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– My name is Monica Piper. I am a proud momma of two boys, 14-year-old son with autism, Shawn, and seven-year-old sweet boy Aiden. – [Announcer] Please
welcome Shawn Pipes Piper. – Every time he sings, literally, my heart is bursting with
pride, just bursting. There were three other moms on our street, and we all had babies
within the same time frame, and I think I started to notice around maybe nine, 10 months to a year, the other kids are
babbling or they’re talking or they’re making eye
contact and he wasn’t. He wasn’t doing any of those things. Do you want to do hi Shawny, I love you? – [Shawn] Hi Shawny, I love you! – How about, or do you
wanna do oops right now? I still can specifically remember the moment when I saw
autism for the first time. And it kind of shakes you, like could he have autism? Is this what’s going on? And then you get the formal diagnosis. Even when you suspect it, when it’s official it literally
just changes your world. And then it’s like, okay, is he gonna have any friends? Is he gonna be able to live on his own? Is he ever gonna be able to talk? He still wasn’t talking at that point. And I’ll never forget this, Jeff just grabbed my hand and he was like, whatever it takes. He’s like, we’ll just
do whatever it takes. It was hard, you know, it’s hard when you’re seeing
other kids doing things and your son is not able to do that and you’re working so hard on just trying to get
him to talk, you know. (strumming guitar)
– D flat. – How is this now?
– C. – If you sing anything, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, you could sing the alphabet, he would stop everything
and stare right at you. And we didn’t think about
is as a musical gift, we just thought oh,
that’s what soothes him. (drumming) (speaking in foreign language) (whooping encouragement) – They say that in autism perfect pitch is more prevalent among
kids who have autism, but to also be able to
perform like he does and just have that joy of
being on the stage: rare, so… (drumming) ♪ So you take a picture
of something you see ♪ – When Shawn was about
seven, Aiden was born. He loves his big brother. There is a true compassion
in him for Shawn. – I am seven years old, I have a brother with autism. He is 14 years old, and I have a fun and happy family. – You have to choose to
count your blessings, and I think also in the
field that I work in now, that I work with special needs kids, I see a big spectrum, and I see kids
higher-functioning than Shawn. I also see a lot of kids
much more severe than Shawn. Okay, which one is greater than? That’s fantastic, my friend. Good job, you’re working hard. (relaxed music) – He has Down’s syndrome, so we actually didn’t
know before he was born. It was actually pretty devastating, all of our expectations were changed. – What time? She’s done an amazing job with my son, but also with her son, and always kind of looked
at what’s she’s done with her son as an aspirational goal. – Whatever little I can do, I would love to find more
Shawn Pipers out there. Our kids can contribute cool stuff. (speaking in foreign language)
(rock music) Thanks to our dear friend, country star Billy Dawson, Shawn will be performing at a celebrity softball game tonight. It’ll be a fun event for all of us. – [Announcer] Please
welcome Shawn Pipes Piper. ♪ God bless America ♪ ♪ My home sweet home ♪ ♪ God bless America ♪ ♪ My home sweet home ♪ (crowd cheering) – I have a great kid. Yes, he has autism. He has a wonderful gift and we get to share that with the world. It’s not just singing a song, it means the world to me. I’m Monica and I’m a Scary Mommy.

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