Super Bendy Teen Fits Body Through A Tennis Racket: BORN DIFFERENT

Super Bendy Teen Fits Body Through A Tennis Racket: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: 18 year old Yash Shah has been shocking locals with his body-bending abilities. COMM: His extreme flexibility has earned him the nick name ‘Rubber Boy’ amongst friends and family. COMM: Due to his unusual skills, his family were concerned and took him to a doctor to
check that everything was okay. COMM: Now his sights are set on a very particular goal.

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  1. That's horrifying. He almost certainly has a joint hypermobility disorder, most likely one of the most severe forms of Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. If that's the case, then he's at risk of paralysis from his vertebrae being unable to properly protect the spinal cord. Only a genetic screening would identify it for sure.

  2. Am I the only who thought that he could fit through the tiny hole in a tennis racket that's why I clicked on this video ?

  3. idiots…. he has a connective tissue disorder, most likely eds type 3… which means while he can do this now without pain, he is destroying his joints. Sad… he'll learn the hard way

  4. I hope he's careful it looks like he's a little rough at times. I remember thinking i was a rubber band till i "got a muscle sprain" 11 years later i dont think it was a muscle sprain lol

  5. For what? Abusing your body to entertain other people? This kind of thing is annoying. Either put it to use saving lives or shut the hell up about it.

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