Steven Ritz, MD – Pediatric Cardiologist – Nemours Cardiac Center

Steven Ritz, MD – Pediatric Cardiologist – Nemours Cardiac Center

So as a pediatric
cardiologist, one of the nice things about what
we do is by the time someone gets to me, all
they can think about is my child is seeing
a heart doctor. Does he have a heart problem? And how serious is
that going to be? So the nice part
about my job is that I can get a history from a
family, examine a patient, and get the testing I need
to then give them an answer. And very commonly, that answer
is there may not be a problem. And what I can
provide for people is reassurance and
confidence that everything’s going to be OK. One of the reasons I became
a pediatric cardiologist is I remember the day
we got our stethoscope. And that’s a big day
in medical school. And I remember putting that
on and spending some time listening and
hearing the sounds, and I thought, my
goodness, that’s just the most fascinating
thing I’ve ever heard. So I knew maybe
that day that I was going to be in a field
that involved that. And then being trained to
understand what we’re hearing and how to use that has
been very interesting. We have to make sure we have
a good listening environment. So we have to have
tricks up our sleeve to get little babies who might
be scared or cold to quiet down. So we’re very good at
making little faces and make little noises and doing
things, anything so we can just make them feel happy
get them to smile and then be able to do our job. A patient will come to
an office visit with me. And that office
visit probably is not going to be in
Delaware at Nemours, but rather be in an office
either in New Jersey, which is where I spend most of my time. We also have offices
in Pennsylvania. And if they need other care,
they’ll come here to Delaware. We also work as part
of a team in Delaware. We help take care of the
patients who’ve had surgery or require hospital care. And we share that
responsibility as well as part of the inpatient team. One of the things
that I think is very important in
the relationship we have with
families is that they should expect from
their doctor and they should expect from their
team that their questions are going to be answered. It’s very easy for us to
sort of talk in doctor talk and use lots of big words
with lots of syllables. But our role is to provide
accurate information in a way that families can then
interpret and understand. I tell families, if
I do my job right, you’re not going you have
any questions at the end. [INAUDIBLE] She’s

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  1. Dr, Ritz is the BEST!  Not only a good doctor but he is great with kids!  He found our daughter's problem and we are forever grateful to him!  He saved her life.

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