Thirst man

Thirst man

(creaking noise as the parent bends over) Parent: My child, I must tell you the story of Thirst Man (cue intense music) Parent: He was very thirsty. He drunk all liquids, all rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. as well as the oceans and seas. Parent: But he still thirsted. Parent: He then drunk all the puddles. Parent: No liquid was left. Parent: He then drunk the people, and that is why we are hiding. (shock and horror style music plays) Thirst Man: I am here for your liquids. Thirst Man: Give them to me. Parent **nope.avi**: NO! Thirst Man: YES! Parent: Okay. (the ground above rumbles as The Thirst Man consumes the man and his child.) Thirst Man: GIVE ME YOUR LIQUIDS

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  1. .. thank god I have a water tank under my house…. thirst man: * goes and checks everything underground * me: rip

  2. You should make movie about it

    Movie:a guy called James saw the news that the end was coming to an end form a person killing and consuming people he has to survive and he meets a group of survivors in a dessert and told them that the legend tells that a person who destroys the thirst man will transport time and thirst man will be gone forever andjames will be known as a hero


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