Sugar Free Gingerbread People Cookies | Keto Cookies Recipe

Sugar Free Gingerbread People Cookies | Keto Cookies Recipe

welcome to Keto meals and recipes dot com.
Today I’m going to be making my sugar-free gingerbread people cookies,
which is a continuation of my 12 treats of Christmas and New Year, recipe number
three. In this video I’ll be providing a detailed explanation how to make these
cookies nice and crisp, and to not have them expand as you’re baking them. You’ll
love these cookies because they taste just like classic homemade old-fashioned
gingerbread cookies, in this thumbnail I have made one gingerbread person to
represent each person in my family even though my children are young adults now
they will always be my babies and I had to use the little tiny child sized
gingerbread cutter because I didn’t have any other size for them, and they look
really cute. After the cookies are baked I will also show you how I decorate the
cookies and how to use the royal icing effectively for decorations. As always
the link for the printable gingerbread recipe will be posted in the description
below, I will also provide a link for any recipe that I mentioned in this video so
check those out in the description as well the last fYI this is a really easy cookie dough to make and fun to decorate,
and if you have children or can borrow some and get them involved in this fun
activity. So for this recipe the macronutrient ratio is 3.1:1
with 2.7 grams of total carbs 1.4 grams of
dietary fiber resulting in 1.3 grams of net carbs per the adult
sized gingerbread cookie. Now as always here are a few prep steps, first line a
baking sheet with parchment paper and set the baking sheet aside, next prepare
and weigh out all your ingredients and make sure that your eggs and butter are
at room temperature. So for this recipe the first thing I’m going to do is
combine and then sift all my ingredients through a fine-mesh sieve, I begin with
the almond flour next I add the coconut flour, the whey
protein isolate, and the finely ground salt, the ginger powder, the cinnamon
powder, clove powder, my baking powder, and glucomannan powder. Then whisk everything
so that it passes through the sieve and
then set the bowl aside for a moment. add the room-temperature butter into the
mixing bowl, and your sugar-free sweetener as always I’m using my monk
fruit based sweetener, which I have ground to a confectionery powder. Next
place the paddle attachment to your stand mixer, then turn on your paddle and
whip for about 2 minutes first at slow, and then when it’s
integrated at high speed. Now it’s time to add the eggs which you should do one
at a time. I don’t know if this is absolutely necessary but I like to whip
my eggs before I add them into the butter mixture. And then beat for a
minute or so until the first egg is integrated before adding the second egg
don’t forget to stop the machine and scrape down the sides of the bowl at
least once or twice. And then keep whipping until the butter is light and
fluffy which should usually take an additional
3 to 5 minutes. for this recipe I’m also using blackstrap molasses, because it’s
the blackstrap molasses that gives these gingerbread cookies their authentic old
fashioned taste, and because the blackstrap molasses has several vital
minerals. However as with my gingerbread crinkle cookies, you can omit the
blackstrap molasses if you’re at all concerned about using this ingredient.
But i would like to mention that the carbs for the blackstrap molasses has
already been calculated in my macros. I thought I’d mentioned that just in case
you’re wondering what the effect would be for each cookie, but whether you add
it or not that’s completely up to you only add it if you feel comfortable if
you do omit it the taste will be slightly different but they’ll still be
pretty good. Now mix everything and after adding all the ingredients to this point
you may notice that the mixture looks a bit curdled, but don’t worry it’s
supposed to look like this at this point it’s time to add the sifted dry
ingredients into this bowl and if you’ve removed your paddle attachment put it
back on and mix everything to combine well but don’t over mix. Also remember to
stop and scrape the bowl to make sure that the butter which always tends to
stick to the side of the bowl is integrated with the rest of the
ingredients. Because this dough is very sticky I prefer to use cling wrap, it
seems to work better than parchment paper or even my silicon mat. So the
first I do is lay down the cling wrap on my
work surface, then transfer the dough to the center of the cling wrap and shape
it into a ball. To make things easier for yourself divide the dough into two
roughly equal parts, and set half of the dough aside for a moment. You may
remember from my sugar cookies or my Oreo cookies, I like to use a little hack
to make my dough an even thickness this hack is I place 2 painter sticks which
you can usually get free any place that sells paint, if you ask nicely, or as an
alternative I like to use chopsticks either the paint sticks or chopsticks,
will work really well and all you have to do is place one on either side of the
dome, but make sure the sticks are close enough so that your rolling pin will be
able to glide on top of the sticks. Then cover the dough with a second sheet of
cling wrap, and press to flatten your dough a bit. Then starting in the center
of the dough, roll over the dough. If your guide sticks are moving around as you’re
rolling, just embed the sticks into the dough like this, then continue rolling
until the dough is the same thickness as the paint sticks, which is about 1/8 of
an inch or three millimeters thick I like to make my dough into rectangles so
I trimmed the pointy ends and patch to make a rectangle. Roll over the dough
again to ensure even thickness and then remove the paint sticks, but leave the
dough covered with the top layer of cling wrap, then just simply slide the
dough rectangles onto your baking sheet and set that aside for a moment then.
Repeat the entire process with the dough that you had set aside previously. It’s
much easier to make the cookie cutouts if your dough is nice and chilled so
place the dough, into the fridge for about an hour. To make my cookie family
I’m going to use a male female and child cookie cutters. You’ll notice these are
not super huge. To be most efficient when you’re cutting out the cookies try to
place the shapes that you can get the most number of cutouts and leave the
least leftover dough. After you’ve done the cutout you’ll notice that if your
dough is cold you can very easily pick up the cutouts and place them on a
parchment lined baking sheet. However if while you’re working with
this dough if it gets too soft just refrigerator again. And by the way if you
like making Christmas cookies please check out the end links, where I will be
posting a link for my Christmas cakes and desserts and other cookie ideas that
you may enjoy. I’d also like to mention that if you make these cookies ahead of
time they can be stored on your counter for three to four days or even up to a
week unless your room is hot otherwise place the cookies into a glass airtight
container and store in the fridge for a couple weeks or so. The wonderful things
about these cookies is for example next year you can make them a month or two
ahead of time freeze them and have them all prepped well before Christmas but I
would freeze them without decorating them Do that after you thaw the
cookies. When you’ve done all your cutouts and filled your tray, place the
tray of cookies back into the fridge for about 30 to 60 minutes. If you don’t
reach chill your cookies will spread and you’ll have rather portly gingerbread
people who obviously are not on a keto diet As I mentioned earlier it’s really
important that the cookie dough is chilled before baking, and a few minutes
before you’re ready to bake pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or
175 degrees Celsius. Place your tray I’ve cut out cookies into the middle position
of your preheated oven and then bake for 10 to 12 minutes, and don’t forget to set
your timer. The cookies will look a little bit underdone when you remove
them, and that’s okay that’s what they’re supposed to be like. Just place your tray
with all the cookies in it onto a cooling rack and leave them without
touching them for about 20 minutes These cookies are very fragile while they’re
warm and will crack if you try to move them too soon now, this is what happens
if you’re not paying attention and you forget about your cookies or you leave
your cookies in the oven for even just two minutes longer. this was a really sad
moment for me they smelled like heaven and they were burnt. Now with a spatula
or if they’re cool enough to touch lift your cookies off the parchment and
place it directly onto your wire rack and let them cool down completely to
room temperature. If possible let the cookies cool on the counter overnight
this will give you the best flavor and texture now it’s finally time to
decorate. I tried a little experiment that I thought I’d share with you. For the first
few cookies I used my sugar-free sweetened condensed
milk instead of royal icing and I took my Wilton gel color red, dipped a little
toothpick in the color and swirled the toothpick with the color on it into my
sweetened condensed milk. To decorate I find it much easier to use a very small
piping bag, but cut a very small hole in this piping bag so that you can better
control how much comes out at any one time And with a small hole it’s much
easier to make the eyes or any of the lines that you want to make. To make a
bowtie I squeezed out a small rectangle and then fill it in with some more icing.
However if you want to flood a larger surface area as I’m doing for the bodice
here. Create an outline first and then squeeze and fill in the center but do
not flood with a lot of icing at one time because it’s really hard to remove
the extra icing. It’s always better to start with a little less icing and then
add more if you need some. And I found that the best tool for making fine
details and guiding my icing to where I want it to be is to use a long toothpick.
And be creative and decorate your cookies as you would like. For some of
the details I dipped the end of my toothpick into my black gel color, to
make the eyes look better and this made the pupils.
Although the sweetened condensed milk was okay, for the rest of the gingerbread
people I’m actually going to use my sugar-free royal icing. The link for that
will be provided in the description below. So prepare your royal icing and
reserve some for whatever color you need I’m going to use some of this royal icing
to make red, as I’m doing here. And here’s how I decorated my next batch of
gingerbread cookie people. The first one I made was my Santa. with the royal icing
I find it much easier to do the fine details such as eyes and buttons and
lines by using a toothpick, because I have better control of how much icing
I’m putting into anyone spot by the way if you like my video tutorials, and
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description below. So here’s my finished Santa what do you think. I also made a
Frosty the Snowman gingerbread cookie I made my snowman by first doing an
outline, and then flooding the interior then using my black gel and my red gel
food colors I drew in the details now for the next gingerbread man as you can
see when you’re using a toothpick you can direct the icing and even correct
any errors that you make while the icing is still wet. I’m very blessed that my
family is very close and I wanted to represent each of us in this diorama. And
here’s how I made the hearts. First take your toothpick and get a small drop of
the red royal icing and place it in the right position. Then with your toothpick
shape the bottom end into a triangle. then use the toothpick to round up the
top and make a little dip in the center and that’s how easy it is to make a
heart. You should note that the monk fruit erythritol
royal icing, will take a bit longer to dry than sugar based royal icing so when
you plan to make decorated gingerbread people cookies it’s a really good idea
to make them a few days ahead. after you’ve decorated all your cookies
because of the longer drying time for this royal icing leave your decorated
gingerbread people on the counter and let them air dry for at least 24 hours.
unless your room is really hot I have found that even though there is no
preservative in any of my cookies these gingerbread cookies lasted really well
on my counter for over a week but of course you do have to use your judgement
and depending on the temperature of your house or the climate you’re in it might
be advisable to refrigerate your cookies in an airtight container. I think it
would be absolutely heartbreaking to waste these cookies especially all the
work you put into them to make them. Now here’s a sample of all the various
cookies I made and how I decorated them I hope you like these gingerbread people,
and when you make your cookies please take a photo and tag me on your
Instagram and most of all I hope you have as much fun making your sugar free
gingerbread cookie people, as I did. enjoy! to end this video here are the
gingerbread representatives of my family. My husband David,
my children, and I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry

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  1. They look sensational. Such a dedicated creative effort in preparing them that you obviously enjoyed. Very festive and good to see some traditional Christmas giving and sharing.

  2. The video is amazing and I love the great efforts you put into making all those super cute and delicious gingerbread cookies. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

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