The Future of Amphibious Warfare

The Future of Amphibious Warfare

[Music] keep moving [Applause] amphibious assaults a major focus of this year’s RIMPAC or rim of the Pacific the exercise involved 22 Allied nations including the US the UK and China China is a major driving force in the United States renewed focus on Asia as the rapid expansion of China’s military might has escalated tension and territorial disputes in the area but while the u.s. seeks to play a bigger role in the Pacific it won’t be easy it’s halfway across the globe covering roughly 1/3 of the planet and most of its water so the challenge is the US military must be able to move armies over long stretches of water and do it fast [Music] the Marine Corps over the last 12 years because we’ve been engaged in operations Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom we have been engaged in a land war that’s what has been required of us and that’s what the the Marine Corps has been able to provide for the nation but by no means does that say that we’ve gotten away from our route those routes are an amphibious assault the Marine Corps has been hitting the beaches for more than 200 years from Tripoli to Normandy and beyond but moving from sea to land can be treacherous the first day of Normandy in World War 2 killed almost as many Allied soldiers as nine years of fighting in Iraq even worse the proliferation of cheaper and more accurate long-range missiles forces ships to launch amphibious operations farther out to sea and escalates the chance that an already risky operation will turn into a one-sided slaughter to pull off amphibious operations the Marines will have to adapt to the threat [Music] right before the start of the exercise we managed to catch a tour on the USS Peleliu a mothership that carries Marines and their equipment across the ocean and close to shore to launch an amphibious assault [Music] one of the things that the military is always doing is taking existing technologies and platforms and working them into both new and old missions one of the critical technologies for the Marines as they make a pivot backed amphibious assault is the B 22 Osprey it’s one of these aircraft that doesn’t quite know if it’s a helicopter and airplane it’s actually both and it’s become a critical part of the Marine Corps for moving troops around in theater the Ospreys speed and range make it ideal for targeted raids and air assaults but to carry heavy equipment like tanks and artillery amphibious vehicles are still necessary so in a couple days they’re gonna launch from this ship they’re gonna open the thing and these guys are gonna head to shore yeah well we’ll ballast the ship which means will essentially sink the back of the ship they’ll fill up with six to eight feet of water and these will back up and launched into the into the to the well deck and out of the out of the back of the ship and what are these things these are basically tanks that go in the water floating tanks especially yeah floating tanks that that carry a bunch of Marines correct once the exercise begins amphibious assault vehicles or a DS launch from the back of the ship driving towards the beach a hybrid of armored personnel carriers and boats a Avs bring Marines ashore to fight but they force them to pack light so to hold the beach they need to land a lot of reinforcements and do it fast before the enemy has time to counter it the key to doing that quickly our vessels called connectors apart ship in part plane the landing craft air cushion or El CAC is a connector small enough to fit into the well deck but powerful enough to carry a tank from ship to shore at more than 40 miles an hour but aging equipment and new threats mean the Marines must explore new technologies to adapt exotic hybrids like the ultra heavy amphibious connector or you hack which combines a paddle wheel with a tractor will be able to cover more distance with more gear than the L pack [Music] once on land the Marines must be able to mobilize troops and equipment quickly in order to move inland to complete the assault [Music] [Music] [Music] the Marine Corps is testing new technologies to allow troops to move faster and more efficiently as they transition to land by combining advanced robotics with more familiar means of hauling gear like cars and pack animals RIMPAC is the first live military trial for the ls3 known more affectionately as Cujo which is capable of hauling up to 400 pounds a distance of 20 miles without having to refuel the asia-pacific region is incredibly important to the United States it has been in the past it is today and will continue to be so in the future our country has established the rebalance policy to bring more forces more effort and more engagement with this very critical region I think you will find that the Marine Corps has been challenged in order to have the right force at the right place at the right time and things like RIMPAC 2014 gives us the opportunity to train together to ensure that our forces are ready for any crisis in the future while the official line stressed the cooperative and diplomatic focus of RIMPAC the exercise has two seemingly contradictory facets on one hand it’s all about diplomacy and international cooperation yet a major objective of the whole effort is to showcase American military might in the Pacific especially to check China with the world’s largest army and second largest military budget a rising superpower has been ramping up their military presence in the Pacific and flexing their muscles with a series of hostile moves that claim ownership of the South China Sea inciting outrage in neighboring countries over what is arguably the most disputed region on earth but in the same way that China is both friend and foe this year China was invited by the u.s. to participate at RIMPAC for the first time we just landed on the Chinese naval vessel this is the hospital ship and the name of it is the peace Ark and we’re here to take a tour of this hospital ship that’s participating in the RIMPAC exercises the Chinese sailors have more cameras than we do so big filmed as we’re filming so we’re heading into the operating room now this ship is fully functional hospital floating hospital what’s really interesting is that it increases China’s ability to conduct operations all throughout the Pacific having a hospital ship means being able to treat soldiers while still in the midst of conflict freeing the Chinese to deploy more war fighting assets to even farther ranges but when we spoke with the commander he shifted the conversation away from the ship’s military role the peace Ark belongs to the Chinese Navy so if we have a wartime mission so the ship will provide medical service for our charities but according to the international law will maybe we’ll also provide a net medical service to any nations but that’s not a way we that’s not we hope so because we we want we stay on peace age so we want to spread our conception of pea hominis or hummus ocean to the whole world one of the things that you notice when you walk around the ship is that the signs are both in Chinese in English a lot of the Chinese sailors are wearing what you call friendship pins I guess that have an American flag and a Chinese flag and that’s really emblematic of the relationship between the US and China it’s complicated where both have to work together by necessities but we’re also a rival in this region though China seemed to be playing nice at RIMPAC on behalf of my colleagues I show my respect the surprise appearance of an uninvited Chinese spy ship reminded everyone of China’s growing military ambition and that tensions in the Pacific are alive and well so as our nation rebalances to asia-pacific one of the things that does not change is the tyranny of distance the Pacific Ocean is no smaller but capabilities both ours our friends and our partners and also potential adversaries have forced us to do things to in order to address those challenges as the Marines tackle the question of amphibious landing the evolution of new equipment and tactics is crucial the success of amphibious operations will not only be a measure of us power in the Pacific but the Marines ability to remain a relevant fighting force in the future of modern warfare [Music] [Applause] [Music] look in the eye right now when I see your lawyers I see that the procedure code is alive and well in the capital’s lawyer the day is coming be ready for that fight will stand together to defeat any foe the Pacific is a vast and complicated region it’s got sixty percent of the world’s population fifty percent of the world’s geography and it’s rife with international conflict so the feeling in the US military is that we better be prepared to fight there [Music]

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  1. There is no need to be enemies. I'm an American! We must be friends!!! Stop stealing infrastructure, business and digital secrets. We must be good neighbors! What would you like the US to do better, and I will support it! We cannot go on a path to violence! China is a rich culture with an honorable heritage. Treat your citizens and treat the world with respect. I promise to do the same, I give u my word! We must DEMAND PEACE! Come to my home, I invite any China person. Nothing is more important than a happy life! ???? I beg it, please shake my hand and like my comment to support a regualr world, a happy world!

  2. Correction!! China is definitely not a friend of the USA and the tariffs will educate many that are ignorant to the obvious

  3. Riddle me this needle dicks?! WTF IS BADDER THAN A US MARINE? Nothing!
    EXCEPT A MARINE & HIS WEAPON!!!! What badder than that? A MARINE & his WEAPON & MORE MARINES!

  4. This video wrongfully claims that the Marines stormed the beaches of Normandy. The Marines we NOT in Normandy, that was the US Army. Marines were too busy in the Pacific!

  5. Great shots, but the complete stupidity of the people talking makes it hard to watch. Maybe do a little research……..

  6. “It’s half way across the globe covering a third of the earth… And most of it’s water” no shit most of the Pacific Ocean is water lmao

  7. Normandy was the largest seaborne invasion of land against a defending enemy force in history. The US Army and our Allies conducted it, NOT THE USMC. You should know that…

  8. This reporter is stupid. The Marines were never at Normandy they were kicking ass in the Pacific.

  9. I hate that the Zumwalt destroyers became too expensive. We should have scaled back enough to keep the program going. The Zumwalt became very sophisticated for a very good reason. It was a command and control ship for a new battle group which was even more complicated than a carrier group. With the advent of new long range missiles, we were forced to stand off further and further from shore with our amphibious ships. The littoral combat area was becoming hundreds of miles long. We couldn’t leave that unguarded while we landed marines. Thus, a new battle group, the littoral battle group. Because these ships were closer to shore, they were more vulnerable to detection and attack. That’s why the Zumwald class destroyers and littoral combat ships are stealthy. That’s why the Zumwald destroyers were so expensive, because they had to guard a very complex and very vulnerable combat zone. They dropped the program. I wish they hadn’t. I hope they start it again.

  10. Some of this video is from Talisman Sabre which was a Australian, United States and New Zealand, held in Australia… I like the way China only showed them the hospital ship but not the warships or aircraft… I would trust China about as much as ?

  11. "harmonious ocean" "peace ship"

    Declares a piece of sea as its own, defying international laws. The Chinese is all about face, or more accurately, a fake face. All the POWs will probably be kept alive long enough to be butchered for organs if they cant be exploited as bargaining chips

  12. I served in the Navy on the Nimitz over 20 years ago. That ship is still in service, but retiring in a few years. I wish that some of the equipment we see here was available back then. It's amazing to see how different our military is today. The Osprey and Cujo would seem almost like Star Wars tech for us back then.

  13. Damn dress Cujo up as a big sheep and let it run around the middle east… you would have ISIS come out of hiding trying to f*ck it lol

  14. usual sloppy Vice bs. they rely on viewers not giving much of a shit so you get this inaccurate infotainment garbage

  15. Once again Americans think they’re the only people in the world. We’ve lost family fighting along side Yanks in every war since WW2. Yet, I could count on yanks saying “really? Aussies!? And Vietnam you say?”

  16. Please bother to do your research. The USMC did amazing amphibious assaults in the Pacific, but not Normandy. That was all Army and allies.

  17. Lol marine corps wasn’t on the beach during DDay. JS. Marines aren’t the gods everyone thinks they are ? #usarmywinswars

  18. Ok, the guys facts were a little off. He is reporter not a Marine Historian. So US Marines didn’t storm the beaches at Normandy bc We were a little busy in The Pacific Island Theater kicking Japanese Imperial ass from island to island (clearing out an important flight path a bit later for our Air Force buddies), bc the slant eye Bastards decided to do some unprovoked parking lot bombing in Hawaii. Besides that We already kicked the German’s ass in WWI at the Battle of Belleau Wood where the Crouts gave us a parting gift name of Teufel Hunden aka Dogs from Hell or shortened to Devil Dogs! “Devil Dogs” just rolls off the tongue better.
    So yes we were busy doing exactly what President FDR (another nickname “The Presidents Own”) wanted us to do. Besides the Marines had kicked so much ass that by WWII General Omar Bradley and General Eisenhower (who had amphibious specialist Marines as advisors on their staffs) pretty much insisted on the Normandy invasion being an army showcase and didn’t want the Leathernecks getting the spotlight as always( even though we helped with training)!! I appreciate that all the service branches who do a really good job at 1 of 3 phases of battle, land, sea, or air, but us Jarheads just took it to the next level and excel at all 3. Semper Fidelis (killing our enemies dry, wet, foreign, or domestic since November 10,1775) and happy Independence Day (since July 4th 1776)!!!!!!!!!

  19. The media gets a lot of things wrong all the time, you guys still watched it. Quit Complaining, go make your own video and be accurate.

  20. What a load of Bullshit that China wants to maintain a harmonious balance at sea with other nations.

  21. If you DON'T Celine up the land mines in Texas you be charger for war CRIMES against humanity in the USA UNSTAND THIS LAWLESS the inmates unkingedom inateal laws HAVE BIN VILEADT judge Burch said that he was goin to set 45 biloim LAND mines in the texes dearsted and remove the hippos and the chearekey nations if he dos set aney more of the LAND mines the WARLOCKS and skin walkers will kill him on the sport and one question ASK you not good to set this,divorces o n this LAND of the USA UNSTAND THIS LAWLESS acrs of the FIB and the coumagmen will stop know that he's not crazy to think about seating this mines

  22. China is not the super powers at all the snonmey goin to rip rhim a big deasterd storm like the stime Michael in Florida State 6 Times warst if the sed aney more LAND mines to the bench and FIB to use on the bouredr new this the be the one to step on thim and blow the lags OFF so STOP sending the s LAND mines in the text deasterd storm like mines you mack

  23. "According to international law" – since when did the Chinese recognise, let alone respect international law?!?

  24. OMG, who is this absolute moronic and incompetent fool who's doing this piece on amphibious warfare? The US marines stormed Normandy?????? Any moron knows this is absolutely laughable as there were no Marine whores in Europe other than the few that may have served on Navy ships off shore. This moron should jerk this garbage video and do a new voice over or stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I'm all for accuracy and giving credit where credit's due and that's the main thing here. You don't give credit to Marine whores for dying when they didn't die. That's it!

  25. And that mv-22 osprey is a dangerous piece of garbage at almost two hundred million dollars a piece. It likes to crash more than it flies and you're right when you say that it doesn't know if it's an airplane or helicopter because it performs like neither and will never do so. It comes down to physics and aerodynamics which weighs heavily against this lump of garbage called the osprey. This waste of money is one of the reasons the USMC cannot fight a land war properly because they waste their money on lumps of garbage like this instead of properly preparing their forces for combat with the money at hand. Pathetic.

  26. THE MARINES IN NORMANDY??? Get your facts straight. Damn… A simple google search would've sufficed. The Marine Corps had more amphibious landings in WWII than any other allied force, all in the Pacific, but you choose the ONE place where they didn't as a reference. Outstanding.

  27. More biased shite – China's military is threatening the region – pig's arse.
    They're surrounded by threats and they arm themselves and push back because of them. They'd be stupid to do otherwise. Somehow having US bases surrounding their borders is normal. Can you imagine if there were Chinese bases in North America or even South America? They wouldn't even dare.
    Then there is their traditional enemy India with a bigger population and nukes right on their border. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, all closely allied to the US. They're surrounded!
    Plus they have internal issues of their own. Tibet, a democratic movement, an increasingly informed middle class and all kinds of differing people's within their borders. And, a cyber war conducted by them and against them. There are shadows lurking everywhere in their minds.
    Like terrorism, the China danger factor is blown out of proportion for ulterior motives.
    Let's imagine from their perspective for a moment and we might understand a little more.

  28. Lame. Can anybody remember the last amphibious assault since Normandy? Glad my tax money is going to war games and amphibious toys. We have these things called helicopters now. I'm pretty sure they've been out for awhile.

  29. lol "peace arc". I see Chinese communism is still in that stage where they think people believe whatever they say.

  30. So basically everybody is fighting for ownership of the Pacific ocean but no one is taking the responsibility nor initiative to cleaning it up?

  31. The USMC focused on the Pacific Theater. The only Marines in the European Theatre were shipborne Marines for actions like manning the Brig on ships. Because of the Amphibious landings in the European Theatre (beginning with Operation Torch in North Africa) there was a need for Recce, Beach preparation and discreet marking for organizational purposes, and demolition of obstacles such as mines, "Belgian Gates", "Asparagus", and other defensive objects placed underwater and on the beach by the Axis forces. 

    To satisfy this role, it was decided that specially trained U.S. Navy Seabess, along with volunteers from the USMC, USN, and U.S. Army personnel who wanted to operate in the water formed small action units for the scouting and reconnaissance of amphibious operation landing beaches. These groups were called; Observer Groups, Scouts, USMC Raiders, Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) who even operated the first Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDTs), OSS Operational Swimmers, and Beach Jumpers. 

    They operated in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and France (The forerunners of the USMC Reconnaissance units, USMC Raiders, and Underwater Demolition Teams, and Navy SEALs), and other small Recce/special OSS (forerunner to CIA) activity in the European Theatre. However, no Marines were involved in major combat duties in the area under SHAEF command of North Africa/Mediterranean/Sicily & mainland Italy or France and the breakout from Normandy or the breakout from Southern France following Operation Dragoon (The smaller landings in Southern France several months after the D-Day landings at Normandy) and the subsequent push into the heart of Italy and Germany. during World War II. The European Theatre combat operations were carried out by U.S. Army command. 

    The majority of these units operated in the Pacific Theatre where there was much more operational need of special amphibious warfare teams, but there were a few hundred who operated in the European Theatre for the aforementioned amphibious landings.

    The USMC, along with attached U.S. Army Units under General MacArthur's command working with the USN under overall command of Admiral Ernest King (Made Commander of the entire "U.S. Fleet" and Chief of U.S. Naval Operations by Executive Order 8984) who delegated the command of Fleet activities in the Pacific Area of Operations to Admiral Chester Nimitz who had strategic command of the Naval/Marine forces (along with Major General Alexander Vandergrift in charge of USMC Pacific Operations for the majority of World War II), was the foundation of the island hopping strategy in the Pacific Theatre against the Japanese. 

    I understand that journalists aren't former military personnel or U.S. foreign policy/U.S. military history academic scholars. However, a journalist should make sure their research is solid when referencing the past to support reports (both hard news and/or editorial) of today. You were even aboard the USS Pelel

  32. At least mention something in video description or pin a comment in response. Yall got ripped a new one in this comments section because of the whole Marines at Normandy thing. Lol. Own up to mistakes.

  33. PART TWO OF PACIFIC WAR GAMES: A big ass cookout where all of the nations have to bring a dish from their country and everyone tries each other’s food/booze

  34. LOL, Anybody believe that the Hospital ship wasn't cramped full of surveillance equipment for this Mission ?

  35. Most of the Pacific Ocean is water?! Hot damn! I never knew that. Where's the edge of this flat rock we call Earth?

  36. That “Robot “ that carries 400lbs of kit for 20 miles before refuelling seems to over the top, surly some of those little golf buggy type vehicles that were used in the Vietnam war would be cheaper and more cost effective than a robot that must have cost a huge amount of R&D costs not to mention its huge, just getting it to a battlefield would take up more space on a ship or aircraft, in this case I would even go back to mules rather than a robot.

  37. not a giant fan of vice cuase they bat left throw left, but?
    one thing i do like is pieces
    that not many people cover like this.
    who would make a report on amphibous war fare….lloll…

  38. Australian's are glad America is working hard in holding onto the pacific. Sadly both sides of Australian politics are asleep at the wheel re China. It's not the Chinese people that's out of control, Chinese people are generally awesome.. It's there autocratic government which doesn't want even there own people to be free that is scary. Especially when it's arming it's self to the teeth and trying to claim damn near all of the south China sea. If Australia does not seriously pick up it's game with preparing for that fight. We may loose our way of life. If they feel it's an easy take. They will take it.

  39. It all looks great for the cameras but deep down we have a lot of issues that need to be resolved within our military between troops and equipment but I have faith that these problems will be fixed soon. ??????‍♂️

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