Twilight Syndrome – Investigation (English), 29: FINALE

Twilight Syndrome – Investigation (English), 29: FINALE

YUKARI: (Where… am I?) YUKARI: (For how long have I been walking like this now, I wonder…?) YUKARI: (It’s so warm here…) YUKARI: (Chisato… Mika…) YUKARI: (I think I’m about to fall asleep…) YUKARI: (This scenery… It feels so… nostalgic.) YUKARI: (I’m pretty sure this slope leads to…) YUKARI: (Hinashiro High School.) YUKARI: (I know this place… I went through this gate so many times…) YUKARI: (Another school? But I’ve never seen this one…) YUKARI: (Still, it feels kind of nostalgic, too…) YUKARI: (Is there someone else here?) YUKARI: (Maybe over there?) YUKARI: (This girl… Don’t I know her from somewhere…?) YUKARI: (I’ve seen this picture before…) YUKARI: (Maybe I know this girl?) YUKARI: “What… are you drawing?” YUKARI: “Ah, a flower… Do you like flowers?” GIRL: “Yes.” YUKARI: “I really liked them too when I was small…” YUKARI: “This picture… That’s Mr. Cook, right?” GIRL: “Yes.” YUKARI: “You know what? I’m lost.” YUKARI: “I even got separated from my friends.” YUKARI: “Getting lost despite my age… Kind of bizarre, huh?” YUKARI: “Ah, wait!” YUKARI: (She’s gone… I was sure she went in here…) YUKARI: (Wait. I… know this place.) YUKARI: (We’d often sneak into school at night through here…) YUKARI: (We’d use the keys to open this door and…) YUKARI: (The keys… I always got them from Kazuya…) KITAMURA: “I wanted to give this back to you for now.” (YUKARI: This handkerchief… It’s the one I gave him…)

YUKARI: “Huh…? That’s a bit sudden… But why?” (YUKARI: This handkerchief… It’s the one I gave him…)
ー KITAMURA: “What we’re doing is just… too risky, after all…” (YUKARI: What… Why…?)
ー (YUKARI: What… Why…?)

YUKARI: “Risky?” (YUKARI: What… Why…?)

YUKARI: “That incident with Okuno and
Fujita… Is that still nagging at you?” (YUKARI: What… Why…?)
ー KITAMURA: “That’s on my mind, too, yeah, but…” KITAMURA: “I keep thinking… A teacher – well, a trainee teacher, anyway – having a relationship with a student… It’s just…” (YUKARI: Why… Why bring this up now?)
ー (YUKARI: Why… Why bring this up now?)

YUKARI: “You make it sound like it’s all your doing.
You do know I want this, too, right?” (YUKARI: Why… Why bring this up now?)

YUKARI: “We’re not Okuno and Fujita.
We are ourselves.” (YUKARI: Why… Why bring this up now?)

YUKARI: “Stop worrying already.” (YUKARI: Why… Why bring this up now?)
ー KITAMURA: “It must be nice, being so carefree…” KITAMURA: “But it’s not as easy as that for me…” (YUKARI: It’s not that easy for me, either…)
ー (YUKARI: It’s not that easy for me, either…)

YUKARI: “…What’s going on with you?
You’ve been weird like this all the time, lately.” (YUKARI: It’s not that easy for me, either…)

YUKARI: “Are you avoiding me?” (YUKARI: It’s not that easy for me, either…)
ー YUKARI: “Talk to me…” (YUKARI: This isn’t what I really wanted to say…)

YUKARI: “This is so lame… If you’ve grown tired of me,
just say it straight to my face.” (YUKARI: This isn’t what I really wanted to say…)

YUKARI: “I’ll even be so nice as to let you have
a clean break-up with no drama.” (YUKARI: This isn’t what I really wanted to say…)
ー KITAMURA: “…What’s that supposed to mean?” (YUKARI: No, I wouldn’t actually want that…)

YUKARI: “It means what it means.
Nothing more than exactly what I just said.” (YUKARI: No, I wouldn’t actually want that…)
ー KITAMURA: “…So, to you I’m nothing more than a person you can have a ‘clean break-up’ with whenever you wish?” (YUKARI: No…)

YUKARI: “You’re too serious.” (YUKARI: No…)

YUKARI: “That’s how relationships are these days.” (YUKARI: No…)

YUKARI: “Seems to me like you should know–” (YUKARI: No…)
ー KITAMURA: “Give me a break!” KITAMURA: “Do you have any idea how much I worry every day since we started being together?” KITAMURA: “Do you take me for the kind of man that thoughtlessly starts dating women without a care?” KITAMURA: “I tried not to show it in front of you, but ever since we started seeing each other, I’ve been under constant strain.” KITAMURA: “Still, I…” KITAMURA: “I don’t know about you, but I actually cared about you a lot.” (YUKARI: Me, too… I feel the same…!)
ー (YUKARI: Me, too… I feel the same…!)

YUKARI: “…Why the past tense?” (YUKARI: Me, too… I feel the same…!)
ー (YUKARI: I just want to be with you…!)
ー KITAMURA: “…Let’s not meet for a while.” KITAMURA: “Until we can meet without me having to pretend I’m not worried… Until we can meet like a normal couple…” (YUKARI: What…)
ー (YUKARI: What…)

YUKARI: “And when is that?” (YUKARI: What…)
ー KITAMURA: “When all this has become easier for both of us…” KITAMURA: “I need some time to think.” (YUKARI: No… I don’t want it to go like this… Wait…)
ー (YUKARI: No… I don’t want it to go like this… Wait…)

YUKARI: “Hey… This isn’t… the end of us, though, right?” (YUKARI: No… I don’t want it to go like this… Wait…)
ー (YUKARI: Kazuya… Kazuya…?)
ー KAZUYA: “See you…” YUKARI: “Kazuya… Why…” YUKARI: “Hello?” YUKARI: “Hey, aren’t you Chii-chan?” YUKARI: “I’m Yukari. From next door.” YUKARI: (I… just remembered!) YUKARI: (That’s right! Chii-chan disappeared and everyone was worried about her.) YUKARI: “Hey… Let’s go home together, okay?” OLD SCHOOL BUILDING, 1F YUKARI: “Wait!
Why are you running away?” (YUKARI: Dad…?) YUKARI’S FATHER: “Yukari?” FATHER: “Yukari, are you in there?” YUKARI: “Yes…” FATHER: “You know… It’s been a while, but I actually managed to get a day off today!” FATHER: “Since it’s great weather outside, why don’t we go and take a walk together?” FATHER: “There’s something I need to talk to you about…” (YUKARI: No…)
ー (YUKARI: No…)

YUKARI: “What is it?” (YUKARI: No…)
ー (YUKARI: I already know what he is going to say!)
ー FATHER: “It’s a bit hard to explain here. Come, it won’t take long.” YUKARI: “Fine. Just a sec…” FATHER: “What a beautiful sunset, hm?” FATHER: “When you were small, the three of us would often go for walks like this…” FATHER: “Remember?” YUKARI: “Not really…” FATHER: “I see…” YUKARI: “So… What did you want to talk about?” FATHER: “Yukari…” FATHER: “Your mother and I have talked a lot about various things.” FATHER: “I also wanted to talk to you in person about this.” FATHER: “You know, your mother and I… we really care about you.” FATHER: “So we tried a lot, we tried to do this together somehow, but…” (YUKARI: I don’t want to have this conversation!)
ー (YUKARI: I don’t want to have this conversation!)

YUKARI: “Are you getting divorced?” (YUKARI: I don’t want to have this conversation!)
ー FATHER: “So you’ve noticed…” FATHER: “We really didn’t want it to end like this, you know.” FATHER: “But in the end, when people live together for a long time, a lot of things happen, I guess…” FATHER: “We tried really hard to overcome our difficulties.” FATHER: “But… It just didn’t work…” FATHER: “There are things in this world that just don’t work out the way you’d like them to.” (YUKARI: I don’t want to accept this…
I don’t want to accept this!!)
ー (YUKARI: I don’t want to accept this…
I don’t want to accept this!!)

YUKARI: “It’s fine.” (YUKARI: I don’t want to accept this…
I don’t want to accept this!!)
ー FATHER: “Hm?” YUKARI: “I’ve been watching you struggle all this time.” YUKARI: “So it’s not like I didn’t expect it to turn out like this…” FATHER: “You knew, but… kept it all to yourself?” YUKARI: “People can get used to a lot of things.” YUKARI: “I don’t want you to worry about me…” YUKARI: “You two should just do what is best for you…” FATHER: “You’re such a strong girl…” FATHER: “I’m glad you understand the situation.” (YUKARI: “I’m not strong… I’m not strong at all…!)
ー (YUKARI: “I’m not strong… I’m not strong at all…!)

YUKARI: “Who of you will take me in?” (YUKARI: “I’m not strong… I’m not strong at all…!)
ー FATHER: “Would you be okay with going to your mother?” FATHER: “Don’t worry about me. I will be fine.” FATHER: “Please… take good care of your mother.” YUKARI: “Got it.” FATHER: “I’m sorry, Yukari.” FATHER: “I really am…” FATHER: “Is there anything I…” (YUKARI: No… Dad, don’t go away…)
ー (YUKARI: No… Dad, don’t go away…)

YUKARI: “I’m telling you, it’s fine. I’ll be okay…” (YUKARI: No… Dad, don’t go away…)
ー (YUKARI: Come back!)
ー FATHER: “Goodbye…” (YUKARI: Dad, no… Don’t leave me alone…) YUKARI: “What is this… What is happening to me?” KAZUYA: “Everything okay?” KAZUYA: “Did the chain break?” KAZUYA: “Here, let me have a look.” YUKARI: “It’s fine. I don’t think it’s repairable anymore.” KAZUYA: “Who knows, I’m pretty good with bikes!
Let me have a look.” KAZUYA: “Ah… The gear is bent…” KAZUYA: “You’re right. There’s not much we can do about that here.” KAZUYA: “Sorry.” YUKARI: “Don’t worry about it. It’s old, anyway.” KAZUYA: “But you were clearly trying to repair it with all your might.” KAZUYA: “It must mean something to you.” YUKARI: “It was a present from my dad…” KAZUYA: “You’re… a student from Hinashiro High School, aren’t you?” KAZUYA: “I feel like I’ve seen you before.” KAZUYA: “I’m a student teacher there. My name is–” YUKARI: “I know who you are.” KAZUYA: “What class are you in?” YUKARI: “2-C. I’m Yukari Hasegawa.”
[I think she said 2-C. It’s hard to make out.] KAZUYA: “Ah… I see.” KAZUYA: “Where you on your way to someone?” YUKARI: “I was about to visit an acquaintance. We had promised to meet today…” KAZUYA: “Guess you won’t be able to go there anymore, huh? You’re completely drenched.” YUKARI: “It’s fine. It’s not like I really wanted to go, anyway.” KAZUYA: “I see.” YUKARI: “Sorry…” YUKARI: “Now you’re completely drenched, too. Here, take this.” KAZUYA: “Thanks! I’ll wash it later and give it back to you.” OLD SCHOOL BUILDING, 3F OLD SCHOOL BUILDING, 3F

YUKARI: “I remember now…” YUKARI: “I… remember now…” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “Why, hello! Are you living somewhere around here, as well?” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “We’re the Hasegawa family. We recently moved here!” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “This girl here is my daughter Yukari. Yukari Hasegawa.” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “Try to get along, will you?” ???: “Hello!” LITTLE YUKARI: “Hello…” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “What grade are you in?” ???: “First grade.” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “At Hinashiro Elementary School? Just like Yukari!” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “Maybe you can become friends!” YUKARI’S MOTHER: “What is your name?” ???: “Chisato Itsushima.” CHISATO: “Yukari!” CHISATO: “Aren’t you going home?” CHISATO: “It’s going to get dark!” YUKARI: “My mama…” YUKARI: “She says things like…” YUKARI: “…that she hates papa…” YUKARI: “And papa…” YUKARI: “…also gets mad at mama…” CHISATO: “Yukari…” YUKARI: “I…” YUKARI: “I don’t want to go home!” YUKARI: “I…” YUKARI: “Papa…” YUKARI: “And mama…” YUKARI: “I hate them both!” YUKARI: “Chisato…?” PHOTOGRAPHER: “Okay, I got a good one!
I’m going to take one more!” MOTHER: “Oh, Yukari! Your collar is a little bent.” YUKARI: “Stop it already. I look fine enough.” MOTHER: “But this is a special commemorative photograph!” YUKARI: “So what!” FATHER: “Yukari, please listen to your mother.” YUKARI: “Why are you on mom’s side today all of a sudden?” YUKARI: “What happened to fighting all the time?” MOTHER: “Yukari!” MOTHER: “This is for your school entrance ceremony, you know!” MOTHER: “Let’s just make sure they turn out well.” YUKARI: “What for? This just feels… weird and artificial.” MOTHER: “Yukari…” YUKARI: “……” MIKA: “You’re Yukari Hasegawa, right? Nice to meet you!” YUKARI: “Who the hell are you?” MIKA: “Mika Kishii from 1-D! I’ve been waiting here for you for quite a while!” MIKA: “What were you up to? You quit your club activity, didn’t you?” YUKARI: “None of your business.” MIKA: “Uwah, how cooold! But I like that!” YUKARI: “Do you want something? I was just on my way home, you know…” MIKA: “Nonono, hold your horses!
Can’t we chat for a bit?” MIKA: “Did you know that you’re quite famous among the first grade students?” YUKARI: “You mean, they’re all badmouthing me.” MIKA: “No, no!” MIKA: “What I mean is… well, you’re pretty popular!” MIKA: “Like, weren’t you called to the civic guidance counselor for something the other day?” MIKA: “Back then, every one was talking about that, saying how cool you are and stuff!” YUKARI: “Easy for you to say, since it didn’t concern you. I got into trouble, cause they also called my parents.” MIKA: “But still, I gotta say…” MIKA: “Hey! Are you free tomorrow afternoon?” YUKARI: “Why? MIKA: “Got my hands on some tickets!” MIKA: “And this band is incredible! They… summon things during their concerts…” YUKARI: “What things?” MIKA: “I can’t believe you even have to ask!” MIKA: “They’re like supernatural idols!” MIKA: “Like, I heard they once strangled a chicken onstage…” MIKA: “And a girl got possessed and collapsed! An ambulance had to be called and… Well, things get pretty chaotic during their concerts, so they regularly have to change their venue.” YUKARI: “Again with the occult?!” MIKA: “Chisato, I have a ticket for you, too, of course! You’ll come, right?” CHISATO: “You want me to come, too?” MIKA: “Of course! I mean…” MIKA: “We’re friends, after all!” YUKARI: “If you say so.” MIKA: “Ugh, how cold-hearted!” YUKARI: “Pretty sure none of that really happened, though…” MIKA: “No, it totally did! A friend of mine went to one of their concerts as a volunteer, and she saw it happen!” MIKA: “So, there’s no doubt!” YUKARI: “Or she just made it up.” MIKA: “She never would!” YUKARI: “Mika…” YUKARI: “This restroom…” YUKARI: “I have… definitely been here before… that time…” YUKARI: “This is that… closed off door.” YUKARI: “This is where we turned around three times.” A: “I’ll try that once more.”
B: “No need to do that now.” A: “I’ll try that once more.” [X]
B: “No need to do that now.” YUKARI: “Back then I also turned around three times… and then…” YUKARI: “That’s right… We went to the roof…” YUKARI: “Maybe, if I…” Sign reads: “Do not use” KAZUYA: “You’re completely drenched.” YUKARI: “It’s fine. It’s not like I really wanted to go, anyway.” KAZUYA: “I see.” YUKARI: “Sorry… Now you’re completely drenched, too.” FATHER: “…mother and I have talked a lot about various things.” FATHER: “I also wanted to talk to you in person about this.” FATHER: “You know, your mother and…” YUKARI: “What things?” MIKA: “I can’t believe you even have to ask!” MIKA: “They’re like supernatural idols!” CHISATO: “Yukari?” MIKA: “Yukari!” YUKARI: “Chisato…?” YUKARI: “Mika…?” YUKARI:”Where am I?” YUKARI: “I…” YUKARI: “…!” GIRL WITH BOBBED HAIR: “Hello, miss.” YUKARI: “Ah… You’re…” GIRL: “Say, what are you doing in this place?” YUKARI: “I…” GIRL: “You really shouldn’t venture so far into this side…” GIRL: “This is a town with a never-ending sunset.” GIRL: “Many memories linger here.” GIRL: “It is a place people visit last in their life.” GIRL: “Happy memories…” GIRL: “Sad memories…” GIRL: “That sunset lets all these melt away.” YUKARI: “……” GIRL: “But…” GIRL: “What are you doing here?” YUKARI: “I…” GIRL: “You’re not yet like those that should come here.” GIRL: “The town you should be in is not here.” GIRL: “Have you become lost?” YUKARI: “I… I don’t know…” YUKARI: “I don’t know where I came from…
or where I was trying to go…” GIRL: “Do you want to go home?” YUKARI: “Go home…? Where to?” GIRL: “To your own town.” YUKARI: “My town…?” YUKARI: “But I don’t know where it is…” GIRL: “It’s right there!” GIRL: “Just reach out with your hands.” YUKARI: “……” A: “I don’t really care anymore…”
B: “I can… go home?” A: “I don’t really care anymore…”
B: “I can… go home?” [X] YUKARI: “I… I want to go home.” YUKARI: “Chisato and Mika… Kazuya… Even my father… There are so many things I haven’t had the chance to say to them…” YUKARI: “I was so stubborn all this time… There are so many people, and so many things I should have said to them, but instead I kept quiet, because of my stubbornness…” YUKARI: “If there is a chance of making up for all that… A chance of being forgiven… then I want to go home…” YUKARI: “Yes, I want to go home!” GIRL: “There are a lot of people who are calling for you.” GIRL: “They are all…” GIRL: “…waiting for you.” YUKARI: “Waiting? For me?” GIRL: “Yes.” GIRL: “For you.” GIRL: “Listen.” GIRL: “Perhaps you’ll hear something?” YUKARI: “……” YUKARI: “Aren’t you… Chii-chan? I’m…” YUKARI: “Chii-chan? Are you okay?” CHIKAKO: “Hey…” YUKARI: “It’s alright. Everything is okay now…” OLD SCHOOL BUILDING, ROOF

YUKARI: “It’s the old school building…” YUKARI: “Am I… back?” MIKA: “Ahh… Such great weather today!” MIKA: “What a waste that we’ve gotta be at school…” CHISATO: “The sky is so clear today…” CHISATO: “This summer vacation was over, before it really began…” YUKARI: “And we didn’t even do any typical summer vacation stuff.” YUKARI: “Instead, we just got dragged around by Mika’s stupid rumours and – bam! Vacation over.” MIKA: “Hey, come ooon!” MIKA: “Now it’s my fault again?!” CHISATO: “Either way, this summer vacation felt really short.” MIKA: “Makes you wanna shout: «Summer! Give me back this part of my precious youth!»” CHISATO: “Huh? I had the feeling that you were the one who actually had a lot of fun.” MIKA: “Whaaat? No way! That’s, like, not true at all!” YUKARI: “Well, let’s just look forward to the future, huh?” MIKA: “I hope the second semester will be more exciting!” MIKA: “High school girls these days should, like, live to the extreme!” MIKA: “Don’t you a– … H-hey!
What the hell!” MIKA: “Wait for me!” THE END


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  1. hey, thank for everything. Really apperciate for ya efforts, man! And tbh…I really like Twilight better so far (even though I barely understand Moonlight without translation) Hope to see this personal projects of yours (even if it's a music type, I like your work lol)

  2. Thanks for everything man even if you don’t decide do to Moonlight or the Prank episode I’m fine with it. You’ve done more than enough.

    Man it feels so bittersweet that I won’t be seeing anymore Twilight Syndrome eps but I enjoyed the ride all the way (even if I wasn’t there at the start lol).

  3. Dude, thank you so much for allowing us to experience such a beautiful story! I just finished watching this video and already feel nostalgic about Mika, Chisato and Yukari. I feel sad by knowing that there won't be any more Twilight Syndrome… Again, thank you so much for this playthrough!

  4. This episode is like those miraculous last-minute revival moments. You didn't know you were so far in and so close to death that as you go through all the memory flashbacks until some divine force had to step in to tell you that it's not your time yet.

    Heres an interview with the developers. Also on that site there's a translation of the chapter summaries (beware of "prank" spoilers).

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