Too Much Information: Talking Heads – Kerry’s Story

Too Much Information: Talking Heads – Kerry’s Story

yeah I’ve had today issued with the public obviously at work sometimes when people
use take could I take things literally and who would do talk laugh because of
because of what happened my overlying damn I’m out down is obviously when it was very busy
Christmas and there was a massive queue at the checkout and what happened was
everyone could always load the music got really overloaded and I’ll see all the
banging of the trolleys and i just i just really I freaked out and obviously
what numbers of obviously I just left left the bartenders run at the
supermarket like anything because of sources sound noise is banging children
screaming and honesty love the smell of the food like the fair share and a just
and the cheese it just cause me and actually overload what the could do it will be more helpful is if
they saw just and away from me and I’m it don’t touch me and also why do I put
my headphones in and it is better but I just don’t like to be stared at it it
doesn’t help me at all

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  1. I recognise Kerry from this year's AutismCon (she gave a presentation on working in a shoe shop part time) and as part of my autism I can relate to her to some extent, especially anxiety over screaming children but maybe I may come across an autistic child screaming due to a meltdown and try and be more understanding to him or her.

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