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  1. The most scary about is to the third world countries that have very poor health care. If you infected there is no chance for you to survive in this part of the world. Plus this is 21 century and people's travels world world. and we all breath the same air. Also this virus is spreading from human to human that the most scary part.

  2. CDC confirms 5th case of new coronavirus in U.S.
    The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the United States has risen to five, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday.

    Jan. 26, 2020, 8:08 AM EST / Updated Jan. 26, 2020, 3:55 PM EST
    By Erika Edwards

    NC Democrat says Trump is cutting the CDC budget by 80 percent
    Richardson, a three-term representative from Louisburg, is the Democratic whip in the state House.

    "The president is cutting the CDC budget by 80%. Is this recklessness or deliberate action against preventive healthcare?" Richardson tweeted on Feb. 3. She has about 1,000 followers.

    February 16, 2018

  3. The numbers approx. double every 3 days ( infections and deaths ) Go do the maths on that in 30 and 60 days. Or simply multiply infections total by 1.25 per day for an average infection spread day on day compounding growth estimate and mortality rate locked at 2%.

  4. Yet this new organization doesn’t want to report the whistle blower that was unfairly persecuted , that could have prevented this whole thing, just died from the corona virus he tried to notify the public about

    Maybe it’s a lesson to not attack, jail , and persecute whistle blowers that have nothing to gain and everything to loose that tell their truths to protect the public

    Does Fox News hear the similarities

  5. at least the japanese government has passed a law that anyone who has contacted the Coronavirus they Dont have to pay the medical bill.China Needs to stop being Secretive and let freedom of speech Begin

  6. Well how about our border with Mexico and Canada what does porous is it can get yet we're still building the wall. These people are flying into Mexico from all over the world to get into this country through our border…

  7. エイズの治療薬が改善されるという結果が出ているのなら、エイズ治療薬をどっさり

  8. You are not protected by how good your health insurance is, you are protected by how good the health insurance is of the guy that just coughed on you.

  9. Those 5 million people who were able to get out of Wuhan before the lockdown is what’s really worrying, they could be anywhere in the world spreading the virus silently since it can be transmitted in the asymptomatic phase of the infection. A reliable treatment regimen is imperative and a vaccine for long term prevention, but as of now containment and supportive treatment for the infected are the best thing to do now, all we can do is wait.

  10. We are not ahead of it, it’s just not here yet. Lol president wants America on the front edge but cuts benefits for the needy, cuts access to female healthcare and cuts and cuts and cuts and expects the country to be on the front edge. You can’t have it both ways.

  11. 🚨⚡💅💅🔰💅💅⚡🚨🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝🌾ham

  12. Fox is a joke. I won’t be surprised if they report that the Corona virus came from Mexico hahahah. FOX is the best channel to spread propaganda.

  13. I wouldn’t worry. Trump said it will go with the change of temp. Trump is also a doctor don’t you know (our president is full of sh$&t)

  14. they need to spray the whole state of california……….AND missouri (yes i think there are a lot of unreported cases there)

  15. Because of how corrupt & moronic Trump is, between either being unjustly fired or in most cases people resigning and quitting their positions, the US government is so understaffed and has more vacancies at the highest levels you have the only people still willing to be, quote, "loyal" to this president stuck occupying multiple positions at the same time.
    Like this schmuck, he has what, 3 different unrelated titles?
    What could potentially be a global pandemic of enormous proportions, we're stuck with the incompetence that is the Trump administration to help lead the way in fighting & ultimately overcoming this virus? God help us!

  16. WHO knew dumping billions of pounds of persistent pesticides, pollutants & plastics for profit on Mother Earth would have consequences?

  17. Well look, if it isn't secret Commie Lou Dobbs and his Communist propaganda channel. All the GOP Communist Trump party promoting more Communist tactics on their viewers for their precious dear leader, Kim Jong Trump, the American Communist dictator. They trash Communists, and yet they act like Communists. They use Commie style methods of misinformation and partisan political scare tactics to keep you loyal only to Kim Jong Trump and State Run media FOX. Lou Dobbs is the the worst. He is so anti American that he poses as a patriot, but really is a fascist or Communist prick. Now keep punishing all those patriots and Americans who speak out against Trump's corrupted administration regime like a brutal communist supporter does for his favorite dictator. North Korea and China would be happy to have you as their target audience

  18. Trump wanted to cover up the FLU that killed much more American ….No New Virus is mire deadly than the FLU. More New Medication is good for the Economy.

  19. They've been cutting funding to the CDC for years.And ABC news says The University of Omaha in Nebraska has 10 of these Containment rooms.. are you kidding me. 10 rooms? Well at least we'll have a hundred billion dollar space force With Lockheed Martin.👍👍 Poor Greedy Incompetent leadership..🖕🖕🖕

  20. ⚠️Warning ⚠️ It’s air born no joke…… If someone sneezes as the wind blows and there snot or mist catches the air it can travel for as far as it can till attaching to the next host!

  21. US government should stop spreading virus worldwide and respect the human rights of its people. American deserve a better government besides these two shitty parties.

  22. China should reimburse all the expenses each paid to fight corona virus because the virus was manufactured in their biological weapon lab.
    United Nation should be firm on tbis since this will be a deterrent for other countries doing research on biological warfare.

  23. That's great and all, but the healthcare workers are NOT getting the memo. Smaller hospitals have no way to isolate one patient, let alone a dozen. If you call ahead and the small clinic can't take you, they don't know where to send you. Triage nurses aren't wearing masks and gloves, even when they're obviously dealing with a contagion. Contagious patients are left in the waiting room with vulnerable, sick people.

    Even worse is their mentality. They're told that there's no way the virus could be here and they 100% internalize that 'truth.' Doesn't even question them to question that assessment.

  24. Funny how we can come up with a cure for a very deadly disease like coronavirus in less than 1 year. Yet we can't cure cancer, the common cold or flue. Makes you wonder???

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