What is alcoholism & how do we treat it? Alcohol Use Disorder / Kati Morton | Kati Morton

What is alcoholism & how do we treat it? Alcohol Use Disorder / Kati Morton | Kati Morton

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  1. btw you should definitely make a video about transitioning to college when you have mental illnesses &ways to cope when you're away from home.. I feel like that could be very helpful to anyone graduating!

  2. Hey, so i'm wondering if i can possibly have an eating disorder. First of all i'm trying to stop eating as long as i can, often for 8-9 hours a day. Yes, i want to get thinner but i guess it's not my main goal. When i don't eat i can't think clearly and it kind of numbs the pain out ( depression) if i only think about being hungry. But when i start eating i can't stop, and not only because i'm THAT hungry, but because i desperately want to get rid of the pain depression causes me by eating too much.That i stopped eating has been going on for a few months now (4-5, i guess). Eating too much is going on for a couple years now. What do you think is going on?Btw, i really liked watching you younow xxx( also asked the same question on the video before) &what does an 'disorder' actually mean, is it something that you just have to deal with, is it possible that it will stay forever?

  3. I love how AA is a worldwide thing! Alcoholism in general is just so "accepted", in the sense that as far as I know it generally isn't questioned or considered "fake". I wish there was some sort of established eating disorder or BPD group!

  4. I'm really glad you touched on the importance of monitored detox. My mom has been an alcoholic my whole life and a few weeks ago she actually had a seizure and had to be taken to the emergency room because she was trying to quit alone, so it really is so important for a doctor to make sure you're quitting safely

  5. my grandfather just drowns himself in alcoholism and pairs it with medication that clearly states to not take pills with it. It causes him to have vivid flash backs of vietnam and nightmares during his sleep and he lashes out and physically hurts my grandmother

    but he refuses help, refuses to acknowledge he has a problem. He used to terrify me when I lived with them and I had nightmares of him all the time.
    I had to cut ties because he just would never stop drinking and going out to town with him usually ended up poorly.
    He's only gotten worse from what I hear and no one wants to help him.

  6. Hi Kati, thanks for everything you do. You rock!!
    Can you please do a video about workaholism (is that a word?) and techniques to just stop. I use work as a coping mechanism and a substitute for relationships and validation. I'm struggling with simple things like physically leave the office and not manically check my blackberry when I'm not in the office. If I'm not overwhelmed by it and my depression "wins", it pisses me off to the limit that I have zero control over my behavior. What can I do? #KatiFAQ xx/??

  7. Hi Kati, this video is so helpful thank you so much. My mum drinks and I've always believed she has Alcohol use disorder. It upsets my little siblings a lot as she becomes quite, well, abusive towards us. I'm going away to university next year and I'm scared to leave them alone with her. I just don't know what to do, I want to get help so things don't continue for my siblings next year while I'm gone. I just don't know what to do, I know she won't get help on her own but I don't want to be telling a doctor on behalf of her because I know she'll be so angry with me 🙁 any help or advice would be very much appreciated thank you

  8. I have an ex-boyfriend who drank until he was drunk when he was in his early 20's – fast forward 20 years or so and he's still doing it. Drinks a 36 pack of beer then mixes it with vodka or what not and then doesn't take his depression/bipolar meds because he thinks that it's ok. He is a VERY abusive (mental, emotional, physical, suicidal, etc) person and i'm no longer in association with him. My question is – why isn't he dead yet? He "says" that he will stop cold and then a few days later tells everyone that one or two won't hurt. He's an alcoholic and again, is it just time before he's dead or what? I just don't get it.

  9. One aspect of alcoholism you didn't mention is having repeated "blackouts" as a result of drinking. Alcoholics have great experience with waking up in the morning and having no idea what they did the night before. Then they get informed, much to their horror, of all the crazy things they did while in their blackout. Accounts of that are one of the staple topics of AA meetings. If you're having blackouts when you drink it is a sign your drinking is out of control.

  10. Great video Kati! I have a question, I tried to ask during your live stream but there were judt too many other amazing questions being answered!! I've felt quite detached from people lately, especially people my own age. I find it hard to connect and interact with others and it's making it really difficult to make new friends. when people talk to me I often zone out into my own headspace and have no idea what they just said (it's horrible!! it makes me feel REALLY bad) I look around a room full of people and I'm still stuck in my own head.. could this have to do with my Anxiety and depression? or is it happening because I'm trying to recover and my mind is overwhelmed & doesn't have the room for anything "extra" like social interactions. Thanks! ♡

  11. it has been really helpful, my father is an alcoholic since forever, before even I was born he is not stopping, it's really hard on our family, nothing that anyone is telling him is helping, he has some better moments but overall it's bad. He reached out once for help but something come up with work or something like that and he just gave up that idea, but we will try to get him a therapy sessions etc I just hope he'll agree. Anyway, your videos are very helpful and needed and you are doing a great job.

  12. if the withdrawal symptoms are not present is it still possible to be suffering from this disorder?

  13. My best friend gets really really depressed. But instead f talking to someone about it he'Ll start to drink. He says everyone he has helps. So he keeps going. He ends up totally drunk. Sometimes he gets wasted because he uses is so strongly. Then he does things he really regrets. So then he gets depressed again and so so. I really don't k ow how to help him and the thing is. We're 14. He's doing this to himself at 14 and I'm really scared for him. Any advice. O suffer from mental illnesses myself and I love your videos kati

  14. Hey Kati. First off, love your videos. Second, I was wondering if you could make a video on Reactive Attachment Disorder, or how to help someone who has it. My little brother was diagnosed with it. He has been taken somewhere to get the help he needs, but I'm not sure what I can do to help, what to expect when he returns.

  15. Kati, I have been watching your videos for a year and they really help with helping a friend who has problems such as the ones you touch upon in your videos. I thank you for that. Also i must mention that you deliver your speeches in a very casual way which really make them easy to understand. DSM is not the easiest text to refer to. Last but not least, you are a very attractive young lady with a very lovable character which helps even more the popularity of your videos. i thank you again for the great info so graciously imparted.

  16. great video as always Kati! Id like to know why one would become an alcoholic after living with a loved one ..meaning they know how much that hurt them so why choose to do the same? same with abuse. I'd love to hear your thoughts in a video. I'm so glad I broke that chain after 4 generations ♡♡

  17. For people in the UK there is a really hardhitting but insightful Louis Theroux documentary on iplayer at the moment about alcoholism. Worth a watch. X

  18. Hey Kati! This is just a suggestion but do you think you could talk about anxiety induced smoking? I suffer from social anxiety disorder, depression and OCD and after certain events (which I could talk about if it'd be useful for a video) I became addicted to smoking and I just don't know what to do about it.

  19. Thank you for making a video on this. I lost my dad to alcoholism and this really helps me to understand what was happening back then and how hard it must have been hard to control it, since I was pretty young when I witnessed everything.
    Love your videos, they help out a lot in understanding others and even myself more!

  20. You look extra beautiful in this video! Thank you for this one. My mum is an alcoholic. I don't think she'll ever acknowledge it or get help. But the more people talk about it – like you! – maybe the more people will find the courage to seek help. ?

  21. What if you're considered to have white privilege. .. Have no health insurance and they think that you have everything you need. Who the hell do you trust to help?

  22. My sister always takes 1-2 shots of vodka BEFORE going on a date, she says it helps calm her nerves. She only does this on the weekends, and otherwise doesn't drink. Does she have a problem if she's using it as a type of crutch for her nervousness?

  23. Plz do a video on paranoid personality disorder (PPD) can you reply to this comment if you can?

  24. Great video. I agree with your statement about al-anon. They are an oasis of sanity. What I learned from them helps me in all my relationships.

  25. So what if one can control how often they drink and they don't drink and drive, but when they drink they just don't know when to stop, and they drink until they black out then keep drinking. how would you classify that?
    also the same person craves the numb feeling from being drunk or high off weed or numb from benadryl (6 -10 pills) what would you say, or recommend to this person?

  26. Alcoholism is unfortunately common in the people around me. Either its chronic addiction, endangerment, and even in denial of how much an individual drinks to replace a previous addiction. It gets so hard, depressing and i try to encourage better choices. Even when certain loved ones refuse treatment and had court ordered treatment. Still in denial and depression of some kind in order to prevent to move on. Even i get frustrated because it causes me to get angry, annoyed and "the parent". Hard to live with.

  27. Could you do one in how to tell somebody that they have a mental disorder? From the therapist perspective.

  28. Hey kati could you do a video on comorbid (can't spell) such as asd and adhd as i am not sure how you could diagnose such similar things together and why people with asd or adhd are more likely to have Tourettes or other conditions? Hopefully you see this 🙂 anyway your videos are very helpful and informative and thank you for doing them! They have helped me discover me! Which is amazing!

  29. If you grow up in family with an alcoholic I recommend looking for a local meeting called Adult Children of Alcoholics. This 12 step meeting has really helped me with growing up in a disfuntional family and how to take my focus off others and back on myself

  30. Awesome video! My boyfriend has a drinking problem and he just does not get help. It's become pretty bad. He literally can't go throughout the day without drinking and he has horrible anxiety and social anxiety. Please do another video about this topic. Maybe bring in guests that have gone through recovery or more possible consequences, more resources, etc.

  31. I wish I could get my uncle to do this but he doesn't want to and idk how I could help when he doesn't want help. He would rather push us all away

  32. This is what killed my mom. (I know I talk about her a lot in my comments, but it just happened a few months ago and I don't get to talk about this aspect much.) All her siblings and her father were alcoholics. I never noticed her having a problem until sometime around 2010. It got REALLY bad, and she was put in the hospital twice. She almost died from it then. And then one day she decided enough was enough and she stopped. It was a bad idea to do it the way she did (more hospital time as a result), but she was totally clean after that and I was SO PROUD OF her.

    Then we went through a ton of really bad stuff, one after another after another. And she hid if from me. She wouldn't have been able to if I'd still been with her–it was so obvious, the way her eyes went dead. But over the phone, she just sounded tired all the time (and after all the chemo she'd been through, it was expected).

    And then I got a call that she'd been found dead. She had apparently been walking down a hill behind her apartment, hoping to get to Walmart. But apparently she fell down said hill and was found the next day by police. It absolutely tears me apart to know I wasn't there to save her.

    But here's the thing I want people to keep in mind (if anyone is even still reading this novel): your loved ones have a disease, and yeah it's totally gonna piss you off, but despite how it seems, that's NOT who they are. It's hard to think of that when they're spending all the family's money on booze, or when you can't talk to them after a certain time of day because you know they've begun drinking by then. It's hard to imagine that anyone would willingly do this shit to themselves and their family, but they genuinely cannot help it. Just like those of us with depression/anxiety can't simply "stop being sad."

    Despite being disappointed that she went back to it, I'm not angry at her. She gave it a genuine try, and beyond that, I know she was a good person. But Katy's right, you can't make a person do something until they're ready. Until then, help YOURSELF. And try not to judge them too harshly. It's not fair, but anger won't make you feel better, either.

  33. this is so so great!! i promise i am not promoting my own channel, but i have a video all about how I've grown up with family members who have struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. its called "how to love an addict" if anyone is feeling lost or just wants to know more on a personal level, please feel free to watch that video and come talk to me! it is so important to realize how not alone you are! were all here for you 🙂

  34. Love your videos Kati. I have learned so much about myself and psychology!! Please please make more Q AND A type videos

  35. I have a friend who has been an alcoholic for several years but is broke and can't hold a job. He doesn't like AA. How can he get cheap to free help? He needs rehab but of course that's not free…

  36. is that the new dsm name it replaced alcohol dependency? i dont have the new dsm so im used to the old code

  37. Hi Kati I love your videos I watch all of them. Can you maybe do one that is directed to friends of someone with anxiety or mental illness explaining to them what it is like for us? I was thinking it would be a good video for us to share with our friends so they understand it better. I often get called out on cancelling plans because my anxiety is too much & they interpret it as I don't care about them. I've tried to explain but perhaps if they hear it from an actual psychologist they would take it more seriously that I'm not doing it on purpose? I would really like a video like that, I understand if you don't but if you do that would be awesome <3

  38. Can 'addiction' exist in two different ways? I think that there can be folks who are physically addicted and/or psychologically addicted.
    The reason I ask is this: I had to go through a series of orthopedic surgeries on my legs resulting from severe complications from knee replacement surgery. The surgeons gladly supplied me with prescription for oxycontin and oxycodone in ever increasing strengths. When it was time to quit them I tried to just go cold turkey which did not work well. My family doctor helped me to wean myself off of them. So I WAS physically addicted to the oxy – but I had no desire (or craving) to take them again. To me, that means I was NOT psychologically addicted.
    What do you think?

  39. My 34 yr old son is an alcoholic. He has been for many years.He did rehab 3x,but relapsed. Why is it when some people stop drinking,they seizure and die? I'm worried that he's drinking,and worried about what happens if he stops.His dad is dying from liver failure,and has to get drained once a week.I don't want my son to die.Even watching his dad dying doesn't deter him.We don't have money to put him into a rehab.Hes got a good heart and would help anyone but himself.I blame myself for staying with his dad as long as I did.Any advice? hugs to you Katie?

  40. Kati I am so sorry I didn't realize my paetron account needed updating I fixed it again I am really sorry

  41. Hey Kati,
    I just had my last session of therapy and me and my therapist went out to eat to kind of find a good ending. (I was in therapy for bulimia as well as depression and social anxiety – going out to eat has triggered a lot of my fears in the past and we wanted to "celebrate" that I can do stuff like that again)
    Is it normal that I am really going to miss her? We had a very good relationship and connected on different levels. I went vegan in my recovery (I admit that I had disordered thoughts surrounding this topic at first, but I've always looked at it from an ethical point of view as well) and at first she tried to talk me out of it, but she "came out" as a vegan to me a couple sessions later. From then on she supported my decision while still reminding me that I can't be too restrictive and that I have to get out of my comfort zone. I can honestly say that I am completely recovered right now – I eat intuitively while holding a stable weight, I allow myself to eat vegan junk every now and then and I even enjoy going out to eat. And I am not a "strict" vegan either. I don't want to support the meat, dairy and egg industry and I do the best I can, but I am not someone who wants her social life to suffer from a personal decision like this if you know what I mean.
    I can handle stress situations without falling into old patterns again. I even managed to get through the German "Abitur" (final exams basically) without even being too stressed out. She taught me how to take care of myself. She made so many connections from my past to now and she helped me to accept myself and my sexuality. Even though I am basically the happiest I have been since childhood, I'm gonna miss having the security of one session a week. The office she worked in is moving away as well – she told me that she can't offer me "official" sessions if something happens, but that I can call her on her phone if I need to. I just want to know if it is normal that I'm going to miss both – the security of having a session a week and my therapist as a person. How do I deal with it?I'm a bit sad right now. But I can see that this is a new chapter of my life for me – school and therapy are both ending for me. I'm not really scared, but sad about it all ending now…

  42. My friend has almost all of the scenarios you describe; I think she has a problem but the only problem she sees is that alcohol makes her fat. What doesn't help is that she works as a barmaid and alcohol is easily accessible : (

  43. I've been watching your videos for quite a while now and I always find them to be extremely beneficial! Just wanted to say that I love what you do here and that I admire your ability to cover all of this material in such a great way because it can get super dense haha Anyways thanks for another great video! Peace~

  44. Katie! I want you to know that I watch your videos from the aspect of a Psychology student rather than a patient, & although I know your videos may not exactly be directed to someone like myself, know that they are ALWAYS informative & helpful. I loved your video when you spoke about the psychologist's difficulties with clients sometimes etc. You gave me some insight that would never otherwise have occurred to me! Thanks again, hope you see this comment Katie! You're awesome. 🙂

  45. I was wondering if you could maybe talk some about being on the other end of the addiction. I have two family members with full blown drug addictions and I find it hard to deal with that plus my SH recovery and my depression/anxiety. I feel I put myself in the middle a lot to try and help(save) them and I am the one usually hurt in the end. But I hate the thought of just letting them use and not trying to help. Any thoughts or ideas??

  46. Hello Kati! #KatiFAQ I have a question, how does on get past dissociation? I've been dissociating for the past 5 weeks. Personally I would rather be super depressed than dissociated b/c At least w/ depression you can "feel" something. ALSO CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON FASD?! I try to ask you as often as I can, because It would be really insightful for people to know about b/c it affect me and probably a lot of other people alot, it has a big impact on my life. Love your video to bits! Have an awesome day.

  47. Hey, just wanna you know your videos are really informative and helpful!!! Thank you so much~~~ BTW I recently found myself tend to use alcohols to destress, and now I feel like I really need it. Not like on a friday night drinking with my friends, but in the middle of the day, when I am in class, I feel like I really really need a drink. After watching this I decided to talk to my therapist about it. XO best wishes

  48. Thanks for this video, Kati. Alcohol use disorder has always been a touchy subject for me, as it's what caused my mother's death, which in turn led to a miserable childhood with an abusive stepmom. Slowly but surely I'm coming to terms with her death, and now I feel it's somewhat of an obligation for me to prevent myself and my loved ones from abusing alcohol in the future.

  49. What you've just said was so true Kati, I have a lot of alcoholic colleagues who never sought help from professional doctors who can help fix their slightly excessive drinking habits , which tend to go from bad to worst..never admitted that they are alcoholics..me too I'm also alcoholic , as of now I'm reading a book from AA which helps me a bit..

  50. Hi Kati could you talk about how and why the IUD Mireya causes chronic fatigue, mental fog and depression? Tnx!

  51. Hi Katie, I started seeing a therapist three weeks ago because of my suicidal thoughts and I also started group therapy which helps a lot. I already feel loads better and it's such a relief. But it also worries me that I started feeling better so quickly. It makes me wonder wether or not I had a real problem or maybe I just had a bad moment that has passed and therapy isn't necessary… I also worry that my therapist or people in group therapy will think that I just made it all up because i need attention or because I'm bored… Is it normal to get such a huge energy kick just from a few sessions? Thanks, love you XXX

  52. Kati! I have a question, do you mind making a video about the differences between a school counselor and a therapist/counselor? That would be so helpful if you would make this video.Thank you for your time!

  53. hey Kati I love ur videos. Im 14 and i was wondering if u could give me an idea of what's wrong with me I keep seeing shadows and people that arnt their and I hear voices I can't concentrate in school anymore and when i try to put sentances togather it just dosent work somtimes, I can't tell my parents because I'm not close with them at all and it's just getting worse please help.

  54. Hi Kati. I'm not sure if this is the right place to do this but i wasn't really sure where else to so yeah. I struggle a lot with what i think is anxiety and maybe depression. I'm constantly stressed and worried about silly little things or sometimes nothing at all and i'm really sick of crying myself to sleep. I've tried getting help as well. I talked to my school counselor who made me fill in some sheets and said i probably had GAD and that he'd call my mum and catch up with me again, he did neither and hasn't talked to me since. So i talked to my mum myself and after a lot of convincing she took me to the GP who recommended that i do yoga. My mum has never booked any classes though and just gets mad at me or tells me to take a chill pill when i'm obviously panicking. I'm feeling very alone and upset and isolated and i've started having harmful thoughts. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?

  55. this is great… thanks for touching on al-anon…it changed my life…maybe in the future do a vid on support for families of addicts… it helps the addict and the family…pls do!! much love xoxoxo

  56. Could you pls do a video on the impact on kids or youth with drug addicted parents? Or kids that have parents with A mental illness such as Schizophrenia

  57. My dad's side of the family is riddled with Alcoholics :/ After he died I did little contact with them as possible after one Thanksgiving my Aunt called me up, drunk and had me in tears. So I distanced myself as much as possible cause I was a kid but knew better.
    When I was diagnosed with Bipolar I thought they might have it due to how much they drank to hide their problems :/
    Doesn't this all boil down to addiction? If addicted to one thing you are more likely to be addicted to other things?

  58. I was diagnosed of BPD. And I have a serious alcoholism issue. Almost everything you mentioned I said yes to. I have decided these factors and have said I can handle it on my own. I am a military vet. And while I want active duty I was self diagnosed as an alcoholic. And I was in patient for a month. And outpatient for two months. And that was in 2014. After leaving the military I lost control. I was going to a psychologist twice a week and the VA didn't have resources for me. I am diagnosed as BPD. With tendencies with self harm and alcohol and drug addiction. They don't have the programs available to me as when I was active duty. I fell way behind in my treatment and I'm scared. I drink almost everyday after work. I make enough to have $600 plus after bills but I am flat out broke by the end of the moth due to drinking. I have physical issues which cause me to use muscle relaxers but I also have history of pain medications addiction. I usually flag myself. But the pain is getting too much. I may falter and as for pain meds. I'm scared and I feel I help.

  59. I was an alcoholic until about 3 or 3.5 years ago. Tried to stop many times. AA, Rehab, Jail. None of that did anything to stop it. Then one day i told myself i didn't want to live that way anymore. Haven't drank since. My philosophy is that the only thing that will truly work is if you don't want to do it anymore. I mean honest with yourself that you want to stop. For a period i thought i wanted to stop but took another few years till i had had enough and made the decision to stop.

  60. Thank you for putting awareness out
    As an ex addict I cant tell you how many people we have lost to the disease of addiction. Day after day it's someone else
    We are in a pandemic with addiction
    My advice… Just reach out and get into rehab. I fought it for 5 years and when I finally got there I kicked myself for saying no thanks and making my life worse for that next 5 years
    And hey I'm alive but my teeth are destroyed I health problems galore and I have to fight every day to stay alive
    But it's better than drugs and alcohol!

  61. Katie my mom suffers from road and depression and she's developed alcoholism over the years and we can't find her a good therapist and insurance won't cover her psych meds so every time she sobers up she's good until ger meds run out then she turns to alcohol. We don't know what to do. Any advice? We live in Arizona. We don't know who to ask for help. She's gone to detox several times in fhe past few months but after she runs out of tge meds she's been given her issues get back out of control and our insurance won't cover it refills and the only therapists our insurance will cover are booked like 6 months out.

  62. My father was such a severe alcoholic that eventually he was hit by a train. He lost an entire leg and 3 fingers but survived. He never stopped drinking. It's still such an extreme story, it sounds like someone else's story.

  63. Both my parents and my closest aunt all 3 died of Oxycontin alcohol overdoses in the year 2012, one deamed a suicide, the other 2 were accidental. I dealt with drug use and codependency with many of my role models growing up. Looking back on their lives is confusing. Before they were Oxycontin addicts, they were good people who I loved. But during the 5-8 years leading up to my aunt's and mom's paassings, they each had become a meer husk of a person. I recollect only a handful of positive memories while my father wasnt drunk in early childhood, most were alcohol-induced, violent, rageful, and verbally abuse-very traumatic. My. codependency drove me to be near my mom to look out for her, which influenced me in bad ways but luckily not to pain killers or street drugs. . I brought both my mother and aunt back from overdose, stayed up with my mother many nights on suicide watch through grade school, and even experienced a robbery for her drugs. It's hard to forgive them and wrap my head around because I feel so cheated and betrayed, but I don't want to let bitterness hold me back in life. Bep8eve it or not 8 grapple with the idea that their passing could have been a blessing. Following their influence could have beeny demise I'm in recovery for BPD and just started MDMR. Is there anyything you can say about dealing with such complex grief. I wonder if I'll ever find any sense peace with it all.

  64. I had to move 2000 miles to get away from my family and everyone else who still drank. I had to do whatever it took to save my life. 27 years sober, woot!.

  65. When I was 17 I had been struggling for years and my ptsd really showed itself right then – a lot anxiety and nightmares and suicidal thoughts. I started binge drinking with a friend of mine just for the sake of drinking the pain away. It happened every weekend and I would show up to school hungover. Because I was struggling my grades dropped. After a few months of heavy binge drinking some stuff happened (physical altercation with my friends when I was drunk) and they said to me “you’ve gone too far. You’ve crossed a line.” And they said that I had to choose what I cared about more: them or alcohol. I had 2 weeks to sober up or my friends were out of my life for good. I realized then that I couldn’t lose my friends and became sober. It was hard work and I felt like shit, but after a while my grades went up and my friendships were less strained. I have been sober since I always drink in strict moderation when I do have a drink socially.

  66. I'm about 99.9% im experiencing this. I drink to combat the feeling of not feeling/apathy. Simply put it helps me feel more human. Kati, how can I change this? I would really appreciate your input on this, I'm damaging not only myself but the people around me.

  67. Alcoholism and alcohol use disorder are the same thing. People in AA use the term alcoholism because that's the term the book alcoholics anonymous uses for it.
    Whoever diagnosed you has to use the dsm 5's definition.

  68. OH MY GOD, am I an alcoholic?????????
    Literally relate to EVERY. SINGLE. EXAMPLE.
    I'm not even kidding.
    Every. single. one.

    Oh my God. I'm drinking right now.

  69. AA is a cult religion, Three Federal circuit Court deemed AA a religion. Also because it's anonymous sex offender's don't have to disclose their past nor identity. There's no one size fit all program, As AA claim. Also AA sponsors frown especially on therapy, and people who take meds for their mental condition. I've experienced everything, I'm speaking of in AA. Feel free to Google AA rapes, and sex offender's, and sponcers who, Frown on Mental health treatment. Please do subject anyone to that cult. It's like reffering a mechanic to do a heart transplant. Seriously do your research, Every thing has a pro and con. Food for thought.

  70. I’ve been struggling with alcoholism for a while now. It’s the only thing that seems to numb my deep depression. I’ve been to so many different therapists and have tried so many different medications and nothing has worked. I’m scared that I might have to live like this for the rest of my life. I’m getting ketamine infusions next week and I hope so badly that is works. Thank you for this informative video! You’re so beautiful and so smart!

  71. There is no help out there for alcoholics. My Mum was an extremely successful professional dancer and then fitness/aerobics instructor for over 30 years and became an alcoholic as self medication for depression. Very high functioning and not like any other alcoholics I’ve seen and able to hide it very well with make-up, strong mints and perfume for a number of years and kept her teaching jobs up until 6 months before her passing from liver failure.

    The doctors, hospital and alcohol support services all let her down whilst she was dying, and because of them she’s no longer here, it is shocking and makes me sick.

  72. My mom and dad both have this problem (my dad was a addict to narcotics) but both of havw problems with pills and drinking, my dad has clinical BPD and other various mental illnesses. They got divorced when I was very little because of it, but my mom thinks she's not a alcoholic which she very much is. Me and my mom also have type 1 diabetes and the alcohol (smoking and drug use) does not help her blood sugars. I am very worried about her she doesnt properly take care of herself bscause of her alcoholism. (Diabetes also gives you mayjor organ damage if not taken careof properly) so this is concering. Im also very worried putting her in the detox centers because of her illnesses. I'm scared she's not going to be taken care of properly if any one can help me with this problem or has a simlar situation please reply. I'm at my witts end about this and its getting worse with time.

  73. In your title you how do "you treat it?" Those methods and resources that you included are simply a list of resources – very few of them will actually have the experience and proven methods to cure alcoholism and alcohol dependency / addiction.

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