The Untold Truth Of Bones

The Untold Truth Of Bones

The early 2000s saw an explosion of forensic-based
procedural crime dramas, but Bones lasted longer than most. The series was focused on a team of forensic
anthropologists working at the Jeffersonian Institute who lent their skills to the FBI
to take on mysterious bodies, serial killers, and more. With a cast helmed by Emily Deschanel as Dr.
Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz as FBI Agent Seeley Booth, the show ran for 12 seasons
as the longest-running drama in Fox history. Even if you’ve seen every episode, the show
might still have a few mysteries to offer. Here are the things you might not know about
Bones. High turnover at the Jeffersonian Any show that runs for 12 seasons is going
to change up its cast a little bit, but on Bones, characters really knew how to make
an exit. The third season was capped off with the shocking
reveal that fan-favorite character Zack Addy was secretly the apprentice of a cannibalistic
serial killer that Brennan and Booth had been hunting all year. One character’s departure from the show,
however, had more to do with real life than the story unfolding at the Jeffersonian. FBI psychologist Lance Sweets, played by John
Francis Daley for seven years, was killed off in the season 10 premiere as the victim
of a conspiracy surrounding Agent Booth. The real-life reason? When he isn’t acting, Daley has a prolific
career as a screenwriter with writing partner Jonathan Goldstein, producing the scripts
for plenty of movies, including Spider-Man: Homecoming. In 2014, they signed on to write and direct
the remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation. Daley needed four months off for the project,
and rather than sending Sweets on a long vacation, the show’s writers decided it would be simpler
to just kill him off. Legal trouble behind the camera It might not be as dramatic as digging up
a dead body or tracking down a serial killer, but Bones had its share of legal trouble behind
the scenes, too. In 2015, executive producer Barry Josephson
sued Fox for withholding profits from a number of people including stars Emily Deschanel
and David Boreanaz. The suit claimed they were owed as much as
24 million dollars, accrued from airing the show in Europe, online streaming, and product
placement deals. Despite the suit, Fox still renewed the show
for its 11th and 12th seasons, while the case went into arbitration. The real forensic expert: Kathy Reichs In the early 2000s, Fox asked writer/producer
Hart Hanson to create a forensics-based crime show not unlike CBS’s extremely popular CSI
franchise. After meeting with producer Barry Josephson,
Hanson watched a documentary about forensic anthropologist and crime novelist Kathy Reichs,
later saying “What she could do with a pile of bones
was amazing.” The result was Bones, which would approach
the science-based procedural from a different angle, with a little more humor and a lot
more skeletons. Rather than base it on Reichs herself, though,
the show would focus on Temperance Brennan, the forensic anthropologist from Reichs’s
novels. As for Reichs herself, she considers Bones
to be less of an adaptation and more of a prequel, since Emily Deschanel was over a
decade younger than Brennan was in the first book. The Finder Season six brought viewers an episode called
“The Finder,” which introduced Geoff Stults as Major Walter Sherman, an Iraq War veteran
whose brain injury left him with the keen ability to see connections in things most
ordinary people could not. Michael Clarke Duncan played Leo Knox, an
attorney turned bar owner and Walter’s sidekick in his detective duties. “He’s not crazy. Where I come from we call Walter’s gift Darna
Hula the second sight.” Nine months after those characters were introduced
on Bones, The Finder debuted on Fox. Unfortunately, audiences seemed to like forensic
investigations a little more than brain injuries that give you crime-fighting super-powers. Rather than racking up another 248-episode
run like Bones, The Finder was canceled after only 13. There were plans for the characters to return
on Bones, but sadly, Duncan suffered a fatal heart attack a few months after The Finder
wrapped up, ending any further plans for a return. The layover that became a role Bones enjoyed quite a few notable guest stars
over the years, including Emily Deschanel’s real-life sister Zooey Deschanel and the surprising
reveal that Angela’s dad is actually Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. For British actor, writer, quiz show host
and all-around bon-vivant Stephen Fry, however, what started out as a desire to grab lunch
with a friend on a layover wound up turning into a recurring role on one of TV’s most
popular shows. In 2007, Fry was on his way to New Zealand
to meet with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, and decided to break up the long
trip with a stop in Los Angeles. Since he was in the neighborhood anyway, Fry’s
agent pitched him on doing Bones, and while Fry had never heard of it, he mentioned it
to his friend and long-time collaborator Hugh Laurie. Laurie was starring in House, which was shot
on the same lot, and had good things to say about the cast and crew of Bones. “I said what do you know about these Bones
and he said well they’re rather nice they’re just around the corner on the fox lot” With that, Fry signed on to play Gordon Wyatt,
Booth’s psychologist. He eventually appeared in six episodes of
the show, and presumably grabbed lunch with Laurie a few times while he was at it. Dodging the cancellation bullet If you watched the last episode of Season
10 and thought that it felt an awful lot like a series finale, there’s a reason for that. When the episode was made, Fox executives
hadn’t yet decided to renew the show. That put showrunner Stephen Nathan in the
position of having to switch things up. Rather than ending the series on a cliffhanger
like he’d intended, “The Next in the Last” had to be an episode that could work as a
satisfying ending for a long-running series, while still leaving the door open for its
possible return if they did get picked up. “Oh, I’m done.” The result was an episode built around themes
of transition and reflection, where Brennan and Booth considered moving on from their
work at the Jeffersonian. Needless to say, they didn’t have to. Bones was picked up for another two seasons
before finally wrapping up in 2017. And with an episode title like “The End
in the End,” they were definitely sure they weren’t coming back this time. The explosive finale After 12 years, Bones literally went out with
a bang: the Jeffersonian facilities were destroyed, and it was an explosion that had been building
since the very first episode. During the pilot, creator Hart Hanson had
a conversation with David Boreanaz in which Boreanaz said “I want to blow up this lab.” Hanson agreed that one day, he could, and
while he would later leave the show, his successor kept his promise. Not only did they blow up the lab, but as
the director of the final episode, Boreanaz was the one who got to do it.

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  1. I never understood how she(Brennan) was supposed to be able to write popular fiction novels populated with believable characters, yet she was an unbelievable character in her own life!

  2. One of the most interesting facts was left out. Brennan had Asbergers. The network didn't support the storyline but the writers and Emily tried to make it as obvious as possible without actually saying it.

  3. It was kinda boring after Bones got pregnant. I was hoping for like a big shock scene from everyone after Bones and Booth slept together since everyone was rooting for them from the beginning (SS1). They should’ve waited until Emily had her child and resume the storyline after B&B spent the night together. I waited 6-7 seasons just to see a very pregnant Bones already living with Booth (the audience had to imagine what happened in the last 5 months they were together).

    but hey…..anyone missed Wong Foo in SS1?

  4. Can you imagine airing a show today where the main character can identify if someone is male or female, black or white by just looking at their bone structure? Cries of sexism and racism would halt production immediately.

  5. I have been watching Bones since I was about 4 or 5, great show, sad to see it end. Still rewatching though

  6. Oh she was so annoying after the first Child. ? Happy i finished the last 6 seasons. They should have done it without bones

  7. I cried my eyes out when Sweets and Vincent were killed I sobbed my heart. (I didn't realise I liked Vincent as much till he died).

  8. I hated this show. I thought 'bones' as she was called, was just too stupid to be brilliant. She was more like an unsocialized dog that could find the bad guy but still managed to work on everyone's nerves with her idiotic and completely unbelievable lack of social skills.
    Sealy was a rude prat who was mean to everyone except his alien wife. He had zero redeeming features.

  9. Have you read any of the original books? I have and the characters of Tempy are almost complete opposites. Their back stories are totally different to the extent that she's married to a cop and both her parents are still alive. Also she's not as strong a character in the books – almost a wimp by comparison. Still brilliant, but with definite character faults not shared with the TV Brennan.

  10. I own the whole series. Sweet's death broke my heart. Ive watched it over many times and still cant wrap my head around his death. The series finale was amazing. Thank you to an extremely talented ensemble for my many hours of happiness.

  11. I had a Bones marathon and while I enjoy the series I actually can't stand Brennan. Her personality is annoying.

  12. This show is pretty popular, and, yet, who is basically the main character, Brennan, seems to be so unpopular ?? I personally think she was a great character, and I liked her, but I must say I preferred her, and BB, more in the earlier seasons.

  13. I'm not surprised that the cast sued fox about missing royalties. They have quite a checkered past of doing this with other tv shows.

  14. The first 10 seconds were completely wrong.
    "A team.of forensic anthropologist…"
    Temperance was the only forensic anthropologist until Clark joined shortly after. And a few here an there.
    Hodgins, Angela, Cam, ect. are not forensic anthropologists

  15. If Bones had become a Christian and had brought Booth to Christ, that would have made the series worth the long run

  16. TV is littered with forensic based cop shows. In reality, the Innocence Project has freed over 365, including 20 who served time on death row.  All cop shows are just commercials.

  17. She(Bones) looks just like Winnie , Eggs's girlfriend in Boxtrolls ! I never liked Booth . how's he a excon ? Hodgins I liked he was cool . none of them were good looking but the technologies were good . ZZ Top

  18. David Boreanez, son Dave Thomas (Thomas, middle name used as on-air name), long-time , jack-of-all-on air-trades, WKBW CH.7, Buffalo N.Y., when I was a kid.

  19. I lost interest in Bones when Brennan gained all that weight & still tried to act like a little young thing. It wasn't believable or funny anymore.

  20. I reallly need to watch the end of season 12. I still have half the season left. And I don't want to finish it, because then it would be over. Right now I know that there's still something left.

  21. I aint ever cried at a show until i saw Vincent Nigel- Murray die in Booth's arms sayin please dont make me leave

  22. The shows main character is extremely Unbelievable even from a mystery show stand point and unlikable at that .they try to change her character based on what ever storey they try to tell that week with a vague lead off of character growth that actually comes off as her having severe bipolar disorder and and a side job that would not work out in her favor .(example) she fails to us common terms when talking to people or acting as a expert witness but I'm supposed to believe she has a best selling book fiction not scientific she can dumb it down to make some money but not to put a murderer in jail or spare someone feelings.the other characters have inconsistency's but are far more likable (minus some lame catch phrases) think Scooby doo with the nostalgia taken away and the fact its a cartoon form the Drug fueled adventure days. Full disclosure I have not finish the series but with any TV show a stagnant Lowell always appears not sure at this point how its been on as long as it was my Theory is people thought is was good and pass that info on to other and so on with a gap between the ones that liked the show and the ones they told to watch it then the new comers wanting to talk about the show talk to the person who told them who is over it by now remembers something they like about the show and give it a another try like ripples in a small pool starting in the middle and hitting the sides and back to the middle

  23. I hate Angela I wish she was kick off the show 1st season only likable thing about her is her repurposed hardcover lightwedge

  24. Bones is my favorite tv show. I’ve seen season 2-6 over dozens of times. That last detail was something I didn’t know and I enjoyed ? he sounds just like booth

  25. loved this show….. my fave character was booth, but also kudos to ralph waite, who played booth's granddad. thanks, ralph…RIP…and david, thanks and good luck with "seal team".

  26. I got to say the show is good but the woman the show is based on is a joke she literally doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground I guarantee you Kathy reichs slept her way into getting a show she knows nothing about forensic science if she did Casey Anthony will be in jail but instead this stupid b** says she couldn't tell what happened to little Caylee Anthony but yet she supposed to be all high and mighty I'm just hoping that one day something happens to one of her family members in the same fashion as what happened to little Caylee Anthony she helped a child killer go free

  27. The Finder was okay? But I just hate that they cancelled it with a cliffhanger. I wish they did bring the cast on Bones if only to tie up those loose ends. Even after his death. Perhaps they could have had him be the body Bones would have to see while Walter and Booth are looking for the gypsy girl.

  28. That show wouldn't fly nowadays. The moment Dr Brennan identified some decomposed body as a male, people would get all triggered.

  29. I loved this show! Until they changed directions. The writers went so wrong. When the fans really love the characters you don’t kill them off for convenience.

  30. Love this series!!! Cried my eyes out when Nigel died. OMG so sad. your my favorite…..don't make me go…..

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