The 5 Major Anxiety Disorders

The 5 Major Anxiety Disorders

When it comes to anxiety disorders, there is no ‘one type’. Each form of anxiety has its own set of symptoms and treatments It is important to remember that, while some symptoms will overlap. No two anxiety disorders are alike This list aims to bring attention to the five major anxiety disorders, and what they mean for the sufferers We at psych2go hope to bring awareness to the growing number of anxiety sufferers and their needs So, without further ado, here’s five anxiety disorders as well as their symptoms and treatments Number one: obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder technically has two components: the obsessions and the compulsions Obsessions can encompass anything from a severe fear of germs to the placement of things around the home and many things in between The compulsions are what the sufferer does to rid themselves of those obsessive thoughts Someone who has obsessions about germs may ritually wash their hands or carry hand sanitizer everywhere they go Someone who has obsessive thoughts about the placement of objects might arrange and rearrange their belongings until they feel just right These obsessions and compulsions can become very intruisive and disrupted to the sufferers daily life As far as treatments for OCD go, there are a couple: There are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as fluoxetine sertraline These medications are meant to help alleviate the symptoms for the sufferer so that they are at a manageable and less destructive level The other widely used treatment is psychotherapy With this, you might run into cognitive behavioral therapy that will be used to help the sufferer essentially reprogram their response to obsessions and compulsions For the most part, medications and therapies are used in tandem to get the best results Number two: generalized anxiety disorder Generalized anxiety disorder or GED is a bit unlike the other anxiety disorders on this list Those who suffer from GED aren’t always able to give a reason for their symptoms In fact, one of the symptoms is a general feel of restlessness or an ease They may also experience worry as one of the symptoms Everyone worries from time to time, but GED causes the sufferer to eternalize those worries and take them to an entirely new level They may think of them in an obsessive manner which will cause a downward spiral of other symptoms such as a disturbance in sleep patterns The treatments available for GED are similar to those of OCD Medications and therapy. Though in this case the medications may be benzodiazepines and antidepressants rather than the run-of-the-mill SSRIs Cognitive behavioral therapy is used with GED as well as relaxation techniques and mindfulness Number three: social anxiety disorder Those with social anxiety disorder experienced panic attacks related to social situations This can manifest in a fear of public speaking or stage fright, and can be so severe that they avoid going into public altogether Social anxiety can also have symptoms of severe self-consciousness and a general fear of being around others Someone with social anxiety might find it hard to speak when other people are present even if they aren’t addressing the crowd as a whole Social anxiety is mainly treated with SSRIs and therapy As we stated before, just because a treatment option looks similar from one anxiety to another it isn’t going to be the same Each sufferer presents their own needs that must be taken into account. Each therapy isn’t going to work the same for each individual Personalization of treatment is key in these situations Number four: panic disorder Unlike the other anxiety disorders on this list, panic disorder rests solely on panic attacks With many other anxiety disorders, panic attacks are just another symptom when it comes to panic disorder those attacks are the symptom Panic disorder is characterized by recurrent panic attacks The sufferer may experience heart palpitations, erasing pulse an intense fear and the feeling that they are hopelessly out of control There isn’t a rhyme or reason to many of these attacks, so the sufferer is essentially lying in wait for the next one to come Panic disorder can be treated in many ways The medications used are some that we’ve heard of such as benzodiazepines and SSRIs We are also introduced to serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or SNRIs and beta blockers These medications, as with OCD, are often used in conjunction with therapy to help maximize the usefulness of each Number 5: post-traumatic stress disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD can be diagnosed in anyone For the most part you have probably heard it, when someone speaks about veterans or police officers While those careers have a higher rate of PTSD, it is in fact true that anyone can be diagnosed with it PTSD is the result of a very traumatic event or series of events This leaves the sufferer with flashbacks and night terrors where they feel as if they are right back in the event again The sufferer may also suffer from panic attacks as well as phobias associated with people places or even sounds Medications such as fluoxetine venlafaxine may be used in the treatment of PTSD Therapies such as prolonged exposure, cognitive processing therapy, and brief eclectic psychotherapy may be utilized as well Again, this is a situation where the use of medications and therapy together can help give a better outcome than just one alone It is important to note that those with PTSD can lash out in certain situations But there is no need to be afraid of the sufferers There is nothing inherently dangerous about them In fact those with mental illness are exponentially more likely to be the victims of violent crimes than they are to be the perpetrator This is not a complete list of the different anxiety disorders out there by any means, nor is it completely comprehensive in each description There are many kinds of anxiety, these just happen to be the most talked about and diagnosed at this particular moment Regardless of which anxiety disorder the diagnosis is for, it is important to remember that the sufferer is in need of help and acceptance You don’t have to understand anxiety to be able to offer an ear to talk to, or some words to keep them grounded in the moment Remind the sufferer that they are alright, that what they are feeling are just symptoms of their anxiety and that it will pass if given the time Aside from that, just make sure that they know you are there with them and wait it out Do you suffer from one or more of the disorders listed? 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  1. I have four and possibly all 5 of these disorders and I’ve tried therapy but it just makes my anxiety much worse and my mom doesn’t want me in medication and I feel kinda trapped??????

  2. I don’t suffer any of these but I have like 3 friends that have it, when one of them had a panick attack I got extremely scared and didn’t know what to do… I don’t know what to ask them or tell them to it trigger them 🙁 help

  3. If I were to self-diagnose myself, I have generalized anxiety disorder. I am scared of crowds, especially if they are older than me. I get very scared in the supermarket and just want my mom or dad to hold me again like a baby to protect me from what bad kidnappers or what could be in there. When I am also in public, I feel ready to break someone’s nose. I only like hanging out with my few friends and my family members. So… should I see and try to get diagnosed..?

  4. i feel like suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder but i don’t know what.
    basically when something doesn’t go according to plan, i will have a panic attack. when i get one i cant think of anything except what triggered my panic attack and i start uncontrollably crying and feel a sense of panic/anxiety, and afterword i generally feel depressed the rest of the day. i’ve always had this but it hasn’t started interfering with my everyday since recently. i almost broke down in the middle of class several times over missing homework assignments or failed tests, and sometimes i even did. the rest of the day i would be depressed/miserable and sometimes lash out at others. triggers usually end up being something that will cause unexpected change. my wave of depression or sadness will last depending on how bad the panic attack was. it’s really hard to describe but i hope i did okay. 🙂

    edit: i do not drink coffee or tea. i have been diagnosed with autism (high functioning) i have a feeling it could be intertwined with this but i don’t know for sure

  5. I have mild autism and it affects my social anxiety ALOT! I'm always really shy and when I have to talk to a crowd I cant do it cause I get too nervous

  6. i don’t think i have anxiety or depression but i used to get panic attacks and my mum always told me to ‘get over it and stop overreacting’ and i’ve just been forced to fake i’m okay if i ever have one… now i’ve watched this video it sounds like Panic Disorder but in no way am I diagnosing myself. I used to get panic attacks in cars for no reason whatsoever and felt like i’m falling. when i wasn’t having one i spent ages waiting for the next panic attack to happen…

  7. Idk what I have but i think half of my anxiety could be better if ONE thing in my freaking life changed. like its possible but the ppl (ahem my parents) dont WANT to do it, they want their own happiness over mine or my siblings and then tell me to get over it. so NOW i've been diagnosed with severe depression (like getting into a ward) and Anxiety. good luck me

  8. I have social anxiety…I suffer from it a lot but I’m just like 10, and I panic when there’s going to be report individually. I fear stage fright too, and….I can’t tell my parents to buy me treatment because actually…They saving up money for my dad to work abroad so….I suffer alot and my best/friends keep on saying “Hey, uh…You’re always silent, talk with us” and yea, I do feel kinda confident with them but, some what, I’m the most quiet person in my squad.

  9. Where's my crew with one of the worst types? Former "Health anxiety"… now acc. to DSM V any of the two replacements; somatic symptom disorder & illness anxiety disorder . Which imho are cheapening vastly the original criteria, are vague and downplay just how much of a disabling condition it can be. I also have severe social anxiety disorder, but for me it's child's play to what the former can do for me when it really starts acting up.

  10. what do you call it when
    Someone has social anxiety and when anxiety suddenly comes, it feels like he/she is going to vomit and panic attack starts, then they become so sleepy?
    'Cause that's me. I have vomited a lot because of anxiety.

  11. I get social anxiety REAL HARD when i sit in the middle or the front of classroom. I cant freakin breathe when i do that and i feel like everyone is staring at me. I havent found one like me i think very few people are like me.
    Most people get social anxiety only when they do public speech. But me, i cant be calm and relaxed even when im not speaking. :(((

  12. Please don't forget Anxiety is an emotion and as normal as sadness or happiness. A disorder is debilitating, not annoying. I panic and leave rooms and it gets pretty bad and I know for a fact I have no disorders. It's pretty surprising that everyone in the comments suffers from horrible medically proved anxiety.

  13. as a person who was clinically diagnosed with OCD, i hate when people are like "omg im so ocd" or "that was such an OCD thing to do. OCD. IS. NOT. A. ADJECTIVE. anyway i remember when i was in 2nd/3rd grade and i washed my wands 30 times an hour. i now take medication for it, but every once in a while i have compulsive thoughts.

  14. I don't understand myself. I often feel like I got social anxiety in new situations or with people that I don't understand. And then I can be so confident around people and be the center of attention, when I feel comfortable. Do I have social anxiety or not? I'm definitely scared of the future most of the time – I'm scared to be a failure and to embarass myself. But is it social anxiety?

  15. I have self diagnosed myself with depression and anxiety because I feel empty and unknown sadness even though the environment around me is full of happiness
    And when I'm around new people I feel like they are judging me, and are criticzing every little I do or are staring at me and it doesn't help I moved and am going to a new school in a whole different area so I have no friends at school ?
    I'm afraid to seek mental help like therapy or medicine my bsf also says I may have PTSD from so childhood trama

  16. I think I have social anxiety? I defintely stress extremely the longer I'm with a group of more than three people, hell, sometimes even when it's just one or two others- this includes my own family, which sucks _beyond belief_. I don't think I've ever had a panic attack, though. Or at least, not how everyone seems to describe one? The closest I get is this overwhelming urge to run away and hide.

  17. So a like month ago my mom asked my whey I was afraid of spiders. I said " I don't know ", and she told me that it's because something happened to me when I was little to make me like that but she'll tell me when I get older
    what the heck

  18. Now my anxiety is 24/7 and I’m always panicking about nothing ? I can’t even talk to anyone online and I have 0 friends, now I also have depression so I can’t leave my bed and feel tired all the time…

  19. Eating in public…
    One of my worst fears. As you know by now, I get anxiety by simply eating in public.
    This all started when I was in the 4th grade. I was the quiet kid, yeah? I didn't really communicate with anyone. And you know what? I was really lucky back then. As the quiet kid, it wasn't really hard making friends because others really liked me even though they barely knew me which was odd. Moving forward, during that day, I was starving. I haven't had breakfast for some reason and was really desperate. Finally, after half of 4 hours, it was lunch period. I got my food and sat down immediately. Oblivious to those around me, I hungrily ate my food with pleasure. As I sat in my own world, I didn't notice someone was sitting across from me, staring at me intensely. I felt the stare and reverted my gaze back towards her. She chuckled.
    And that one simple action made me felt completely insecure and so embarrassed to the point I stopped eating. I'm currently in High school right now, yeah? I'm a freshman. I don't eat in cafeterias as it makes me feel overwhelmed. I tried though, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. Even if I sit alone, I feel like other people are staring at me and are judging me for the way that I eat. So, I eat in the councilor's office Every now and then, but it's still alarming because I cant bring myself to simply chew and swallow my food.
    I'm currently on a journey to recovery.
    And yes, this is a form of social anxiety. 7% of the world are diagnose with it

    ~ I hope everyone is doing well and hopefully have an anxiety free life soon!

    Stay strong!

    Love you!❤

  20. Sounds like they are pushing medication & therapy for all kinds of issues.
    So why is it ok to take these medications & do daily routines, work, drive the kids around ect… But if you smoke a joint or hit the pipe you a considered a druggy?

    There are two kinds of drug addicts.
    1. The Dr. that prescribes you your medication (drugs).

    2. Dr. Feelgood . The one that sells you "street prescription drugs"

    If you take drugs. You are a druggie.
    If you say your not.
    Then you are a HIPPOCRATE.

  21. Ah yes GAD. Love it. And someone had the audacity to tell me that my anxiety is just an addiction. Like. What does that even mean?

    Trust me if I could stop having panic attacks and be afraid of the worst happening (like if my parents are gone longer than they’re supposed to my brain will literally go: they’ve had a car accident they’re dead) and not sleeping I friggin would.

    I’m not on medication, because I want to avoid that route if I can, but I’ve been in and out of therapy for a few years to try and help me cope with it. My poor dad witnessed one of my panic attacks the other day and he was surprised and said he didn’t realise how bad they were. I mean. That’s just life right? But I don’t discuss it with others tbh bc I just want to get on with my life and be treated normally.

    But I’m on edge all of the time, it’s not fun but, I just want to be left alone to live my life really. I still have happy days and laugh at jokes and have fun, just my brain works that little bit weirder.

  22. i have three types of anxiety.
    (Least to worst)
    Social Anxiety
    Panic disorder
    (Diagnosed by. My doctor)
    I also think i have Bi-polar depression, but in light ways. My anxiety takes over me, not my depression.

    I have panic attacks from heavy breathing to hyperventilating. All are equally bad

  23. While I do believe that medication/s can be helpful what they fail to tell people is how really dangerous they can be if taken for an extended period of time. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor because most doctors WON'T bring it up or if they do it's a short little "not to be taken forever" type warning. In the end if you DO take them for an extended period of time you WILL have added issues to whatever you started taking the meds for originally.

  24. I have all three of them, but on the bright side at least I don't have all of them. Things could be worse and I'm not alone in this. Things will get better ?

  25. I need help… I never went to psychologist in my whole life cause I don't think I have any problem but lately, I kept getting sad over things I don't even know the cause is…. which leads me back to think about horrible things people do to me in a past (which I don't wanna talk about right now) and made me ten times sadder.. I wanna share my problems to people but I don't wanna be called a attention whore cause of thinking I have Anxiety (knowing people say they have Anxiety just to be popular) I wouldn't say I was a victim of a mental abuse but growing up, I was either used or judged by people around me.. which leads me to take few step back and made assumptions that all of my friends talk behind me and secretly hated me.. I never truly opened up to someone because I am afraid of their judgements. I don't wanna take just online exams.. but idk how to start.. I need help… I'm a mess

  26. I was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and let me just say that I honestly hate that it's called "generalized". I understand how it works and what that means but whenever I bring up that I have gad, people assume I just have "general anxiety" (as in normal stress). A lot of people I've met have treated and seen my diagnosis and my symptoms as less important/damaging and it's really pretty frustrating. Whereas I feel other disorders just sound a bit more heavy and people take them more seriously. Maybe I'm alone in this but idk. It sucks.

  27. I think I have SAD but I feel comfortable when people I know are around me
    But when I go out in public I think everyone is looking at me and judging me and I try to avoid eye cotact at all cost
    But for some reason when my friends are around (specific people) I turn into a completely diffrent person
    It just sucks when i go out in publuc alone

  28. Anxiety: exists

    Me: hi-

    Anxiety: I'm here to ruin your life and I don't care what you say.

    Me: wait, what? No I didn't agree-

    Anixety: ssshshsshshshhhhhh

  29. My psychologist told me I have a rare form of OCD, which made me feel like something is wrong with me, but I have had anxiety for years. Many things that I do or think about that nobody pays attention to are OCD. I'm not afraid of germs or a perfectionist, but other symptoms of OCD I have.

  30. I like to believe I have sleep anxiety I always think something bad is going to happen if I fall asleep. Examples, the world ending, me dying, etc. it’s terrible and it happens every night.

  31. What if I have all 5 of them
    And also I can’t go see a therapist because I Have social Anxiety and I’m nervous to see what people think about me

  32. I have GAD, SAD and PD. Some people don’t know the difference between just having anxiety and having an anxiety disorder. If you have a disorder you’ll probably be diagnosed with it. And don’t diagnose yourself. You’ll need a doctor to diagnose you like I was 10 years ago.

  33. okay guys please stop self diagnosing yourself with a disorder. if you believe something is up, talk to someone like your doctor or ask for help online to seek ways to get help. but dont, DONT say you have x, y and z just because you watched a youtube video. having a disorder or disability is not "cool" or "trendy". its sad how people are actually saying the "have" depression while some people who really need help are denied it since people think they might be faking it for attention. its as messed up as faking a physical disability. if you are worried about your mental health, seek help. dont self diagnose if your doctor didnt diagnoses you.

  34. I think this made my anxiety worse. But ive gotten better at noticing my anxiety. i got all 5 an only had 1 panic attack in my life. fingers crossed i wont have another. feels like your dying.

  35. "You're just claustrophobic!"
    Yeah, but with people. If you don't like others backing you off when you get too close to them, maybe learn to respect their boundaries. Being family isn't a free pass to cross them.

  36. When i was presenting my project i didnt notice that my voice was so low so when i was finished presenting my teacher compared me to my sister who has high voice when presenting my project. I almost cried in the class i was so embarassed and that time i lost my confidence

  37. I think I have anxiety but none of these really fit me… 🙁
    i get anxious and physically sick sometimes and im extremely self consious and i always think people are talking about me all around me or making fun of me. I also think people are talking about me if they look at me while speaking to someone else even tho they dont know me…idk know whats wrong with me. I get anxious and paranoid but idk what it would even be called

  38. I have social anxiety which I can't attend or join events that I have to be around with a group of people that I familiar with. I realize I have it when I had to transfer to new school, I can't interact with my new friends or join them during recess or when we have to move to another place during class.worst when we have to walk in 2 line and I being alone at the back silence plus when I have to sit in a grp I afraid they would be uncomfortable around me.I told my mom about it, but she just said it's normal when you a transfer student but the problem is I can't cope with my surrounding.

    It become worse when I experienced it for 3 times which is when I was 11 , 13 and 16 years old.but what I hate the most is when I 16, during recess I have something to get done at the school office just for a while and what I do after that are, I walking around my school the whole recess time to kill time, don't know how many times I go inside my classroom to pretend searching for my stuff.not just that when I tranfer to that school I have to stay at the hostel,during the whole 3 days staying there, I actually starving bcs I afraid to go to the canteen bcs they use round tables which you have to sit in a grp.I can't take it anymore, so I call my mom to transfer me back to my old school using public phone while crying in silence.The anxiety stay for 1 year every time I transfer to a new school.

    Actually, I'm okay if I have to interact with a grp of people who not familiar with each other bcs I feel like I'm not alone.

    Just sharing my experience, when I typing this I can't help but feel the anxiety of the past.

  39. I don't want to self diagnose myselfI hate speaking in front of people even though I can school I don't like to like talk and I start to like panic, I don't raise my hand because I feel like I'm going to get something wrong is sometimes I feel dizzy when somebody tries to add me into a conversation and I don't like when people stare

  40. Whenever I tell my parents I wanna die they are just like, “It’s that phone.” ? sometimes I feel like no one understands me

  41. Today my sister was talking to me about me having to face my fears and not run away from them. I told her I understood that but it’s not that easy and that she should consider that she doesn’t know how I feel. She proceeded to say I understand then bash me with her own opinion saying I don’t try. She then said That my cousin has it worst and that some may have it worse. I have social anxiety, anxiety and really bad depression, and I barely have any real friends So hearing that made me want to cry.
    Right after that I locked myself in my room and started bashing myself saying I wish I was dead and that I’d be better like that.
    I don’t understand why people can’t just listen, I don’t want your advice I want you to just listen to my problems. Can’t you understand that..

  42. I worked in a store that my bosses could walk in any time that I was anxious literally everyday. So I quit. I couldn't hold it anymore. ;-;

  43. My dad always makes fun of me when I'm outside and I feel scared and uncomfortable because of my social anxiety. I feel scared, I feel like everyone's saying "she's so ugly" or "she's sorta chubby…" and how he makes fun of me is mocking me by making a stupid voice and saying "OOOoOOhhhh everyone's looking at ME! noOoOOOoO" AND HE SAYS THAT I'M SELF CENTRED BECAUSE "I want everyone to look at me so I think that they are."

  44. Welcome To Gods cooking show! And today we will be making another human being (me)
    First u want to add a spoonful of normalness
    Then a cup of gay
    list goes on

    And here we have a bucket of anxiety,but we just want a small bi-drops

    oH SHI-

  45. Anxiety appears if i don't get the attention i want.

    Hey!!! I'm here!!! One look!! That's all i want. One!!!
    Now look at me!!!!

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