Smash.. or pass? SO offensive. How could you just objectify people like that? They have FEELINGS! *Young pewds crying.* All these youtubers doing ”Smash or Pass” challenges. Something I would never do. Because I am not a hype-o-crite! Tell ’em, Ainsley! “Doesn’t matter even if you have that language barrier.” Your god-damn right! I thought I was gonna…
react to these smash or pass challenges. To SHAME them! So they know…… That I know… What THEY did. I just wanna know if they wanna smash. Ya know? If they’re interested or not. Here we go! CSG: Number One, PewDiePie. Pewdiepie, would you, would you…? …would you smash, or would you pass? *Small clap* Please… please! I’ve been wanting to tap that, …for SO long. Please, please, for the love of God. Say YES. Please! CSG’s Mum: I’ll pass NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! XD “Ah so-” NO! “-attractive!” “…and believe me.” Shut up. XD WHY? WHY? AT LEAST… WHY? CSG: Look at that beard, mum. Really? Yes, look at that beard!
CSG: What? Your n- Are you gonna pass? CSG’s Mum: I’m gonna pass. CSG: Alright.. You tell me right now, it’s-tha-that’s a smash face! I could tell a smash face from MILES away Holy shit! Comedy-shortsgamer’s dad… is, a… homosexian… *Romantic music* CSG: *Chuckles* You gonna pass?
CSG’s Mum: I’m definitely gonna pass.
CSG: Your gonna pass? CSG:All right… Okay. SAD. I’m just SAD. It makes me SAD. Ok, what about jacksepticeye? Would she… If she smashes jack… I’m gonna cry forever. CSG: Jack-septiceye. Would you smash, or w-woul-would you pass? CSG’s Mum: Pass.
CSG: Why are- are you gonna pass? Why? CSG: Why, why? Is it because he’s got green hair?
CSG’s Mum: It’s not even that he’s got green hair CSG’s mum: It’s just… I don’t think that… will it- I don’t think that we would even get along. KSG: *Laughs-* Pewds: *Laughs* *large inhale* ROAS-TED! The man, the myth, the legend! [Guy] He fuckin’ roasted me. [Pewds] Oh yeah! [Woman] PewDiePie! I like him. pewdiepie, I like him [Guy] I’m outta here. [Woman] I like him. He’s funny, and he’s smart. [Guy] Alright bye, guys! [Guy] I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Wolfie’s mom: I probably would- Wolfie: I’ll give it to- -felix he’s in the vajina Wolfie: N-no he doesn’t! Wolfie: He’s too busy grinding. I’m… I’m-I’m getting there Huhuh … Look. Look at that face *snicker* Tha– She wants it. Did you hear that? Did you hear that, Ainsley? This beautiful woman… would like to smash. [Woman] I’m giving him a 10/10 A TEN OUTTA TEEEEEEN Ohhhhahhhh Alright moving on. Getting hot in here *Laugh* You-your not… You are already were laughing when- *gags* Lotta clevage going on here. *more gagging* *clears throat* Let’s watch. *Uncomprehendible* Red haid: Yeah, he’s cute I would, I would smash. Blonde: Oh here’s a picture of formonge- I don’t gave a fuck about all these other people Jesus christ just get to me! Just get to me I don’t care. [Girls] Hey! Alright. PewDiePie… [Pewds] PewDiePie… [Girls] Here we go. ‘Kay it depends on the picture that you choose. [Girls] He’s actually kinda handsome. [Girls] Yeah yeah yeah, no no no. Go down on this picture. [Girls] Could you see sitting on his face? *gag* Wha– *weird sounds* [Girls] Yeah, that’s him like, now-ish. [Girls] Because… Yeah yeah yeah. [Girls] Where does that come from? [Girls] He got a beard now. [Girls] He’s got a nice ass beard that I would sit on. *more weird noises* *gags* Okay, mo–eheh– Moving oooon! Couple ones… They’re always so awkward, aren’t they? I don understand, look at this guy crossing his arms he’s like “I’m not into this fuckin shit, man.” You better not say you smash Is that–is that a racist accent? I just did an accent. I can’t… I can’t tell anymore. Wall Street! Please, god dammit. Oh, god. Oh, god. Put it down, Felix. God dammit. *laughs* Never learn. [Girlfriend] I feel like PewDiePie would be for ten. Whoa, what? [Boyfriend] Yeah, so, that’s it. [Girlfriend] Five, ten… What is happening here? [Boyfriend] So you’ve got one for five… [Girlfriend] One for five, one for ten, and one for a minute. [Boyfriend] Yeah, so, that’s it. [Girlfriend] Five, ten… Okay I feel like PewDiePie would be for ten. [Boyfriend] Ten? Hey, hey, hey hey hey hey Don’t go makin that.. face to me, boi! *laughs* That’s the face you make when you girl wants that Pewdie ass. [Girlfriend] Gabriel… *laughs* Oh man that’s thumbnail worthy That’s beautiful. Do you know how awkward this is? Is it really worth the views? You gotta question yourself when you’re in a relationship. Is it worth the views? Moving on. [Jelly] Poodiepie. Thank you, Jelly, for uh the flattering picture, ya know. I see- I see- I see what you’re doing here. You’re… you’re scared. You’re scared. Ugly picture, pretty picture, don’t matter. I know the result. [Sanna] PewDiePie? [Jelly] Yeah, would you smash him? [Sanna] Uh.. [Jelly] In that current state. [Jelly] With that little crown and pink thing. [Sanna] Well I know we’re both Swedish but I’m not really into… [Sanna] Uhh.. I don’t know how to say this I– [Sanna] No thank you. I pass. *slams something* WHHAAAAAT? What do you mean… no thank you? [Sanna] I don’t know how to say this I– [Sanna] No thank you. I pass. I’m reminded now why I left Sweden. I’m reminded now why I don’t have a Swedish girlfriend. *snicker* This is all coming back now is– This is all coming back… … I don’t wanna close my eyes. I don’t wanna fall asleep ’cause I miss you babe! [Jelly] You’re not into what? [Sanna] I’m not into– [Jelly] Racist! [Sanna] Him! She’s racist. She’s a racist! That’s right. If she wasn’t racist, she woulda smashed. [Harley] Felix Kjellberg! [Harley] Hell yeah I’d smash that. 50,000,000 subscribers. You just want me for my… my views, Harley? What the hell, man. I thought we had something last time we met. You know we hugged for a longer time than usual. [Harley] I’ll give him 50,000,000 million of my babies on his face, you know what I mean? Hmh… You want… No I–heh–I don’t know what you mean. [Harley] Grab him by the cheeks and be like “Look at me. Let me see those eyes, Felix.” [Harley] *Volume increases* “Let me see those eyes!” [Pewds] Uhh… [Pewds] Heh, What? [Harley] Yeah but I’d smash it’d be great, we’d have a great time. I ain’t gay, though. Yeah.. yeah me neither. We bang, okay? *sings* All night lo-OOOng. pewwwdieepieeee [Boyfriend] Do you smash or pass on PewDiePie? Look at that face, Ainsley. Look at that face. She about to say the “S” word! [Boyfriend] Alright, do you brofist PewDiePie? [Girlfriend] Brofist! That hammer is not gonna go anywhere inside me. Get your girlfriend away from me. Control your girlfriend. Please. [Boyfriend] PewDiePie, please get ready. She coming for you. [Girlfriend] Contact me, PewDiePie. Ohh..oh I felt.. I felt a little sincerity there. [Boyfriend] She’s probably not gonna ask your permission either so… [Girlfriend] No I’m just gonna come out of no where and smash you. That’s called r-r-rape. Not funny. [Boyfriend] Carley you’re gonna lose right now you wonder why If you say no to this guy, you’re a liar You’re the guy who always says “why the F you lying” That’s you [Girlfriend] “why you always lying” [Together] MMM OH MY GOD Please just get to the point Get to THE POINT I had to watch through like a million videos just to get to my part alright ok carly pewdiepie I’ll smash Ha I mean- ha I don’t care. just whatever it’s not a big deal *Snort* *Bue bue* *cough* I don’t care [Girlfriend] I think you are hot [Boyfriend] AHHHHHH [Boyfriend] Carly [Girlfriend] Hey pewdiepie I know you are not watching but you’re hot Don’t wanna close my ey- Don’t wanna- [Boyfriend] look imagine if he did a video on us [Girlfriend] nah nah we’re just small [Boyfriend] you know who else isn’t small your channel *thumbs up* I don’t know jesus I realised this is such a weird video to make like… I dunno! Moving on! Right girl: Pewdiepie? I’d smash him! I love Pewdiepie Right Girl: So much Right Girl: Especially like his new stuff. Right girl: Oh, I love you. Pewds: Huh. Right girl: 18 *N word* Ha, What?! Hahahaha… Right girl: 18 *N word* Both: *Laughter* Right girl: That’s my favorite thing in the world! Right girl: People were so upset about that. Like, I don’t mind. Right girl: Him saying it at all. Like he’s a swedish dude. Right girl: He not even from america. He wasn’t involved in slavery or anything like that! *Lip smack* God bless you. You guys are cool. Appreciate ya. Ye- ya know that that one actually means alott more to me, to be honest. *Giggles through the last bit.* Thank you! *Uncomprehendible talking.* Pewdiepie. *Jab noise.* Ha, I-I love the boyfriends face… (Gay?) Like, everytime like… Pewds Impression: Ugh this *F word*-ing white (Bum) dude? Ugh! Pewds Impression: Your not gonna want this. Pewds Impression: Ughh, pewdiepie? Don’t make me sick! Okay, well, what’s the verdict? Girl with no taste in men: Pass. *Mic smack* NO! Smart guy: Why? He’s one of the biggest YouTuber’s in the world! Girl who has bad taste in men: Yeah. Smart guy: Why’d you pass up on him then? NO! *Thump* *Thud* Fuck you! Can’t just say I’m not your type. I can adapt! Which hair colour do you prefer? I’ll- I- I’ll go green. I’ll go green like jack. If I have to. I don’t care, I have a girlfriend. Whatever. Someone in video: Zoella! Here’s the thing guys, everyone has these fucking signs. In their video’s… It’s like, I’m gonna make a smash or pass video! Ugh, but first, I have to print… a paper that says “smash” and then I have to print a paper that says “pass”. The point of the sign… Is that you both say at the same time, and then you hold up the sign at the same time, and then you look at each other to see the result. and then for comedic effect, your like: Oh! you picked that? and I picked this! If your just gonna have the sign. You can just say: “Smash!” or “Pass!” You don’t need a sign! How is this not obvious, and why does-why does it bother me so much? Random guy: Let’s see? Other guy: Boom! Final guy: Ima go pass. Random guy: Yeah Ima go pass. All: Yeah. JUST DON’T BOTHER WITH THE SIGNS. Dude: Smash or pass into the ho- SAME HERE You don’t have to have the signs! Cleava-I mean Girl: L-He looks very handsome / Guy: It’s disgusting. IF YOU BOTH HAVE THE SIGNS YOU CAN HOLD EM UP AT THE SAME TIME! AND THEN YOU CAN BE LIKE: OHHHH! WOW, YOU PICKED UHHH- *Clap* Fucking hell. Guy: Hey guys! Yes this is my- SECONDLY BY THE WAY WHILE I’M AT IT. If your going to do a smash or pass, at least add the fucking picture! Just add the picture. Just edit in the picture. How am I supposed to find myself? Gay guy: Kevin looks like he would be alott of fun! Just, add, a picture. It’ll take you two seconds of editing. Azzyland: Welcome to smash or pass! Azzyland: Today me and Jordy are gonna smash or pass YouTuber’s. Jordy: Yes. Jordy: Let’s go! / Pewds: All right. Jordy: *Uncomprehendible YouTuber Name.* Azzy: Ok. / Pewds: *Tut noise*. Where the fuck am I? Jordy: The last one, we got COW-breezy! Azzy: Who-? Wh-What the fuck? What the fuck?! YOU DIDN’T EVEN PUT ME IN?! YOU PUT ME IN THE GAD-DAMN THUMBNAIL! If you don’t even put me in your smash or pass… Fuck you… man… How… dare you. Disgusting. (Insert Feminist Meme Here) Guy in vid: Pew die pieee! Guy in vid: Would you smash? Oh no… please. Please, I can’t handle anymore… …humiliation! Your boyfriend and I have a lot in common as you can tell. Please. Girl with no sense of good looks: Pass. Curious BF: Pass? You gonna pass on Pewdies? Cringy Gf: Pewdiepie!! Editing video pewds: For using the mortal kombat theme, for 3 seconds, they thought they needed all the money on this video. *LOUD AF SAD TUNE* This has been smash or pass! With Kalles Kaviar. Your favorite YouTuber. Please sponsor me. That would be great. I don’t think company’s wanna work with me anymore. I don’t understand. Please, Kalles Kaviar if you wanna, send me some free caviar at least ya know? I’ll take it. Think about it, call me. This email. Bro-fist. 🙂

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  1. I love how the girl gives pewdiepie a pass on slavery because he was never involved. That's great news! I was never involved either.

  2. Pewds and marzia happy and married:
    YouTube: huhuh Baka du
    Pewds: NANI
    Marzia: sad spaghetti noises
    YouTube: got eem again

  3. 1:12. No pewds, thats not a smash face…that's TFW he knows his wife would smash, but she won't admit it while he's in the room…

  4. 8:40 in the video, in 1813 Sweden made it illegal to partake in the slave trade however slavery was still allowed until October ninth 1847 and it was the British and the africans who introduced slavery to the Americas and the rest of europe

  5. Who ever translate title and descriptions into Japanese, works are appreciated but just please stop at subtitles. That title and description totally defeat the feeling and purpose of the original content imo

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