The CERA 2016 Annual Summary

Hello I’m Jonathan Crowston, Managing Director for the Centre for Eye Research Australia. So what did CERA do in 2016? Well, we’ve got a minute to tell you… Our 135 staff, 22 students, 21 PhDs and 1 Masters. Won 24 competitive grants totalling $5.21 million dollars. Had partnerships with dozens of Universities all over the world. We conducted heaps of collaborations with Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. 19 scholarships. 9 students graduated with PhDs. CERA researchers published 211 research papers. 20 clinical trials, helping more than 300 patients. Made breakthroughs in stem cell, corneal and age-related macular degeneration research. We completed the National Eye Health Survey, Australia’s biggest vision survey. Interviewing almost 5,000 people across Australia. Celebrated our 20th birthday. The Lions Eye Donation Service transplanted 404 corneas, from 285 donors. 2,215 donations and 11 bequests. Totalling $1.9 million. Had 4 community information forums, with more than 400 guests. We moved staff from Clinical Trials Research Centre to Eye and Ear on the Park and we moved into level 7 of the Eye and Ear Hospital Celebrated the 8th Annual Gerard Crock lecture, the best attended ever! Increased our Facebook followers to 3,365! Doubled our Twitter followers to 700! And boosted our LinkedIn to more than 1,500! Ok, we didn’t finish in under a minute, but like all good research, it sometimes takes a little bit longer. And we do like to get things done. With that, I’d like to thank you all for supporting CERA.

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