That’s How You Can Confuse Your Math Teacher

That’s How You Can Confuse Your Math Teacher

So do you like math! If hearing this question alone made you want to leave the room hold on we promise this is going to change your attitude to it Trust me it’s gonna be fun as for those who already love it your feelings will grow even stronger granted Bright side is going to teach you a mathematical trick which requires no special preparation But could be featured in David Blaine Street magic or now you see me Know Movings. We have a step-by-step easy instruction on how to do it Are you Reddit to learn a trick that will confuse your math teacher and impress your friends wit! (90)90 Then, give this video a like and watch it till the end when it comes to magic even thoroughly planned every detail matters People who are not big fans of math usually explain it with the fact that they have a mind of an artist with an appreciation for art and Math is all logic and no creativity Indeed math can be confusing for some of us well for most of us Let’s admit it it requires a certain mindset. What about our it is different Anything can be a piece of art? You know it if you’ve ever seen a piece of modern art as long as you can explain it or sometimes Just feel it in math two plus two always equals four or does it There was a bright mind And he once said pure mathematics is in its way the poetry of logical ideas Can you guess who said that? Nobel Prize winner one of the most famous scientists ever the author of mass energy equivalence and the theory of relativity Did you just say Bob Marley? No it was Albert Einstein Hey, if you got that right give yourself a virtual thumbs up if you agree with them Hey, who wouldn’t the guy sounds pretty credible Then you will get a whole new vision of math so different you will probably believe two and two put together Can give you five. Are you ready for it? Let’s go! Today we’re going to show you one mathematical trick first it will blow your mind Then we’re going to explain it to you easy like that Before we start I’m going to show you something here is a secret text file in a secret folder I even named it top secret to show you how secret it is, and if I say secret once again You’re probably going to hate me so enough with it We are not going to open that file until it’s time so I can make no changes to it at all Now there will be a stopwatch here in the upper corner of the screen it starts ticking now So you will have proof that I’m not going to open that file or change it in any way here it is You can take a piece of paper and a pen now to keep track of what I’m doing And then you can check if everything is right in the end Okay, let’s start with a number. I will choose it at random. I like 3114 it is simple it has my lucky number three in it plus you can play with these numbers Three plus one equals four four minus one equals three in fact You don’t have to pick your lucky number for the trick to work anyway Just any four digit number now if we were in one room I would ask you to give me the next four digit number But since we are miles apart a random number generator will help Let us write down a number by number and the first number is four okay. Not bad once again Please give me a random number. Oh mighty machine one Thanks mighty machine it reminds me of something Oh bingo and the next number is eight good the final digit will be two and We’ve got 41 82 you picked a nice number my turn now I will pick a number to make the math easier put all your numbers in a column, okay Let it be five eight one and what else seven it’s supposed to bring good luck right hmm Not as lucky as four but most people believe it so let it be Randomizer did a good job last time, but now I want to use a number which is really meaningful something from American history Let’s take the year when the Declaration of Independence was signed We all know it right click the like button if it took you less than three seconds to remember it happened in 1776 and since you remembered it will be your number, and we need one last number I will pick it if you kindly let me Hmm, I like eight and let’s add two twice so eight two two And why don’t we take three done eight two two three it is? We’ve got a list of five four digit numbers now the magic begins let us put them all together Some major math is going on right here. You can use a calculator. It’s okay Three one one four plus four one eight two Plus five eight one seven and don’t forget to add seventeen seventy six and eight two two three So we got twenty three thousand one hundred twelve right no objections here now Let’s open that top-secret file in the secret folder. I didn’t touch it the stopwatch is there to prove it Oh, my goodness. It is twenty three thousand one hundred twelve in there no way What was it magic or am I psychic none of the above it all has a logical explanation? Are you ready for it? Here It comes! Before we start we pick a number from 20,000 to 30,000 so any five digit number I picked twenty-three thousand 112 And it really was in that top secret file all the time By the way if you do it in your classroom or in front of people who are physically there You can just write it on a piece of paper Fold it Put it where everyone can see it and not touch it until the end of the trip So if you have a board to write on you are welcome to use it you start with a four digit number You take your secret five digit number and lose the first digit then add two to the last digit So our first number is three one one four now ask one of your friends or even your teacher to give you any number Let us imagine it was three five six four it will work with any number No worries, then you have to pretend You are picking your number at random, too But in reality you are not Your task is to name a number which will give nine nine nine nine if you add it to the previous number So it has to be all nice Three plus six five plus four six plus three and four plus five will give us nine nine nine nine In this case and the number is six four three five Then again it is your friends turn to pick the four digits. It could be two two three seven Again, you name the next number Remember it has to give us nine nine nine nine in the end Hmm looks like seven seven six two will do the trick now. Let us put all the numbers together 3 1 1 4 + 3 5 6 4 + 6 4 3 5 + 2 2 3 7 + 7 7 6 2 and We’ve got 23,112 Unbelievable, but it’s true in fact. It’s all Thanks to the magical 9 9 9 9 & 9 9 9 9 when putting together They will always give you 1 9 9 9 8 here comes a logical question What will happen if a person picks 9 9 9 9 as a number? You have two options to pick from. You can either prevent them from picking it by saying there can be only a number from 1 to 8 in their number But it makes the trick look less impressive No one likes to be restricted so you can go with the second option and pick one 1111 as your number Then you can simply make the second number you choose equal 1 1 1 1 less so that it gives eight eight eight eight Not nine nine nine nine when put together with the number your friends pick it might sound a bit complicated But it’s easy when you try it That was it for the explanation Do you agree math can be fun now?
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  1. Bright side: do you love math
    Me: NO!?
    Bright side: it will change ur mind~
    Me: REALLY!? I'M IN

    (Edit) ok fine I'm not good at math and I was confused in that video

    But thx for da like

  2. I get it with the thumbnail I have been thinking that for 2 years 2+2=4 but if u do it on your fingers there 1 extra finger so u add that one so 2+2=5 bahahaha

  3. I actually thought this was going to be about how when people multiply by 0 they get crazy results. i saw a professor ‘prove’ 1=2 because he multiplied by 0

  4. Actually 2+2 does equal 5 because 1×1 equals 2 and 2×1 equals 2 and if you add all the numbers that equals 2 you get five!

  5. Here's some lil' magic UwU
    -Pick a Random Number!
    -Plus 5!
    -Plus 2!
    -Minus the Number you pick!
    – The answer it's 7!

  6. Hey guys this is for all the people that wish they like and good at maths

    1: maths have to many rules and too long instructions

    2: u waste so much time to understand instructions

    3: theres too many numbers

    If ur watching October 2019 like

    And to explain 2+2=5



  7. There are 15 students in a class. A beautiful teacher enter the class, but 30 stood up. How does it work. You have 15 seconds to answer it. 🙂 GL

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