What Happened to Asperger’s

What Happened to Asperger’s

What happened to ask perjures flat vocal patterns lack of eye contact Anxiety over any small change in routine a child who spends recess walking in circles Talking to herself about dinosaurs a teenager who has difficulty with basic reciprocal conversation skills But an uncanny ability to memorize train schedules or narrate all of the Godfather movies in 1994 the American Psychiatric Association op-amp decided that this kind of diverse array of symptoms added up to a diagnosis called Asperger’s disorder also known as Asperger’s syndrome and added it to the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM Asperger’s quickly became synonymous with a kind of high-functioning autism in which children struggled with social skills Anxiety and repetitive or restrictive behaviors, but also tended to display impressive cognitive and verbal abilities estimates of prevalence vary widely But as many as ninety seven children out of 10,000 were diagnosed with the disorder over the subsequent 10 years in May 2013 the op a published the fifth edition of the DSM and Asperger’s syndrome Disappeared while it was previously considered a standalone Diagnosis separate from autism itself or another kind of autism previously known as pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified Or PD Dinos Asperger’s syndrome now falls under the umbrella term autism spectrum disorder ASD In which patients could be grouped along a continuum from mild to severe I like the term because a spectrum sounds so inclusive says parents advisor for ADD volkmar MD director of the Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine and editor-in-chief of the Journal of autism and developmental Disorders the problem is that it’s a misnomer The diagnostic criteria to put a patient on the spectrum has become more restrictive so a fair chunk of people who would have been Diagnosed before the change now don’t make the cut That’s troubling because without a clear diagnosis it can be much more Difficult for these children to receive the Haverhill therapy and other services They need the good if bizarre news is that people who were diagnosed before? 2013 have been grandfathered in by the OP and can keep their diagnosis, but dr. Volk mer estimates that as many as 75 percent of children who would have qualified for an Asperger’s or PD Dinos Diagnosis in the past now wouldn’t be diagnosed with ASD The dsm-5 does contain a new diagnosis known as social communication disorder Which may include some of the children who no longer qualify as ASD this Diagnosis may even capture some children who weren’t getting diagnosed before says Michael Rosenthal PhD a pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in autism at the child mind Institute in New York City dr. Rosenthal notes that the op hat created the new system of diagnosis in response to problems with the old model when they Looked at a number of major academic medical centers across the country They found that there was no consistency in terms of the criteria being used to make diagnoses he explains Individual doctors and centers had their own systems for classifying kids, but there wasn’t enough Continuity still he acknowledges that some children especially those with milder symptoms May not be covered by the new criteria. This is a big concern for those families Dr. Volk mer maintains that the new criteria are just too restrictive the way the original definition worked clinicians had 2688 possible combinations of diagnostic criteria that would result in a diagnosis he explains under the new definition they have six that may Disenfranchise people from the services they need and that’s a real worry

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  1. I'd like to watch this as I have this syndrome, but I just can't listen to your voice, sorry but this monotonous way you read the script is rather grating.

  2. Please forgive me my poor English grammar, I'm not English and I'm not trying to ruin your beautiful language on purpose, I promise. I'm from Norway and don't know any better. I was recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in adult age, and like many of us diagnosed in adulthood, I'm more relieved and happy to finally know, then I'm troubled over my diagnosis. My mum knew "something was up" when I was growing up, but when she reached out for help, they ended up doing the opposite, removed me and destroyed our little family instead. Today, many years later, we are still in the healing process and marked by this. I'm not going to go into more details, but all you others out there that still are in the ignorant state but wants help, please, be very very careful regarding who you tell what regarding your children, or the situation can quickly become very different than what you hoped to achieve. I went through a lot of "crap" because of all this, and I don't want my "destiny" or my "faith" happening to anyone else, not even my worst enemy. I'm glad to find that people generally are very open-minded about this, and most people react in a mature rational and good way telling me "that explains a lot", and thats also how I feel. However…I have come to realize that even though "most people" dealing with kids are awesome people, there is, unfortunately, another side of that spectrum, and I just want to warn those that need it to consider this before reaching out. Try to find someone competent and someone you feel or experience you can trust. The importance of this can hardly be overstated, do not assume that you will meet someone with your best interests at heart but make sure of it as far as its humanly possible before sharing any information at all about the situation. I know it shouldn't be like that, but please take this advice from someone thats been down that path, you absolutely need competent help but make sure that is exactly what you will get. I'm sorry if I'm a "wet blanket" but this comes from a well-meaning heart and my intentions are to help you the only way I can reach "you", via some short lines in the different comment sections on social media we all share as our "common ground" in a worldwide scenario. I hope you find the help you need to get peace of mind, and I hope this helps too. Greetings from the far north.
    PS: Great video, very important informative and educational, I couldnt ask for more, thank you.

  3. I have asperges syndrome an i learn better when stuff is visualy infront of me if i listen just listen its hard for me

  4. So my brain is 10x more powerful than other noobs ok that's why I learned 4 languages so fast and I'm just 12

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