tips and advice for when you have your PIP interview or assessment

tips and advice for when you have your PIP interview or assessment

please about my paper assessment because
I’ve had a couple now Jim I don’t bloody duckies anyway the point being loads of
times people I say well how did you go to there other now had loads of bad
advice about having a pipe interview from a talks and although Facebook
horror stories and all the stuff that fits the narrative of the person that’s
talking etc and also some genuine stories well but I like proof is in the
pudding so the interviews that I had the assessments I had never I mean look
these people want to do jobs yes they’ve got pressure to you know be
wary of cheats and scammers but there’s hardly barely any you know if they
looked out for tax dodgers from banks and they went to banks they would find a
lot more that’s a bit political but my point is if you are genuinely suffering
and if you genuinely need help with you’ve got a chronic condition MS in my
case or fibromyalgia or you’ve got chronic Willie on the head syndrome
whatever it is that you need that you’ve got you need help with then some tips
that you can do that really help you if you’re having an that kind of assessment
thing that you can also work into your into other life as well interviews job
interviews blardy blar you can say all right number one be honest you don’t
have to worry about game core out if you don’t do nothing wrong just be honest
but don’t be a SAP it’s like the police even though they try to ask you how
folks you here we go is a poor eighty well that’s just it uses the meat to go
in eighty even though you weren’t necessarily it’s about what they can
prove with the police in this unfortunate but that’s just a way you
got to be you want to be aware wary wily not worry but you know aware and but
there’s ways you can answer things that make a huge difference for me huge
difference right now you can see our walking I’m upwardly mobile at the
moment this is all the walking I can do today and you don’t know that because
you don’t see the video for the rest of the day so just using this as my example
of walking for example would be unacceptable because it is not
indicative over the day so if you answer the questions answer them as though
you’re having a bad day but say you’re having a bad day don’t make up like
you’re like this all the time because it ain’t true nothing but no one is like
the same all the time there’s fluctuations but be aware that the
person you’re speaking to is not experienced with conditions such as this
and maybe having a different focus on the questions and things like
that so be aware for example if they say for example and how is your walking
because they were on bad days be honest I can’t barely leave the sofa or cunning
makers of the corner shop without walking or I can maybe make up a few
doors to my my partner’s place if I’m using the move the support don’t say oh
it’s really bad sometimes oh like oh I can’t do it
same for working if you’re getting employment support or you’re going for
court employment support and they said well how does it affect your work and
this doesn’t know is really stressful I don’t like you I can’t do it I can’t be
there all day and stuff like that which is necessarily true however you’ve got
off point out to them that how it affects you because their point is to
follow to fill forms follow orders follow instructions you don’t have to be
clever to follow instructions just follow instructions a b c d e easy all
you need is the outfit same with people they may be caregivers they may be
nurses they may be have experience in the care environment but when they’re
doing an interview with you they’re being primarily form fillers and they’re
trying to explain how you can justify needing independence payment if you
don’t need independence payment you’re trying to cheat your way through your
fuck to make because they’ll catch you but if you genuinely have a need if you
are genuinely can diagnosed with a chronic condition like MS or
fibromyalgia or Alzheimer’s or ongoing the wrench or whatever it is that’s your
ting if you gen we got it then you got nothing to worry about just tell them
the things how it affects you and that brings me on to my most important thing
that I want to say that I started aids to go way back there blimey blimey look
these houses here look at it look at it over there Oh
Roger living there have people taking selfies with sticks and stuff knee
you’re out although there’s a little fire those up can you can you smell the
smoke smell it smell it yeah the number one most important thing that you can
remember right write down your symptoms and if you’ve
got optic neuritis you’ve got blind spots in your eyes write it down if you
got twitches in your eyes write it down if you got pins and needles in your
mouth write it down if you’ve got funny legs in the evenings guess what
write it down everything write down everything you don’t have to write down
everything that’s been affecting you now cuz it doesn’t happen thank the Lord
curved razor it doesn’t affect you all at the same time
well me anyway I could say blimey when I can walk I can barely think but when I
can walk and think I’ve lost something else or I’ve got ongoing weird
shenanigans like some of those lights going on now look now at this very
moment well back yes now at all time not all the time forever but just the past
few weeks how can walk brilliant I can think brilliant how can’t understand if
someone’s asking me a question or not and again to me into situations but
that’s all about me more about you right write down your symptoms all of them
take a few moments this stuff will affect you for the rest of your life the
very least you can do is spend a couple minutes right in now what ails you
coz you will be required to tell them how that affects you okay think of some
examples I’ll give you some and then this is a quite a wide-ranging thing
that people with chronic conditions have oh oh as I said to someone before clouds
with eggs right yeah write down your symptoms all of them all of them numb
legs dodgy balance vertigo pins-and-needles pains in the arm etc
honest things don’t affect you I was quite quiet considering the road and the
other cars whose out it must be a day huh you see what I did there
oh man I should work in cars or something yeah right and down so be
prepared to answer so many times how many times can you remember if you were
speaking of someone in the face-to-face meeting or something you forgot
something and it was and then after an hour should have told him that don’t do
that these people working are the busy
they’ve got loads of interviews to do you ain’t gonna get another one any time
soon by the time you do you’re forgotten again so write them down so you prepare
to answer number two if you have mobility AIDS or something that you use
to help you not just walking sticks and wheelchairs but things like reminders on
your phone for shopping lists or medication reminders an alert I got my
watch tells me when I’m gonna take medicines it’s brilliant as long as I’m
you know remember to take the meds are like oh that’s clever and then not take
it no but those kind of things shopping lists reminders extra romanzo on your
land clock or night light soothing smells that kind of thing if you got
anything that helps you get more from the day with what you’ve got then list
it get some if you haven’t got something get used to them if you’re a walking
stick use it if you use aids like kitchen stalls
mention it or use it and mention that you use it don’t be afraid to use some
stuff there’s loads of things that I used to tap all the time I’m just a
selfie stick right now as an example it’s kind of an age case but anyway you
get the point all right the point is number one number
two number three hope the things I said previously
hitherto for yeah writing things down write down your symptoms and use things
that are aid you and stuff like that and remember don’t volunteer information
that could hinder you like oh oh yeah I went for a walk across the Dales Oh him
for a marathon now I said I was really not too good now
don’t work because if you’re an American you don’t need it so you’re cheating so
fuck you but I’m saying for example if I like to go for a walk along the canal
for example which I do which is true which is honest but that wouldn’t really
work here for me if I’m saying I have trouble walking because when I can’t
walk hunt these are freaking out you and that’s why you don’t see me do more can
talk videos for long periods of time because I can’t walk so I said that to
me once how come you said you got trouble walking and I never see you when
you have trouble walking because I’m trouble walking I can’t walk bloody blue
some people that do you know someone sent me a message on YouTube sit be
careful big brother’s watching I was like you must be a fucking cheat then
because cheetahs think other people cheat I’ve got enough confidence in all
the videos I’ve done before about marriage symptoms and symptomatic and
stuff without always walking talk so I’m okay with it cuz it’s legit but the big
takeaway is don’t be say though though to walk over the couch that makes me
feel relaxed and stuff because you just dug yourself a hole and try to get stuff
out of it by digging deeper it doesn’t work so just like the police don’t
volunteer stuff that could incriminate you leave the pit if you’re in America
and in a court of law which you’re probably not now so we’ve got the thing
that we got on the forum what do I dare the whole list of 10 tips to help with
your interview your pip interview it’s on my MS video diary page go over there
and have a look at it because I’ve been talking for bloody ages and as I talk
it’s using more and more stuff and then I’ve got some speech to tell you about
something though is hoover’s hopefully I just went a subway which I will say in
lancaster subway has been the most consistently good takeaway at all them I
mean all of them era that had their moments banked almost KFC and piece of
shops and stuff event they’ve had their moments where they even being
consistently good you can’t rely on them to be good and professional and
brilliant well they would just were brilliant and professional and awesome
just now had a veggie 6-inch hearty Italian with all the shit on him and
well not shit because that would have been really
smelly six-inch veggie I’ve got free cheese oh but jalapenos have got pickles
I got letters I’ve got tomorrow oh god I’m on another one oh no I can’t can’t
work that part oh it was lush us and he goes do you
know how guess how much it cost there’s no because it costs more than one well
hey right less than three yes how much it was to
two pounds did you guess right it was bloody lush I
loved it and I kind of them all the time and stuff but veggie two pounds free
cheese sub six inch from Subway Lancaster just opposite KFC which is
pissed me off because they gave me a little piece of chicken like that in one
of my chicken meals and then Oh since then they’ve been dead to me just
like the chicken as they serve do you know what the bloke in subway even asked
me if I wanted him to change his gloves I was like oh what’s going on
and it turns out that he’s been uh withholding me in the gloves and I asked
for a vegetarian sandwich and he was he was whatsit compassionate to my needs if
I was a vegetarian now and that’s alright I said they were there delegate
law aren’t they I’m sorry if your veggie but my condolences

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  1. I had my PIP assessment today. It seemed to go well, but I was told it would be 6-8 weeks before I knew the final decision. Thanks for this video and good luck to you.

  2. I got PIP but not until a GP put a serious label on my problems. It all depends on you reporting every bad thing about your disability & them ticking every box necessary. It really is a case of having to be very negative about yourself. There's not much dignity in it.

  3. Hey I’m Cathy I’m 24 I have my assessment tomorrow, thankyou for doing this, I have anxiety/ depression/ boarderline personally disorder/ Neurofibromatosis/ scoliosis/ and dyspraxia, I hope it goes well and that I can explain myself enough as I find it hard to explain myself and Talk to people with my anxiety, I’m
    Really scared

  4. I was very lucky had a very nice caring nurse who understand my illness of neuropathy and I even sent a letter to atos saying how much I appreciated her.

  5. Thanks great video and advice. Wish I had seen it a few weeks as I thought the face to face assess was just really to confirm .. I'm not a big fat lying scumbag ;P. What about the 30 day challenge PIP application, which you lay out EVERYTHING. Ohhhh noooo. When you have had an illness for so long you change your life to work around everyday life….so what is normal to me, you just wouldn't think was an aid or even think of saying when asked……..PANIC STATIONS Really pleased I have assessment tomorrow and have no focus, recall and the memory of a newt. So thankfully my great communication skills of a tumbleweed after last orders will get me thru. booohoooo. Great advice tho and I will use it for my PIP tribunal. Takecare

  6. Enjoyed that stroll down the canal with you Andy,maybe you could do another video of the tech that you use in daily life and let folks know where they can get the same.

  7. Ok thanks Andy. I been on benfiints for 16years. Thay told me i need 24 hour suport but it never happend. You r wirte Thay need to see me on a bad day.

  8. Andy – Good advice but enough with the "Genuine Claimant" – we don't talk about "Genuine Taxpayers". Why, by default, do we have to justify being a benefit claimant especially if we're unfortunate enough to be disabled?
    Benefit fraud is approx 1% which is less than what DWP lose on admin mistakes. Don't buy into their drip, drip, benefit propaganda, please.

  9. The paralel between ESA and PIP is the most questionable thing you have your PIP interview get awarded then along comes the Esa assessment bang afterwards for the same illness for fucks sake how the hell is that cost effective two assessments for the same condition its just bollocks . Surely one assessment could cover both benefits right ? The strangest thing is then you find that the ESA has a different decision than PIP assessment HOW ? Why is there ESA and PIP its ridiculous it should be PIPEASA just one benefit . My problem is i find incredibly painful too walk but have waited six months to even see a triage consultant who says the MRI shows no arthritis and he does not know whats wrong with me doesnt stop it fucking hurting though .

  10. you are the ONLY one in this decade I've heard tell it how it is. straight out. maybe this is why for the last 7 yrs they've turned me down. with and without attys. you're a brilliant man for making strides with DISEASE. my doctors don't listen despite they are in agreement to the diagnosis. why don't they listen to what we are saying? they say it doesn't happen but everything you say happens. You sir are my breath of fresh air. I love you!!!!!!!!

  11. Had mine today, took all relevant information, medical reports (MRI scan results, occupational health nurse and physician reports)…couldnt disclose military stuff and the assessor got shirty, I said thats up to the MOD not me to supply them, basically the MOD refused to disclose them. No idea which way it will go but doubt I'll get it. Didntn like the fact that my form was filled in by Veterans UK, exasperated injury from MOD and more recently motorcycle accident (non fault). Not worked since July 2017 due to spinal issues (shown on MRI scan). ..4 weeks apparently..i dont hold my hopes up.

  12. Thank you I have learned a lot from this. the problem is people have spent most of their lives trying not to show the extent of their disability's all of a sudden they are asked to think about nothing say that no one is same all the time i would agree what bout the people that have more than one condition including pain also what about the people that have not been given a name for their condition. At the top of the form it states its about how your disability's/impairments affect your everyday life well something like that. then when you get the report back it says that their is no evidence. they don't say what evidence they need. even if you could get evidence they refuse to accept it. plus if you have a no name condition the tests show their is something going on but that person does not fit in a box I have been helping people with the PIP form these are the problems I have encountered there is a lot more I will stop here so you see its not as easy as all that. from my experiences I can honestly say that If they saw you walking like that it don't matter if for the next days to a week you are in agony weak and In pain you would not get the mobility part of the activities. I am not saying you should not walk I know that you will suffer for it and you need to keep mobile. they don't care. I will be using your method and see what happens thank you again. You did make me laugh

  13. Just a bog standard letter today, we now have all the information we need etc etc…. “we will write to you to let you know the outcome”..etc

  14. PIP Awarded! Money already in bank account! Im over the moon .Just waiting on the good ol Army now waiting on outcome of application for war disablement pension. Hoping cheque from 3rd party should be in bank this week as well from solicitor..looks like a good week, makes up for last week, speeding and a lovely NIP. still, life is too short, onwards and upwards!

  15. To be fair I think they have got the balance right now but at the beginning they were finding 1000s of people who had sat nicely at home on DLA for 20years who have either improved enough to have been working for the last 16 years or people that never should have received the money in the first solid diagnosis…no evidence on scans and tests trying to claim that a minor rear end bump 13 years ago causes them so much back pain they can’t lift their own head despite scans and x rays showing zilch so you can imagine assassin these people all day long left them sceptical of everyone ..unfortunately that meant that some truly deserving individuals where tilt they where capable of work ..then after lots of tribunals and appeals won they realised they needed to look closer at medical evidence and now the people who need support are getting it and the scroungers aren’t

  16. Well it is obvious. I have only one very tied working eye. As. I was born with a incurable myopia.

    It has taken me over 30 minutes to concentrate on what to type. Because of my vision difficulty.

  17. Another "symptom" of MS, is we are unable to lie! ? Because when you lie, you must remember the "story"! And with MS, it's fat chance! ?

  18. They turned my wife down and misrepresented what she said in the interview. When they tried to test her memory and asked her to repeat 3 things in the room a few minute later she said 4 things. No mention of this in the report. When asked did she know the time and date. She said "i can tell you its March as its near my birthday" the assessor said "That's close enough". Many other areas where i had to tell the assessor how she really is on a day to day bases are also omitted. My wife suffers from a rear condition that left her with lesions on the brain . This has caused her to suffer from frontal lobe damage leading to Dysexecutive syndrome. All her paperwork from her doctors support this but its like the DWP did not read any of this. I just wish that i had taken in the dubble tape recorded you are required to bring if you want to record the interview. Now we are going to have to appeal and that will take months

  19. You’re fudging hilarious. I totally agree it’s all about evidence and fluctuation with the condition. Good info bud.

  20. My experience was not to be honest…even though i have multiple conditions an dont like lying…they are also there to tick boxes for points for what aids an appliances you have..

  21. Another two tips… keep a diary for a week… a but like you said with writing all the symptoms down… so they get an overview of your day to day reality. A detailed diary. Also, they cannot dismiss you as a number… they have who you are, the individual, right there. Also…. this one is really important and many people do not know it… ring up after your assessment and get a copy of the report/transcript that has been written by your assessor (i think you have to wait a couple of days but don’t leave it too long as it is only available for … i can’t remember how long! That way if they lie about your assessment… well you have a form of evidence about the whole thing in your hand. It will help with any apPeal and give you an idea of their thinking. And yes get them to record it if you can – some of them refuse to be recorded though as the recordings have ended up online. You have to ask for the recording in advance.

  22. Hey Andy, fellow MSer here.. firstly I'm really glad you had a reasonably positive assessment for PIP and that they awarded you.. when I had my assessment I was in the middle of a relapse and couldn't walk, my anxiety was really high a long with a bunch of other symptoms that I live with daily (I'm absolutely fine with my symptoms, I'm a really positive person and just listen to my body) unfortunately my assessor lies in the assessment it was so heartbreaking to see.. I took it to tribunal and won last week!! I've been awarded standard rate mobility because I can't walk far most of the time (sometimes I'm really lucky and I can walk) what annoys me is that genuine people who are suffering have to go through such emotional and physical stress just to get the help they deserve and need.. its just mental! But anyway.. great video.. very useful providing they have an assessor who isn't going to lie lol.. take care

  23. I have decided to apply after suffering for the last 15 years with chronic back pain, I was hoping the medical evidence alone would have bagged it for me.
    Oh well wish me luck and ty for your vid.

  24. i have aspergers adhd anxiety transgender depression ocd dyspraxia dyslexia sensory processing disorder cannot cook clean i over wash myself i find it hard to do up buttons i dont go out alone i dont cope with change and i dont do well with busy places also i sleep mostly in day not night cause of not being able to sleep i get suacidal i cannot manage finances well and im alaways late to meet people xx

  25. What all the people involved in the decision making process should realise. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. They might have a job to do as they also need money to survive. But to live off other peoples misery is so wrong.

  26. Since watching your videos, I've been awarded enhanced rate PIP on both components.

    After all the misinformation on the assessors report, I'm surprised that I received anything.

    Despite having three incurable illnesses, the assessor stated that I'm due to attend councellng and that this will have help me to recover.

    Firstly, I've never mentioned any planned counselling, and more importantly, if talking to somebody could help with progressive illnesses that it would be a miracle.

    Apparently, I'm a short term award.

  27. There's the old biblical saying " be as cautious as the serpent , but as innocent as the dove ,now please try and work that one out !

  28. I had to fight for my PIP cause i talked to much in the assessment since I have three hidden disabilities one NF TWO EPILEPSY AND THREE A Metal illness I was refused it but I won until next year I will probably have to fight again

  29. Hi all I recently made a documentary documenting two people's progress through the PIP system. From what I've been told it helps people's understanding of the PIP so if anyone would like to take a look feel free to watch.

  30. don't know if i should try and claim for PiP.What are my chances of being approved?. i'm getting remitting relapsing ms like symptoms on and off for years. I get months where i struggle to work or can't work. I'm still currently in limbo with no diagnoses.
    What if i'm in remission with no symptoms at the Assessment

  31. Once PIP comes through the post to me am so scared about the assessment. My anxiety goes through the roof of things change or I need to go somewhere on my own. Even the shops I have left trolleys full of food because of this. Not only that I have
    Crohn’s disease
    Arthritis in shoulder , wrists , hips and ankles and spine
    I had a accident years ago were I fractured my skull and every medical I have had needed a proper doctor to asses me but they never have one to asses me. So I end up having a panic attack and sent somewhere else to have the medical done. I had a carer but they left to look for full time work. They won’t give me a f2f at home. Am so worried can’t stop over thinking about it it’s stressing me out

  32. Well that’s rubbish my wife got pip for three years, second time around, nothing changed well she got a little worse really, and they came back she wasent awarded so explain that one ?? Phoned them up, they said if there’s anything els you could give us that we haven’t got send it in, & she won pip for a year lol WHAT IS THAT ABOUT, how can they award her then take it away ???

  33. Assment due in a week i keep hearing horror stories of weird unrelated qustions that have nothing to do with ones ilness like can you hold a pencil or can you count down from 10 whats the oddest question you have been asked?. how does one prepare for this. Im 31 and need a hip re preplacement that in in its self should be a good indcatior im not well. Its a fucking joke speicaly when we said we would give permision to share our information so they can ring the gp and just i duno cheak for them selves. To be honest its just as bad when i walk in the gp new doctor every time and i have to keep explaing why i need the meds im on. Like can u not just cheak your notes. Rant over . P.s i get why the torries are doing this but the need to listen to the public more and they dont here us. We have no voise. I worked right up untill i no longer could august last year standing for more than 4 hours was agony and geting to buses ffked me up. Too much. For now i wana get back to work but i need the help just for now. I hope they take that sutuation into acount al tho i probably shouldnt mention work at all even tho its apparently a working benift it would probably go against me

  34. I went in to interview and shit myself straight away without anything being said then I run into the far corner of the room and knocked two out one after the other got letter yesterday saying I'm getting fuck all not a fuckin carrot!!!!!

  35. The best advice for any assessment or claim process for ESA/PIP is get advice from an advice centre. Get them to do the ESA/UC 50 or PIP2 form for you. They know what criteria you are trying to meet. IT ISN'T as simple as just saying it like it is,- its about describing how your health issues affect you and how that means you fit the criteria (which is highly specific). And DO NOT GO ALONE

  36. Wow this man is so comical there should put him on the national health service too cheer People up as he's so funny. He's made me laugh. Good luck too everyone who's applying for pip. Seems a very stressful benifit too get. Love too everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. but anyone with mental health, goes in that dont know what to say, end up losing. then it's a fight. so i understand but a lot of people do happen.

  38. Loved your video It's the 1st one I've seen on your channel. It is very helpful and informative! Thank you, Hope your day was great! ?

  39. Andy, believe me I was 100% honest in my interview…its the only way to you do get found out if you lie so whats the point of digging yourself a hole! Well on my interview..I had to take my time with a wheeled mobility aid to get into the interviewers room. On a good few occaisons she commented..she was trying to rush things as she observed I was in alot of pain..and I genuinely was. It took ages for me to get from the waiting room to the chair at her desk..but she was patient. But nearer the end of the interview she asked that question "so do you think you can walk 20mtrs in one go. I td her My head is in pounds shillings and pence..I dont know more ft and yards! She typed away..then asked again.."well the length of the hallway here" and pointed to where I entered.
    I told her I didnt know as I hadnt walked it and each day is different. Yes she agreed and said yes i know and I can see you are in pain..but do you THINK i could walk it?..I was trying to calculate if I could or not…then she asked and rushed me twice more…so I felt rushed and said.."I Think I could..BUT I would have to use my walker and in my own time. She then thanked me! Now I didnt realise by saying YES..IVE lost my car.
    I got 10points from 12! I refuted it immediately…when I finally got my letter saying im no longer high rate. But standard. On DLA..and in assesments i was ALWAYS awarded higher rate "Indefinate" tge letter says by 2022 my condition will be better! HOW DARE THEY I have proof from surgeons etc my condition will never get better..they have that proof! So how can a nurse who was my interviewer make this decision.?
    Ive appealed..theyre not changing…my gp has writren letters saying i shouldntve gone as my mental state is very fragile. They ignored that.
    Im now waiting for my Tribunal date..they have until April 22nd to give me this. My car goes back APRIL 19th…Since meds have increased I feel so ill….and suicidal. As my car is the ONLY independance I have…I have constant hospital appointments..i have 3 this month..and 2 more surgeries next month. Can you see my point? Even my MP has written letters. BUT IM SO SCARED..of the tribunal. I have social phobia..I cannot go into details but I get paranoid if someone is behind me I dont know..i cannot take public transport. And on anti anxiety tablets. How am I going to get to the Tribunal Alone… I wont know how to deal wirh this but end up crying non stop infront of them. CAB also heavily advised me that at Tribunals..they can even take points AWAY…so even though I have 10 I may walk out with 4…6…8 … which I find appalling!

  40. My wife had gone through a pip interview and didn’t get it once we received the transcript of her interview for the tribunal the interviewer for ALL the questions even the ones regarding her mental health she wrote. ‘Can move right arm okay’ for EVERY question and how that passed the appeal I’ll never know. She received 0 points when she went to tribunal and received 8. We applied again and with the second interview we had a better interviewer but she didn’t receive pip. We decided to go for advice to citizens advice bureau who were amazing and asked her questions about her daily activities that she never thought of as relevant and recommended speaking to her GP and getting records from the several specialists she was seeing. So the appeal was denied and she had someone help represent her at the tribunal. My wife has severe nerve damage she is constant pain which causes insomnia, she can barely walk even short distances this has effected her mental health as she was very active, she can’t sit in an office chair without having severe back pains it’s gotten so bad she has a seat in the shower and also has problems keeping warm. This isn’t all of her issues as I don’t want to put anything too embarrassing on here. Now before my wife’s tribunal I looked up on the CAB website about tribunals and that they are not out to get you and trip you up. Firstly that’s bullshirt every question was like a ‘gotcha’ question. Can you make toast? Yes. Gotcha. There are things in your appeal that you didn’t put down in your original application, why is that? I had professional help with the appeal and the original application I wrote myself the stuff in appeal I didn’t know was relevant. Gotcha. Why did you buy a chair for the shower? Why not get one through the NHS? Because of my anxiety I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to leave the house due to pain. Gotcha. You originally saw a neurologist about your problems x amount of years ago why haven’t you seen one more recently? My GP never sent me to one (I didn’t know you were supposed to dictate to doctors how to treat your health). Gotcha. Why did you reapply for Pip so quickly after your last tribunal? When I contacted dwp for a form they never said I had to wait a certain amount of time before applying again or that I couldn’t apply again straight away. Gotcha. My wife did not win the appeal and came home in floods of tears as she felt the tone of the questions were very accusatory obviously these aren’t all the questions but the ones that seemed so ridiculous as to be asked like gotcha questions when they were so easily explained. The worst of it is my wife previously had pip and in the years since her health has deteriorated and has doctors backing her claims yet they now no longer see her eligible for it. It feels like dwp don’t want anyone eligible for pip even those who truly deserve it.

  41. They lie mate. Being honest doesn’t work. I was bed ridden. They said I could walk. Lies lies and stress.

  42. I applied for the esa twice and was told twice by dwp and the tribunal service tht I didnt meet the criteria, I can only walk a few meters at the most from arthritis in both knees have uncers, depression but to name a few probs. On the 3rd attempt I had a lovely lady do the assessment and past it first time. Now I have to go through the whole thing again for PIP. WHY can't they be linked??

  43. If I write down all symptoms and medicine side effects can I keep paper with me during assessment I mostly forgets things

  44. I admire your honesty about your bad days with cognitive and physical abilities. I have FM and not being able to articulate yourself is hell, trying to explain that fatigue isn't just about being tired, it's about a different type of pain, on top of the constant pain that changes in location and intensity every day. Btw, have you thought about writing material for the Edinburgh fringe? I think you would be great.

  45. I can only wish to walk like you even on a good day, but hey I have ME but that means nought MS is the big cheese. We suffer in silence without the support we need.

  46. I'm the same I was hit by a freight train at 70mph broke every single bone in my body was actually expected to die broke my neck in 3 places most of the bones in my legs had turned to dust due to being hit so hard a still got a personal assessment they actually said if i had put it on the form that i had been hit by a train they said I probably shouldn't have had to go through a personal assessment plus most of the musles had been ripped off my legs I'm constantly in a lot of pain my kneecaps had completely fractured/ turned to dust my legs fused so I'm unable to bend my legs and because of that the musles that I do have left have wasted away because I'm unable to bend or use my legs you just have to look at my legs a lot of people are horrified at the state of them most of the musles were ripped clean off my legs every time I have to get my DLA renewed I go into complete panic I've never been any good at filling in forms every question is designed to catch you out most questions are the exact same but worded differently to try to catch you out my condition is never going to get better if anything my legs are dettereaiting even worse because I'm unable to use my legs

  47. I have been PERMANENTLY Damaged, by Long Term Polly Drugging of Benzodiazepines, after a near Fatal Motor Bike Smash. (Brain Injury). I had PTSD soon after, which made me Throw things about, Scream & Shout & become depressed. Talking Therapy, would have sorted this. Not over 45,000 Drugs, inc. Anti Depressants, Lithiums & Neuroleptics in da BUTT. For over 25 years. Putting me in to Psychiatric Hospitals, all over the country. I was awarded Full Entitlements, for life & Now, have to try to get this New PIP Claim Pack sorted. Talk about Stress. My Drs told me "You cannot touch us" They have THROWN my Papers Down on their Desks & said "We are NOT signing any of these ". A Manufactured Disease, the Medics gave me & No assistance whatsoever. It's like Living in a Constant Torture Chamber. How am I & anyone else, ever going to be able to continue paying for help, if this all stops ? It's just as much INSANE, as my Damages are. I have attempted suicide, lay down in roads, shouted & screamed everywhere, in absolute distress States over the years etc. Every day, is a Massive Challenge, whether I can get up, or not. How I am going to be able to cope, with Myriads of Constant Mental, Physical, Emotional Issues / Collapses etc. This is damage, so bad, that nothing helps, as you cannot treat drug damage, with more drugs. They are DESIGNED to 'DISABLE' The Brain. Are Highly Toxic & Mind Numbing, Bending & Altering substances. I am UNABLE & DISABLED, seriously enough, to be granted Compensation. But Oh NO. Big Pharma, have seen to this. I have tried everything, with help, to get help & there is NOTHING. I remain Very weak, Listless, Stumble & Fall. Have Neurological, Psychological, Bio Chemical & Autonomic Central Nervous System Injuries. etc etc. Permanent Synaptic Damage. We live our lives THROUGH the Nervous Systems. It's Hell on Earth. You cannot even begin to IMAGINE, if you have not taken & come off these Highly Damaging Drugs. 6 Cold Turkeys & was left for dead. No body came. 7 Years in bed, trying to deal with massive Withdrawals & everything went AWRY. trying to walk & even doing the most simplest of Tasks, is like being in another Hell. The Mind & Body, does not always COMPLY. The Networks are beggered up. No one is getting any of this. It's OUT THERE on Face Book Supports. Only THOSE who are going through this 'get it'. It's getting on my PIP. Enough, is ENOUGH. Cannot even Taste, Nor Smell. Have this Terrible Phantom Burning Sensation 24/7. Which Relates to Brain Damages. REALLY (YES). Please Re Instate Me. Thank You.

  48. Good on you mate videos are great to remind ourselves we do have good days as it's so easy to forget when we are having a bad day

  49. I was honest in my assessment . But then again I was drugged up that day. Cause I was nervous as fuck. Just hope I haven't screwed up.

  50. I have just read the top 4 comments and I agree with them 100%, Next week my pip acesssement so I will use my life experience dealing with plod, past experience, and ATOS who I took to appeal and corrected their bollox and like the comments previously their out and out lies, these people write while you answer the question not even looking at you, which in my case 2 strokes means you ain’t trying to get me.So as for me angry anxious agitated is normal so stupid have to be told or wait for the answer on paper. I getting wired so cheer mate really wanted to hear more from minute the accessment started and so on.All the best pal….

  51. The person who interviewed my friend lied and twisted the answers she was told ? my friend has Fibromyalgia,Mental Health and Epilepsy and has had to go through mandatory reconsideration and tribunal to get her award.  DWP  has allowed Capita to use a 6 year old doctors report

  52. This has cheered me up no end about my assessment I'm terrified about it but this made me smile

  53. Accessment Cancelled yesterday,, last time same thing but on the same day of accessment, same company but D.L.A. Biting my tongue to say the least will update you after they decide what’s what!?!….

  54. I am about to face a PIP face to face assessment and have been horrified by some of the stories I have witnessed on YouTube. However, this video cheered me up a bit because this is a funny fella and he makes some good points.

  55. Andy/ literally just come out of accessment, can’t comment until get 5 or 6 week notification if you get my drift. Keep it real ?lol

  56. Is burning legs a symptom of ms . I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago but my symptoms have got worse and never had a Mri

  57. I have my pip intervew tomorrow and am so worried about it. I have Fibromyalgia, plus other things wrong. Thank you Andy for your tips and advice.

  58. I was awarded pip standard rate, I have a degenerative bone disease, the girl who interviewed me was really nice. I took your advice and I was honest with her and didn’t exaggerate anything because like you said they will catch you out. Great video matey ?

  59. A few weeks ago, I got a letter saying that DLA is ending at the end of August
    I've not got a problem with the PIP2 form or as my mum calls it (the bible)
    I'm partially sighted, and epileptic, and my medical file is thick as fuck! Yours probably will be too! lol
    It's thick for a reason
    People like you & me shouldn't need to attend these fucking interviews!

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