dad] Are you, guys, ready? – Yep. – [Dad] Come on, Abi. Watch your step. Hurry up. Come on, honey. You got it. – Okay. – [Dad] Why isn’t your backpack on? Hurry up, step down,
don’t do it on the step, come on down. – Backpack on. – [Dad] Oh, you okay? – Yes. – [Dad] All right, go to the
bus, put your backpack on. – Okay. – [Mom] Yeah, she’s a
little more helping out. Come on, Abs, let’s go, babe. – Okay. – [Mom] Hi, Abi. – Hey. – And you know Abi from before? – [Bus Attendant] I saw her at Davis. – Oh, okay.
– But I don’t know– – She was visiting. – [Mom] Exactly. – Okay, got it, got it, okay. – Come on. My name is Ms. Arlene. – [Abigail] Hi, Ms. Arlene. – [Ms. Arlene] Hi, how are you? – [Abigail] Good. – [Mom] Good job, Abi. (bus engine drowns out speaker) – I know, I saw you when you came for the
interview, I remember. – [Mom] All right, you,
guys have a great day, now what time should we expect you today? – Mr. Hector, what time did you tell her? So give it or take, 3:40. – [Mom] Okay, you say 3:26? – Yes. – [Mom] Okay, I’ll try
to be up here at 3:20– – It’s (bus engine drowns
out speaker), I’m not sure. – [Mom] I’ll be up here
at 3:26 just in case. – Sounds great. – Okay, thanks, have a
great day, guys, bye. I’m free, I’m free. We are out of here. (bus engine revving) Let’s go to the Bahamas. (laughing) – And not tell anybody?
– You think we could get back by 3 o’clock? – [Dad] I wish we could. Probably could if we had a private jet. – Oh my. (laughing) Seven o’clock and nobody’s here. Seven o’clock in the
morning and nobody’s here. – [Dad] 7:10. – My house is a mess, I have
a lot of cleanup to do from– – [Dad] Yeah, this looks like– – [Mom] The debris, the aftermath. – [Dad] Oh my gosh. – [Mom] Oh my word. – [Dad] This is what self
advocacy does, right? When the kids– – I had to help quite a bit this morning just to keep it going. – [Dad] I know and keep it going. – But we’ll get into the swing of things. (laughing) – [Dad] Such is life. – I think I’m gonna go take a shower. ♪ Every change has a reason ♪ ♪ Baby, let it come to you ♪ ♪ Every storm, every season ♪ ♪ Lives outside a status quo ♪ ♪ If you stop believing in meant to be ♪ ♪ Expanding our ability ♪

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