This is a rabid dog. He’s been out here
for a while and you can see he is foaming at the mouth looks like he was involved in an attack but
this is what they look like Not a not a joke. This is a serious situation we
called animal control The dog has been here for about 2
hours We called animal control and it is the it is been laying here just looking at
the sky like this and you can see, it is foaming at the mouth. This is a dog with rabies Not a safe situation but FYI that’s what it looks like

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  1. I had a stray dog come to my doorstep almost everyday. I started feeding it and pretty much he was a pet even though I couldn't have him. One day I came back from school and my mom says this rabid dog attacked a bunch of dogs in the alley today. Your dog made sure that it wouldn't let him get past our house. He isn't that bad after all. 3 months later I went to my grandmother's. Came back after 2 day's and my dog was unable to use its hind legs. Got him to a vet and he gave some medications. Next day my dog stopped walking. I put a cover on. Fed him with my hands for 2 days hoping it would live. 3rd day when I went to check on him. He looked in my eyes and howled. That howl made me drop everything. I knew the dog I knew was gone. His eyes had a different look. I still wonder if it was the rabies or just him being mad that I only elongated his suffering. He died the next day. RIP sheru.

  2. FYI just because a dog is foaming at the mouth doesn’t mean it has rabies. I’m not saying whether this dog did or not but I’m just saying that’s not an accurate way to look for rabies.

  3. That is not necessarily rabies. There are a lot of other things that can cause that behavior, including foaming at the mouth, including poisoning.

  4. People need to be educated about rabies. It's one of the worst ways to go and any animal showing symptoms should promptly be put down.

  5. Animal control… REALLY… you don't take 2 fckn hours to show up for a rabid dog!! This is a public health threat and should be a number 1 call for them to tend to on an immediate basis!!! Hope that animal control got in trouble for that ish! How terrifying!!!

  6. woooah buddy. . .be careful, dogs when they get weird can bite pretty bad, if this thing turned on you with rabies, it would be like something out of resident evil . . what happened to it in the end??. . Im assuming animal control would have shot it with a tranquilizer and taken it to some lab somewhere. . . Thankfully in the UK things like this are very rare

  7. the rabies virus causes animals and humans to spazz out and become aggressive because the virus is spread through infected saliva and blood. . . basically its the virus ensuring it can be passed to another host. . . .at this stage, or during the aggressive stage, the best thing you can do is put a bullet into the brain. . its sad, but there is no cure. . .Only a preventative vaccine is only sure way to avoid dying in this gnarly way

  8. Quite a while back I saw a dog stumbling all over. It was clearly sick. I had no idea it could be rabies. It was around for two days until I called in the police and without hesitation they head-shot it dead. I'll never forget the words of the police who did it, 'Well, that's the way it is… here one minute gone the next just like that.' It also made it clear to me those guns they carry are not for show and they will use them without hesitation and great confidence, as they are used to the loud bang of a 9mm, something in itself intimidating that sound.

  9. It's already at a state where it's unfixable. The only thing you can do is to….
    Ya know, take it out to the back yard and blow its brains out 🙂

  10. I can't imagine letting that dog suffer like that. i'd go to my house, get my .22lr and put it out of its misery. poor thing. i don't care if i got a citation.

  11. Why didn't somebody just put the poor thing out of its misery if I see a dog with rabies I'm going to take my shotgun and kill it and then go feel bad about it later but then tell myself that I done the right thing and ended its suffering


  13. Shoot him wtf hes suffering!! poor buddy that supposed to be mans best friend, no animal should have to endure that agony. Put it out of its misery and trust me it is in MISERY.

  14. Mouth foaming doesn't mean rabies, the dog could have been hit by a car. Not that it makes much difference since the poor thing is dying anyway. Poor girl. I hate to hear any animal cry like that.

  15. Omg.. that’s devastating, why is the world messed up with all these diseases and pain and suffering..the world is messed up

  16. Well, my dog Looks like this for some Hours After having a seizure. He is Since 7 years Epileptic. Now he is 9 years. Even if this was not rabies but epilepsy, the dog wouldnt have received proper Treatment ?

  17. Just to check if a animal or human has rabies, you'd have chop their head off. And send it to the lab.

    Someone may think you have it, chop your head off, turns out..ya really dont. It sad that it cannot be cured???

  18. Poor dog if you guys dont know how bad rabies i suggest you watch the rabies in humans video but if you do watch with caution some video are really graphic

  19. They didn't want to bite but they can't stop. They want to get cured but there are no solutions for them. They didn't want to die but they will die.

    Rabies.. the 2nd most dangerous after Cancer

  20. So sad…poor wee thing. He/she isn't in pain anymore and unfortunately had a fight with another animal that had rabies….bless his heart…I'm terribly sad watching a poor animal that can't ask for help. Bless you who found her and got her help (atleast put her out of her misery) and you came back to check on her

  21. Student vet tech here. As far as I am concerned, rabies is the epitome of evil. It's a stealthy little ninja that hitches a ride to the brain on the nerve endings it finds in open wounds without alerting the host's immune system (unless the host is vaccinated). Then, it hijacks the host's brain to make them bite another animal before killing the host in the slowest, most painful, and most terrifying way possible. I wish I could find a cure for this awful disease.

  22. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable if you didn't call animal control. They took TWO HOURS to arrive. They probably just put the dog down. -_-

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