Teenager With Facial Tumour Proves Doctors Wrong | BORN DIFFERENT

Teenager With Facial Tumour Proves Doctors Wrong | BORN DIFFERENT

JACQUELINE RODRIGUEZ: I am a normal human
being that has health issues like everyone else. JACQUELINE RODRIGUEZ: My name is Jacqueline
Rodriguez and I am 16 years old. EVELYN BELEN: Jacqueline was born in 2001.
They told us that she had a condition. They are now calling it lymphatic malformations.
It is abnormal cells in her lymph node activity and these cells just want to exist in her
cheeks and her tongue and the floor of her mouth. EVELYN BELEN: When I was still pregnant with
her, they were telling us that our daughter’s quality of life would be poor. She may not
make it to see her first birthday. EVELYN BELEN: They gave us a choice to
end the pregnancy or continue. We chose life. EVELYN BELEN: They have tried to excise some
of the tumour. It’s just kept coming, growing back. We have been working with doctors to
control the growth of her tumour. Before it was just growing and growing and causing her
a lot of discomfort. PAUL RODRIGUEZ: At first she couldn’t even
swallow. We had to give her formula through her G-tube. Her tissue relaxed enough where
she was starting to be able to swallow just a little bit but she kept working and working
it. And then, now she use, now she puts down her formula and I thought she would pass. JACQUELINE RODRIGUEZ: My parents help me by
being my parents and try to make my life as normal as possible. EVELYN BELEN: The tumour has affected her
vocal cords where she doesn’t really have a voice. She has an iPad where she could use
her speech program quickly to communicate and show us what she is thinking. EVELYN BELEN: I was the one who hated taking
her out in the public because I didn’t like people staring at her. And it was my son who
said, ‘Mom, you know, it doesn’t bother her as much as you think,’ and I realize
that now. JOSHUA RODRIGUEZ: Not many people can say
that their life expectancy was less than a year at birth but is now, like, thriving at,
how old is she? 16! ANNA BELLE RODRIGUEZ: 16! ANNA BELLE RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, I am so proud
of Jackie, like, especially with her recent accomplishments of playing guitar. Like, each
time she is, like, learns a new song she is so excited to show us. JACQUELINE RODRIGUEZ: I like playing my guitar
and playing tennis. I start playing tennis last year and it was a great year. Tennis
helps with my confidence by knowing that I am strong enough to play a sport. EVELYN BELEN: Being a part of the tennis team
and having those girls, make her feel like, just, part of the team. PAUL RODRIGUEZ: Part of the team. Yeah! JACQUELINE RODRIGUEZ: I like hanging out with
my teammates. We are about to go bowling soon. EVELYN BELEN: She likes to help. She likes
to help anybody. She is very good at wanting to babysit even or entertain kids. PAUL RODRIGUEZ: Or take care of elderly people. EVELYN BELEN: Right! JACQUELINE RODRIGUEZ: I want to be a nurse
because I grew up in a hospital helping my nurses take care of others. ANNA BELLE RODRIGUEZ: Jackie is a good example.
Everyone should be like Jackie because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. If she
sees something she wants to do, she will go out and do it, like, you can’t tell her
no. Like, if she sets her mind to it, she will try her best to achieve it or accomplish
it in any way. EVELYN BELEN: Now that she is achieving and,
you know, her self-esteem has just blossomed. It’s just incredible and I just didn’t
think we’d be here at this point and I am so grateful. I am so grateful.

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  1. oh my god this is a amazing story and shes a amazing girl but the voice on her ipad sounds annoying af like it sounds like nails on a chalk board the voice shakes and sounds like a crying robot i know that its not what i should be focusing on but i cant help it

  2. Her parents are so nice and It doesn't matter how you look it matters how you feel in the inside and she also proofed it also!

  3. The only thing that makes me give a thumbs down is the shitty liquor commercial from Hendricks! Puke me!!!.

  4. She is sooo sweet! She said that "My parents save my life", and I am sorry to say this but if you mind I do feel Sorry for this girl also I love your guitar playing 😊

  5. Your Child will be kind of weak. . Oh okay, but why is she Jumping around, like any other girl. She may look different. But i think that many kids do things to themselves, to stand out of the mass. She is Unique in herself. I could cuddle her the whole day through. Keep it up little Sister. You are wonderfull.

  6. True beauty exists in the soul it's society and media/Hollywood who dictates what beauty is ,look inside a person you find the beauty that has been given to them God bless her she's a real inspiration to the human race ,keep your head up doll and follow your dreams⚘⚘

  7. How did they prove the doctors wrong though? The doctors said her chances of survival are very low or "poor" they never said its 0%…

  8. Man every time I see one of ur videos every one is so cheerful I wish I was that cheerful I wish I could meet everyone that's in all of your videos

  9. Jacqueline is a testimony of what loving parents, and family can bring to a child born with abnormalities! Jacqueline is absolutely adorable, and so strong!
    She doesn't allow her disability to disable her! And that is what's so amazing, about her.

  10. She's set to graduate from high school, not from college (see the description box. it's wrong.). She wants to go to Stanford, but she's at Del Mar High School currently.

  11. God think you for everything Lord watch over all the subscribers on this YouTube page show these people your there for them god amen 💕💯

  12. All those hypocritical comments about oh how beautiful she is. Just ask yourself, if you'd wanna trade appearances with her. If the answer is no, then you know you're lying. I'm sure the girl also wouldn't appreciate your false comments. You can say she's brave and strong instead. Why does it even matter if a person is 'beautiful'? Like that's the only valuable compliment one could give her.

  13. I would absolutely love to see a video of the Tumor-Removal. Ik I'm weird but I really want ti be a surgeon later on.

  14. For the first time I have pressed the down arrow. This was wicked for her old parents to bring her into this world. My Mom was a midwife and saw sad situations like this. The husband asked the doctor not to show the wife the deformed baby but donate it to be experimented on. At least it didn't suffer for long.

  15. There’s a. Girl in my school who looks just like her but she can talk and stuff she’s in 8th grade I was afraid of her but ive heard she’s wonderfully kind.

  16. Espíritu Santo en el nombre de Jesús de Nazaret Qué es tu hijo amado yo te imploró qué le conceda a esta criatura el alivio a ese mal tan terrible Gracias Dios eterno

  17. Very good choice in choosing life. Don't be the one that chooses fate. God does that. Thrive and be strong. That's our mission. 😁

  18. I wonder, hypothetically (not being a doctor, I have no idea) – if they did a partial face transplant on this young lady (everything below the nose), would the tumors reappear in the donor face?

  19. " i have health issues, like everyone else "

    jeez, you don't have to be so rude even if you're disabled lol

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