This Turtle Hasn’t Had Lighting Since 1992 – 3 New Neglected Reptiles!

This Turtle Hasn’t Had Lighting Since 1992 – 3 New Neglected Reptiles!

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  1. Yo Alex, I saw this comment a little while ago and thought that I should bring it up again but they said "you should buy a reptile from BHB to rehome it and see if brian really checks with you before sending it to you"

  2. This is why reptiles aren't for everyone, they are complicated and need lots of special care. I love reptiles and learning about them but I know they aren't the pet for me. My parents got me a tinny iguana (4") when I was a kid. We took ok care of him had a good sized tank a basking rock, a heat lamp and I think fed him fine. But we had no business with an iguana…I mean if he got over a foot or two long we would have had to rehome him. Unfortunately he escaped and my cat got him…but maybe that was for the best. As an adult I would never get a pet I knew I couldn't care for probably.

  3. Is it possible to try to slowly correct the beardie's legs? Like, do physical therapy to gently straighten them for like 3 seconds at a time to see if you can get them to bend out straight again. Obviously, he'll never walk normally, but it might make him more comfortable if his legs were oriented more like a beardie's legs should be. I don't really know anything about MBD or beardies, but just from seeing you handle him, I wonder if it would be possible.

  4. My sister was born in 1992… she was born, went through school, got a career, got married, and had a kid and that whole time this turtle didn't have UV light.

  5. its astonishing how many people have reptiles and amphibians but have no idea how to care for them. the amount of people who ask me why i don't have a basking lamp for my ball python is sad. its not a corn snake. or when people get a bearded dragon and throw it in a tank full of calci-sand. its abuse but it is shrugged off because it is not a dog or a cat. my ball python is smarter than most peoples dogs; but most people just assume that its a snake so it must be a dumb noodle that eats rats occasionally. little do they know that that dumb noodle can tell time, i take her out every day at 6pm and she is out waiting on top of her hide at 5:55 on the dot.

  6. I love my baby so much and watching this video breaks my heart. Please do your research before buying a reptile. They are very delicate. ❤️❤️??

  7. As a beardie mom, leo mom, and lifetime turtle lover, this video honestly made me tear up. It’s so sad. I need to go hug my scale babies now

  8. I had five leopard geckos, until recently when one of the babies got mbd she refused to go under the uvb light wouldnt eat any food with vitamins dusted, and she was refusing to eat mostly anything, and a few days before she passed she wouldn't move, but the other gecko I bought with her has gotten better since I got them from the pet store

  9. Could we get a video about the sulawesi water skink offered on the site? I just found out about them and absolutely adore the look and the type of habitats they require. I would love a source of information from somewhere i trust

  10. I have a red eared slider turtle and thankfully I got him before anything serious but yeah my grandma got him for my little cousin (he has autism) and he was the one time cool pet and after a week the basically forgot about him and stopped feeding him,and dint have a lamp,basking area, or a filter so his tank was stanky. Everytime we went over I would tell them that the water needs filled and what temperature is supposed to be and all kind of things, but never took it seriously, so I kinda stole him, not really I told them I was talimg hom and I wasn't taking no for an answer, so I took him, had his tank already set up and so I set him in and omg he was the cutest, he couldn't really swim but he learned quickly. I started feeding him properly and grew super fast. He's now chilling in his new tank starring at me and having a great time doing yoga on his rock.

    (Sorry if this is super long and doesn't make sense at times I'm sick and tired but I hope you have a good day!)

  11. My mom introduces me to people like you introduce lucky. "This is Dez my weird daughter" lol lucky is my spirit animal ??

  12. I just did my final in a nutrition 121 class. Human nutrition has actually helped me understand these bone issues in reptiles more too because of the basic concepts. Idk just crazy that I learned so much and can apply it to random things like turtles

  13. Do you have any advice for getting my friend to start providing proper care to their bearded dragon? Most of the time all it gets are greens and no calcium or other vitamins. Bugs are rare anymore and you guessed it, not dusted with any supplements. I'm worried about the beardies because it doesn't look like it's growing. I've tried stressing the changes that need to be made but they have yet to be made.

  14. Would it be helpful or feasible to develop a wee physical therapy program for the beardie? If his muscles can be gently trained he might develop some limited use of them.

  15. I have also been neglected since 1992. We are the same age. ? She is still pretty though. Females have short nails males have long nails to hold onto the female to mate. I had a male Red eared slider turtle named him Stella when he was little and he responded to it so kept it the same. I miss him. Had to rehome him it was not my choice. I'd love to see an x-ray of her I hope she is okay.
    Okay can't really see the nails so second guessing myself. Oh well. Hope turt turt will be okay. ?I do know the difference just hard to see on a phone.
    Poor Beardie I wanna cry. ? that's so sad. I wonder if vets can splint the legs so he can end up using them some day. Please ask about that…. Beardie physical therapy too. Like moving his legs gently and what not. Ugh. I am so sad seeing him I've always wanted one.

  16. I love how you hold that turtle like he’s a chubby little hamburger. I guess that’s why they call them sliders!

    Imma need the deep tea on those people who mistreated these sweet babies

  17. god damnit seeing the geko walk really was it for me. i feel like whoever lets any animal get so sick that they can't even walk right needs to go to jail. i also if it were me would have put the last two down because they are gonna get older and idk if they would ever live any kind of life, but who knows, maybe i'm being over emo about this and they don't cate… reptiles, in general, are really instinctual.

  18. Could you please do a video about fire belly newts? I’ve had one for about a year as a rescue he was housed with bass fish in a tank super amazing boi good eater

  19. Neglect like this is caused purely by laziness. There are too many sources available now for someone to claim ignorance. This is willful ignorance and people who allow this to happen should be shamed publicly.

  20. Man, I really fell in love with Lucky. If I could, I would get him immediately! I hope the new owner will give him a wonderful life! 🙂

  21. I have a slider that prefers to stay in the water most of the time. She has a basking rock where I have the uvb and heat but she doesn't bask daily. How can I get her to bask more often?

  22. It's really great that you do these things. It's enough work keeping so many animals happy and healthy, let alone ones with special needs, but making and editing videos, too. I'd like to thank you not only for that, but for also adding captions! Auto generated captions are hot garbage, let's be real. I'm not sure if you do them yourself or if you have viewers help, but it's refreshing to see actual good captions!

  23. That's completely out of subject but don't you hate those new forced ads? The ones that r like "the video will start right after this ad" and the ad be like 20 secs….. Ugh wtf YouTube.??????

    Awesome video BTW, I'm happy their gonna have someone to take care of them now??❤️❤️

  24. Metabolic bone disease is horrendously painful, the bone structures are buggered and prone to fractures, stretching out the limbs won’t help as it’s the bone structure that’s causing the issues not the muscles, and to boot this could just add more fractures and more pain, every animal that’s come into our care diagnosed with this has sadly been pts (these are wild animals though) ?

  25. I came back to see if you're channel got any better; nope it still fricken sucks. I'm just waiting around for Brian at BHB's Vlog at 9.

  26. What if you put a tight band around the shell.
    Can a year of tension make its shell flatter again? Kinda like how braces push teeth around?

  27. I wonder if the beardie would be able to gain mobility if the person who has it moves its leg for it a few minutes a day for a while, like how you do to help people with atrophied muscles gain enough muscle mass to be able to start moving on their own.

  28. You’re very inspiring I’m 20 and have a passion for animals as well it’s awesome to see another dude my age use his specialty to help animals in need.

  29. This just breaks my heart and makes me so angry. I am so thankful that these creatures were finally able to be saved and protected by someone. Poor guys.

  30. Dude! Leopard geckos are crepuscular, they do need low uvb!! They are out dusk and Dawn but will sometimes bask, or stick their tail out to get their uv rays! Please acknowledge this x have a look at "leopard gecko" on YouTube she has loads of videos on this!

  31. I rescued a little leopard gecko girl from a 9 year old boy who lost interest (classic) she has MILD mbd and weighed only 14 grams when we picked her up. She now weights at least 30, looks so much more vibrant, and her joints are doing a lot better. it’s so sad, but it’s a very rewarding thing to see when you can turn an animals life around

  32. I was cleaning my leopard gecko cage while watching this (I like him to hear other voices, he doesn't often and It's helped him adjust to the random times people are around him) and when you said 'this Leopard has metobolic bone disease' mine walked straight off of a log and into a hide ?

  33. My two adult bearded dragons wont eat anything but bugs..I've literally tried every trick I found..also tried every green,veg and fruit,flower on the ok..list..even didn't feed them for 11 days..still refused. Help!! I'm worried about their health..

  34. We had a bearded dragon that had mbd and they gave her three months she lived for 11 years she was such a beautiful reptile it sad how it affects the

  35. Goddamn, there are some awful humans in the world. These poor animals! I wish that people wouldn't get animals that they can't take care of.

    I wonder if Lucky (bearded dragon) could have some kind of physical therapy to strengthen his legs like humans who've lost muscle mass due to illness or injury. Like people who've survived polio.

  36. I had a bearded dragon when I was in elementary school and seeing this beardie’s condition breaks my heart. I can’t believe someone would let this happen to a beautiful animal like this.

  37. Very blessed little dudes to get you to care for them! You are the BESTEST on the YouTube! Peace and blessings and nice job on the neglected buddies

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