Week 2: Communication (Autism MOOC)

Swinburne University of Technology. Welcome to week two of
Swinburne’s Autism MOOC. – My name is Mick Grimley.
– And I’m Emma Donaldson. This week’s topic
that we’re going to explore is a topic on communication. So Emma, can you tell us
a little bit about this topic and a little bit about
the sort of things that we’re going to talk about
and explore this week? Sure. So when we are looking at
the topic of communication, I’m really excited about this week
because it’s so diverse. It’s one of the core components
of autism that’s talked about
from a deficit model but it really needs to be looked at
from a model of social interaction and there are many ways
in which we communicate. So we will be looking at certain
scenarios of where social skills have come into play, of where adaptive technologies
have come into use and the different terminology
around communication. And also we’ll cover
a new skill this week. Last week we looked at person first. This week the skill that
we’re going to cover is ‘define’. Can you tell us a little bit more
about this skill? Sure. So we’re going to add on to
that person first perspective. So in these scenarios and the activities
that we are doing today… ..this week, rather,
we’re going to talk about how we’ve moved from thinking
in the perspective of the person and then we’re going to actually
explore some opportunities to define what problems
we’re actually going to solve, OK? So often we can have
a whole range of options and so now we’re starting to
define what the problem is. So if we go back to my example
that I used last week about the lunch box,
it might be that I start to explore, “Well, what is happening for Mick
at school? Is it that he is having
difficulties getting to his bag? Is it that he is not actually
liking the food that I’m putting in his lunch box?” So this is how we start to define
the problem instead of it just being Mick’s not eating his lunch. Thanks, Emma. That sounds
interesting for this week. And we’re looking forward to
reading some of the posts and seeing what the activity is
within the MOOC this week. So that wraps up our introduction
for week two. See you next week. This has been
a Swinburne production.

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