Strawberries: Sisters {The Kloons} Episode 1

I recorded a random conversation between
my mom and my aunt and we acted out ‘Sisters’ We’ve only seen American Hustle… Mr. Deeds…Has Mr. Deeds won? (pause) I mean Mr. Banks. Was it one? How ’bout the one…um… with Tom Hanks and the ship. No no no, that’s, we’ve seen that one. apples in michigan they don’t get any
scent and winter all right have not hammer this is really
pretty what the heck is this is probably one that you gave me and mom are never
had this one well takes I love how tight they are did you did you pruner I prune
everything then there’s a little tiny bedroom
downstairs all that’s where they’re sleeping in a tiny
little bedroom why on the only thing I can think is that
sin might use it for dancing all he has a restless legs syndrome home oh my god I love your shoes Mac he’s our
house shoes where’d you get home roster supply just
look at Michael more and the Darley I sale online I’ll my I never could grow
out blueberry I have elaborate died all land that is so cool what is it and this is
blueberries are delivered to no or what he s talking about which I
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