Treating Infant Colic by Changing Mom’s Diet

Treating Infant Colic by Changing Mom’s Diet

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  1. So informative and humane. I was a child with chronic colic until about 5 years old. And I used to rationalize well after my 30's that I had to have a different gut than those people who had bowel movements on a daily basis…

  2. Thanks I had a baby with colic, who later in life had repeated ear infections. I could not understand how my drinking milk was affecting my son, until after he was weened and in order to help his ear infections I took him off milk. No more infections. 2 plus 2 always makes 4.

  3. Start of this video reminds my of what my parents told me about by birth. I was born through c-section, and the doctor cut into my skin on my thigh while performing it. So I had to get stitches just after I was born. My parents asked if he wasn't going to give me anesthetics. He said I was going to cry anyways and didn't give me any.
    My parents said they should have insisted on local anesthesia, but they didn't. I understand that it can be hard to speak up against a supposed authority figure though if you're not used to it.
    I was shocked to hear this when my parents told me, but now I realize I didn't have it that bad, at least it was just a cut and some stitches, not an invasive surgery.
    Only reason this ever came up again in the first place was probably because I still have a scar on my thigh from it. It was more visibly when I was a child, now you'd probably not take notice unless you know it's there.
    That was in Germany by the way, early 1990s.

  4. why couldn't you have done this video this time last year!? my daughter had horrible colic (i just can't remember if I was drinking dairy back than or much of it, sadly). I wish I had of known

  5. Jesus, this is disturbing. The fact that adults think it's ok to routinely torture humans and animals just because they have no voice is really sad.

  6. i had so much of tommy problems as a baby and tru out my childhood and tru 20ties, than in my 30ties i got MS. Peapole should learn about sucha simple things in scule if nowere else =(

  7. I started my education in nutrition in the 90's, before internet-based mass-misinformation, and still, I cannot wrap my head around why we still give children cow's milk.

  8. Yes!!! Stop giving little babies dairy poison! Thanks doc for another superb video 🙂 You're my hero, just right behind myself 🙂

  9. Please do a video on endometriosis. I'm a gluten free vegan and I exercise frequently but for some reason my endometriosis pain is agonising at current. I take a selenium supplement to help reduce pain but it's not working. Would really appreciate the help!

  10. Thanks, Dr. Greger! You're awesome
    Nevertheless, we're a vegan couple and our baby suffered from colics for about 4 and a half months! No cow's milk at home, except for an occasional dark chocolate that may have some bits of milk in it, every now and then.
    I guess we'd have given our kid some herbal tea if we knew back then.

  11. I've been vegan while pregnancy and stayed the same after childbirth, meaning no consumption of milk or milk products. Meanwhile my baby had so called colic for two months (breast feedeed only). Almost non stop criying while being awake. I've changed to vegan thanks to Dr Greger's work, but realy think that colic, and it is a more common idea today, has nothing to do with mother's diet and milk consumption in particular. As soon as my baby aged two months, she was just like switched off. Now I more likely to belive that so called colic has more to do with baby's discomfort of being in another stage, which is hugely differes from the state baby has been for 9 months.

  12. Babies… surgery without anesthesia… routinely… this is maybe the most horrific thing I have ever heard of, and that says something. I was actually close to vomiting and passing out a few minutes ago, my ears are still ringing.

  13. Natures way of telling us that we're not supposed to be consuming cows milk. Human beings are so catastrophically stupid. It just makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry sometimes.

  14. That makes sense. I had colic as an infant and also dealt with stomach cramping and digestive issues throughout my life that only went away after I went vegan.

  15. I am a breastfeeding mom of a year old boy who had colic when was just 3 weeks old and I used babies magic tea for both of us. It soothed my colicky baby within no time.

  16. Wish I saw this years ago! I breast fed, but had to supplement in the hospital with formula. My daughter was in so much pain.

  17. This is so true! I was a very colicky baby and sure enough later in life have had issues with dairy. My son, was a little bit colicky until I went vegan (he was breastfed) and he has not had problems or spilled at all (from 1mth up until now 19mths). I think a lot of people think of is normal for babies to spill all the time but I disagree. I love your videos, they are so informative 🙂

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  19. Babies magic tea is best for colic and reflux in newborns. Breastfeeding moms can drink this tea to pass it through their breast milk and also babies can get it directly.

  20. For newborns with colic symptoms, babies magic tea is a charm. I have used this for my colicky baby and got him soothed instantly.

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  22. Wait…hold on! IF NOBODY KNOWS WHAT COLIC IS…THEN HOW CAN YOU TREAT IT (never mind how you can call it a "diagnosis")? "Colic," is one of the many coded words that the medical profession uses for: "I don't know what's wrong".

    Of course cow's milk causes trouble in human babies because cow's milk is for cows! But if dairy is the culpret, then why would a VEGAN mother breastfeeding her child suffer a colicky baby? I love the way we are offered a KINDA/SORTA range of possible causes with ZERO bona fide cures. Here in this video we have Dr. So-and-So disputing the findings of the 12 doctors in videos before him.

    My baby has been frantically screaming and flailing for what feels like its whole life. Then, all this doctor has to offer is little more than attitude towards his profession. Honestly, who are these people?

    This is a common Youtube phenomenon (especially when products are being sold) whereby concerned parents are subjected to all kinds of conflicting information.

    Bravo Bravo!!! , Dr. Paranoia!!! APPLAUD! APPLAUD! Now excuse me while I go tend to my screaming child!

  23. I know you're trying to make a point about the pitfalls of the medical community, but it was very hard for me to watch the rest of this video knowing that as late as a decade before I was born, people were operating on babies while fully conscious

  24. When I had my two babies I didn't drink milk but consumed dairy cream and a lot of cheese. 🙁 I was addicted to cheese. They often had earache. Thank God I'm a vegan now and my children will have less problems when they will have theirs.

  25. THIS. Made my blood boil. Simethicone never worked for us! Yet, everyone was prescribing, insisting and recommending it. Oh, those sleepless days and nights. And the stuff was researched decades ago! Noone told this to nurses, doctors. Of course, big pharma and dairy is one industry misleading and confusing everyone. Sick bastards.

  26. wow, thank you for the insight. I have been making dietary changes to prevent colic, please check out my channel if you are interested, check it out! thank you.

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