What is Paranoid Personality Disorder?

What is Paranoid Personality Disorder?

Hello this is dr. Grande today the question is what is paranoid personality disorder now paranoid personality disorder is in the same grouping as Schizotypal and schizoid personality disorders and In the dsm this grouping is called cluster A, there’s three clusters of personality disorders in DSM clusters A, B, and C Paranoid personality disorder is in cluster A and this disorder is characterized by a pervasive pattern of suspiciousness and distrust of others So with this disorder oftentimes individuals will see other people as trying to exploit them harm them or deceive them and They’ll doubt the loyalty of close friends Distant friends, relatives, associates pretty much everyone around them they have any type of meaningful contact with so somebody approaches them and Appears to be loyal. They’ll really find that to be startling or unusual and become more suspicious Individuals with this disorder oftentimes are reluctant to confide in people About their feelings of vulnerability about their thoughts of hostility toward others or their This feeling that they’re being threatened by others. They don’t really like to talk about that The idea here is that if they confide in people they’re giving information to other people that could be used against them So they don’t tend to talk much about it They also see hidden demeaning aspects or threatening aspects in innocuous remarks and comments and this can be just Brief comments that people make like a greeting or saying goodbye Or for example if someone with this disorder is at a restaurant and the waiter or waitress brings the wrong meal Instead that just being an honest mistake in that person’s mind They could turn that into well that person brought me the wrong meal because They are conspiring against me or they don’t like me so it’s reading way more than the evidence would suggest so everybody has paranoia once in a while just like narcissism It’s normal to have paranoid feelings once in a while But these symptoms that we see in paranoid personality disorder are well beyond what the evidence supports Another piece with paranoid personality disorder is this idea of holding grudges, so once someone with this disorder forms this distrust or has the suspiciousness Oftentimes a grudge follows, and this is a lack of forgiveness Even though nothing was actually done In the individuals mind forgiveness would be necessary to move on and they can’t forgive They hold that grudge and sometimes they act on that over time also with this disorder there’s this idea of Someone’s thinks that their character or reputation is being attacked, or is going to be attacked and they want a counter-attack so oftentimes somebody with this disorder Will act out verbally sometimes physically in an effort to counter-attack to get ahead of a possible attack against their character reputation, I think somebody is planning a major piece here with this disorder is fidelity and for those people with this disorder Who are married or in a long-term relationship it’s not unusual they become suspicious and believe that their partner is cheating and They look for evidence that this is happening and they try to control that person’s whereabouts And of course this is something that’s very difficult To handle for the partner so with this fidelity piece or this suspecting infidelity piece It becomes this logical problem of trying to disprove a negative the partner is always on the defensive Trying to prove that he or she has been using their time in a productive way and not cheating and This only increases the level of suspiciousness it’s kind of a cycle that the person with the disorder enters into Now relationship problems are fairly common with people with paranoid personality disorder they are oftentimes looked at as litigious and cold and Also, they get into a cycle So they believe that people are threatening them or out to get them, and they’re distrustful The way they treat people then causes those people to have Sometimes hostile feelings toward that individual disorder or to not trust that individual or to think that they’re not friendly so then they are Other people are sometimes a little cold to people with this disorder And that serves as evidence that the individual disorder was right that the person is threatening, or doesn’t like them Or has bad intentions and this cycle just continues So paranoid personality disorder is a chronic long-lasting condition, but there’s also this cycle to look out for where the behavior the suspicious behavior leads to Reactions that are negative and that leads to more suspicious behavior So you have the chronic long lasting piece plus the cycle it can make this disorder quite difficult to treat all personality disorders are considered somewhat difficult to treat and Paranoid personality disorder is no exception now for somebody with this disorder Especially during periods of stress they can experience brief psychosis a detachment from reality delusions hallucinations And these can last anywhere from minutes to hours and this can become difficult for a diagnostic reason Because if somebody has psychosis Oftentimes we think of the extremes of major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder or schizophrenia But with paranoid personality disorder these are brief episodes of psychosis and the criteria of paranoid personality disorder is met before the psychosis and met after again, it’s persistent illness So it’s chronic and long-lasting And we’d expect to see it for a while there may be periods of psychosis and afterwards it’s going to continue Disorders that are comorbid with paranoid personality disorder included major depressive disorder obsessive-compulsive disorder substance use disorders and agoraphobia We also see other personality disorders comorbid with paranoid personality disorder and I mentioned earlier the paranoid personality disorder is in cluster A of the personality disorders in the DSM and two of the personality disorders that are more highly comorbid with paranoid personality disorder Are the other disorders in cluster A schizotypal and schizoid. We also see other personality disorders comorbid with paranoid personality disorder including avoidant personality disorder narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personallity disorder the prevalence in the population Is thought to be somewhere between two and four percent individuals with this disorder Oftentimes don’t seek treatment Which makes sense because they have feelings of paranoia thoughts of paranoia So they’re going to have trouble trusting mental health clinicians and other people in the mental health treatment field There has been research done on This idea that people with paranoid personality disorder have a tendency toward violence that’s greater than we see with a lot of other personality disorders and That we see with a lot of other mental health disorders in general And there is some violence associated with paranoid personality disorder in a small number of the individuals who have this disorder. This is often thought of as Something that’s provoked Meaning individuals with this disorder would rarely be spontaneously violent, but rather than some sort of provocation What makes this difficult though is their threshold for provocation can be very low because of the high paranoia Individuals with this disorder are also more likely to be involved in stalking and making threats So this is a personality disorder of course, and we know that these can be difficult to treat there is however a treatment protocol available several available for paranoid persononality disorder and They’ve shown to have some success all though they do take quite a bit of time Talk therapy is one of the most popular treatments for paranoid personality disorder and counseling designed to treat paranoid personality disorder Would oftentimes emphasize helping the individual to verbalize distress instead of acting on it physically and Recognizing feelings developing inside particularly recognizing feelings of vulnerability Which we believe exists in many people that have paranoid personality disorder and develop a realistic view of How others view them so Increasing the level of trust that that individual has and other people to a realistic level I hope you found this description of paranoid personality disorder to be interesting. Thanks for watching

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  1. I trust no one. Not even family or friends. Mainly because they’re all liars. Girlfriends always cheat on me or ditch me etc etc. I basically hate all people including all you fuckers on the internet with your different opinions.

  2. I'm capable of everything I fear. That's why I'm paranoid. The grudge issue for me is a fear ill forget and the event will repeat itself.A dash of perceived control drizzled with pain.The defensive part is due to a lack of esteem.Control again.

  3. I need help. My wife has PPD but refuses to admit it or see a doctor. What can I do? She is destroying just not my marriage but also our kids.

  4. I think I may have this, I've been excessively paranoid and suspicious of people this last year. It's gotten so bad that I'm afraid to post on my social medias because I think that if people see me succeeding all of them will hope that I fail. granted it may be true that a small amount of people will be envious, but not all. I know my fears are unrealistic but they seem so real to me.

  5. Oh my god you guys, I feel your frustration and pain. Honestly. I thought I was alone. I've been with this guy for five years now with this disorder. Though at first like you said, in the beginning he was fine. But as the years went on it became apparent there was something going on with him. This video describes him exactly. It started with him telling me that he hated it when people rubbed or scratched their noses in front of him. He didn't tell me what it meant to him until years later. He told me that by doing that they were saying he smelled bad. These were random people on the street that he didn't even know. I told him, what if their nose just itches? No, in his mind there was no other possible reason they would touch their nose other than to tell him he smelled bad. There were so many things, too many to list here. Paranoia didn't cross my mind until one day when he told me this. He told me that whenever the police, or any other emergency vehicle turned on their sirens, that was a signal for all his neighbors and anyone who lived around close to him to start messing and fucking with him. I didn't say anything, I didn't want to accidentally make fun of him because I could see he really believed it. I just sat there thinking at first, really??? Then I thought, ok there's definitely something here, I wouldn't say wrong, but it obviously wasn't normal. Now when the guy described the restaurant and meal scenario, oh god. This is exactly him. To make matters worse, he's lacrosse intolerant. Dear God. Every single time we go out to eat it is the same thing. Ok you can't eat dairy, you're not the only one, but the way he tells them it's as if he's challenging them to put cheese or dairy in his food. Then when the food comes it has cheese or dairy in it. He claims it's because the cook hates him or someone does. And even if the food is free of dairy, he claims they still put some cheese or dairy in it but it's hidden somewhere. Oh dear god!!! Thank goodness I'm a very patient person but even the most patient person has their limits. Anyway, I'm sure glad to know I'm not alone I this. Best wishes to you guys.

  6. Can the parenting of a person with Paranoid personality disorder cause someone to develop a disorder like Avoidant personality disorder?

  7. This sounds uncanny. I can barely stand a bus journey. I find it really hard to forgive people. Everything you're saying ring true for me. I have been with my partner for 8 years and we have 3 sons. What can I do?

  8. I was diagnosed with this.I dont have it I trust people.I was harassed it was ignored.they said paranoid loud music etc all day every day.and police saying allegations could not be substantiated.so if I had told court they were taking sides with neighbours it would be deemed (they did take sides) paranoia.and when they lied it would be deemed to be paranoia.so they got away with it.dont have it and they using this to deny what happened and continue justifying adoption.in most cases you have wronged people you deny it then call them paranoid personality disorder.
    reluctance to confide in people is projection by people who suspect things a bout the person they are accusing of being paranoid.all rubbish of share problem blah blah blah.misdiagnosis has serious on people and its deliberate its very powerful position for professional to be in .if you are suspicious of other people you're not vulnerable if you are hostile we are vulnerable to you.lot of health professionals are that.just read psychiatrists report full of suspicion insinuating I'm liar etc that I hear voices but am likely to deny it.professional need to see how they are wrong .just what drs thought.oh what rotten thing for bullying recipients to have to deal with.

  9. Hearing you talk, reminds me just how society sees us, and it hurts my heart tremendously. Even after 13 years of marriage, i lost my wife due to this.

    I was not always like this. My multiple, multiple, head injuries caught up to me at in my mid 30's, then later at 37 the pugalistica dementia said hello. Then we learned EVERYTHING !

    You are the only one that did not throw medication at us in your video, and for that, i wish you could be my doctor.

    However despite what tje world says about us, and despite loosing everything in life, PPD is a gift sir.

    I truly believe it in my heart ! But hey, i enjoyed your video a lot sir. Sometimes i need to remember why im so damn different from the normies, and why i dont fit in. The knowledge brings comfort, yet tears 🙂

    From human to human, love you and God Bless Sir 🙂

  10. I clearly see the dilemma in these comments. Sufferers are (obviously) too paranoid to admit they have the problem. Wow. What a catch-22. You should try very hard to remember your childhoods, eventually you should remember why you developed the disorder. Its only a start but any logic that could explain your condition is a step towards logic all the time. It took me a long time but eventually I remembered all the way back to my crib, to my fathers arms trying to give me to my mother but she didn't want to so I cried and screamed until she did. I remember her voice in disgust "I don't want to take him". The pattern continued until I was too old to care about a mother's comfort and too busy to remember the early days. Having un-repressed all that, today when I start freaking out in borderline anger and rage I see myself as an infant and it makes sense and it sort of calms me down, like breaking the circuit of an alarm-system I don't need anymore because the house already burned down a long time ago. Perhaps somebody WAS always watching you in your childhoods? Perhaps there was a voyeur you learned to ignore?! I have an exhibitionist side to me I traced back to my father leering at me as a toddler, which unfortunately I also now know was of a sexual nature. So it makes sense it traumatized me because it wasn't a stare of love or concern. But you can also see how I never would have noticed that or been able to perceive that as a toddler.. or even as an adult.. a stare is a stare.. we project the emotions behind the other's eyes much of the time. Anyways, I feel your pain people… don't keep it inside.. let it out bit by bit.

  11. I know I have this. I am not violent…but it is almost impossible to have normal or long lasting relationships…even watching this I am uncomfortable haha…people just suck 😪 I feel like I have always always had it since a child I create “enemies” and shut people out so quickly if they make me uncomfortable. It is an extreme coping mechanism like DID or any other trauma related disorder. I am so loving and gentle…but I am so uncomfortable with people I struggle to connect, especially the second it gets in my mind that they want too or will hurt me. It sucks.

  12. I have lost almost all my friends and don't want to lose the remaining ones…
    I am thinking of doing meditation, will it help me?

  13. I have this. I have been trying to get help. How ever I'm not sure where to look. I feel alone and dont know what to do. I'm an adult and cant keep a job, relationships, or socialize with anyone.

  14. Does a child being bullied can lead to paranoid personality disorder when he is become adult? my sister's ex boyfriend told her he was being bullied when he was a kid just because he is "different", and now they had broke up because he thought my sister had cheating on him, suspect she had someone force her to conned him, and even involved on satanic cult which she tried to told him all wasn't true (there are no evidence even), but he never believed her, and he keeps on thought the worst of her.

  15. I see a lot of videos and articles about what PPD is and its symptoms but does anyone any Dr or specialist have any input on how to get rid of it or how to fix it, I know what PPD is but no one is saying how to fix it or how to live a better life with this disorder, I have PPD and I’m sick of ppl talking about the symptoms but no formula to help with the disorder, I mean Jesus there is a million videos on what PPD is and its symptoms but ppl want to know how to deal with it can someone help?????????

  16. Hmm. Okay I never feel like my partner is cheating. I dont think someone is going to hurt me (except some slight seconds walking at night) but I seem to hold DEEP grudge towards one person but i dont violently act towards this person. This person did do me wrong but its so hard for me to move on and cannot forgive. It comes from repetitive behavior that this person do… sometimes this person do it for real but sometimes this person does not (i was wrong). Is it my fault that i feel suspicious? Do I have PPD?

  17. I might seek treatment for this, since I found out that I might very likely suffer from this disorder. I have been intensely paranoid ever since childhood. I also have a lot of other disorder and mental issues so yeah, I feel quite bad about having so much pain inside.

  18. i think this is me but im not violent.my initial reaction is worry. how will people feel around me if i actually have something like
    Paranoid personality disorder and what would thierintentions be.  if  i think they are out to get me i try to understand why.  im always apoligizing for anything that coould be misconstrued in any way

  19. How would someone get diagnosed of having ppd? Is someone has ppd they may not think they have ppd traits. So how would a doctor know if someone has ppd?

  20. I dont know if it is parnioa, or Germ phobia in my case. If i have some bottle water, or a pill that falls on the floor, it goes in the trash. and if my food does not look right. though it prob is ok, to eat. I will throw it out. I think that germs can get though to a plastic bottle. i am paranoid over food, or is is germ phobia? i am always washing my hands my times a day, and i am very depressed and have sever panic attacks. I alway think i am going to die, over an kind of pain. I been to the ER over 100 tiem thinking i was going to die, most of the time i get told it is panic.

  21. Luckily because I’ve been in and out of psychotherapy for around three years now, my paranoia hasn’t developed into something so extremely unhealthy. Now I haven been diagnosed with a personality disorder(I’ve been dishonored with MDD(Major depressive disorder), social anxiety, and GAD(generalized anxiety disorder), however I exhibit many symptoms of PPD with my interpersonal relationship. I find small slights and “jabs” in what my friends say and I tend to ruminate about those sometimes and in turn develop a negative view of them. However, with my dad, I often explode with anger and meanness when I feel insulted and slighted over things that wouldn’t usually insult someone. I believe this anger comes from being under some stress. for example, I’m an adult 18 and obviously I have my life ahead of me. I ponder about this quite often. However when my dad asks about my plans, I take it as he’s trying to get rid of me or tell me I am worthless/doing nothing and it is then when I react w anger and meanness. I think it’s very likely I have this personality disorder.

  22. Dr Grande, your tone of voice, word choice and expression is so soothing and informative and full of understanding, that it creates this little bit more calmness inside myself. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone.

  23. If someone brought you purposely the wrong meal, There is no need to look for further evidence. I would never risk being poisoned and Humiliated in public. I was poisoned by my 1st grade teacher. She poisoned me so badly then wouldn't allow me to cough, When I tried to cough she have me a hypnotic suggestion not to do so. So I would NEVER risk being publicly shamed and humiliated in a restaurant. Who promoted you to make this video? I also don't think cheaters should be protected. What about the victims feelings? Unbelievable

  24. Wow. I am meeting several people recently who have these symptoms. I don't need to try to change them, but it sure is helpful to be able to see what is going on with them. I think my cat has this disorder.

  25. This wasn't very helpful you just described my best friend as seems To have been getting worse I used to always just tell her she was trippin until it was me that she thought was trying to kill. It's sad and hard to deal with idk how to go about getting her diagnosed so she can get the medicine and help she needs

  26. My wife has it and it's getting worse with time. Every time she meets someone outside she comes home and accuses me to have met them earlier and told them secret things about her.
    She also accuses me of sleeping around. When I visit my mother in another city, she calls me in the middle of the night checking on me. When I return she accuses me of sleeping with my nieces, my sister and other women.

  27. My partner believes she is a target individual and keeps accusing me ov conspiracy against her along with friends family and strangers I’m met with hostility whenever I try to say something different she been hospitalised will not talk to me is this what this is how do I help her I don’t want us to end but il have to walk away anyone help with advise

  28. About infidelity, it's possible to live in a world where you do have paranoia and your partner has cheated on you in the past. Let's not pretend we live in a world completely free of adultery. You have to consider that even a person with paranoia can have a cheating spouse. And let's not assume that just because one partner has paranoia, that that automatically means the other partner is faithful and honest. In that situation paranoia can seem like an easy blame and distraction from the behavior that is more destructive and that is infidelity.

  29. I am suffering for the last six years, although have taken many CBT therapy sessions and lately neuro feedback but all is useless..now a days mood swing swear

  30. As I listen, this seems like it would be so painful to the person who has this. And other people, of course. But to have the information incoming, say about the waiter bringing the wrong order, be so tumbled – It just would Hurt!

  31. MY HUSBAND HAS PARANOID PERSONALITY DISORDER! 🤐. He thought that 25 years ago I was attempting to poison him because some food was left out of the fridge by mistake and I served it to him and he got minor food poisoning!

  32. I think my sister has this disorder. She used to be very fun to be around but now has become so distrusting of everyone around even her husband. It’s become impossible to have a healthy relationship with her. I would like to help her realize she needs to seek help but don’t know how to go about It. Any advice of what I could tell her or how I should approach the subject with her?

  33. My mother has PPD and she has destroyed our family. I am the only person she has left and I have tried to get her to seek treatment, but she says there's nothing wrong her.

  34. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PPD but I think my paranoia is due to anxiety. I’m not that bad. Please help me what to do. I usually became anxious in my appointments and can’t explain my feelings very well.

  35. I heard this term all the time from the people/organizations (w/o doctor's instruction) tried to get away from the crime they committed…Now it comes to the point that this term is so abused for the people who can benefit from it so that them wouldn't be hold accountable for their wrong doings…Hummm, tricky concept…

  36. My husband has this issue and after four years married im feeling depresse and sick because this person just destroying my life he always acusing me for cheating him and i cant keep living this way what can i do is better to run away or there is a solution for this people

  37. how can you not be paranoid if you've only met bad people in your life who hurt you?

    – anaffective, depressed and booby mother
    – father who abandoned you when you were 5 and didn't show up in your life anymore
    – bullying throughout your schooling (elementary, middle school, high school) due to your physical appearance and your sexual orientation with spits, offenses, physical violence, beatings, in isolation
    – False friendships that have always used and abandoned you and that have always played on you
    – Boyfriend who betrayed you and made fun of you

    A person who has suffered all these things in life how can he not suffer from paranoia and rely on others or think that there is good in them?

  38. My father might have this. He always tells me to not lie to him. He says he has ways to find out if I’m lying. He’s even stalked me, before. I didn’t tell him I was going to the bar while he was at work and he drove there just to see that my car was there. When I got home, he had an episode about it where he flipped out and started yelling at me. It tool him four days to get over it. He’s very controlling and he projects his own flaws onto me.

  39. Dr Todd you absolutely nailed the section where you talk about how other people may view the person with paranoid personality disorder as cold and not friendly. Having this disorder is seriously the worse feeling ever. I really struggle to trust people around me. I feel like everyone is ridiculing me and thinks of me as a joke. I NEED FUCKING HELP

  40. Honestly, art really seems to help me calm down my paranoia. It helps me take my mind of everything else, and it's really the only time I feel like I'm at peace.

  41. Thank you Dr. Grande, not only do I have schizoid but also paranoid PD. A small example: I've moved 2 years ago and I don't even know my new neighbors names … why should it be me to take the first step and introduce myself? Also, I suspect one of them of gossipping about me behind my back, they (and I as a result) don't even say hello anymore when we see each other. Another example: as I'm typing this, I have several weapons around me in the room in case someone breaks down my door to rob my place. Makes me feel a bit safer. I have no friends because like in some famous movie that a character says: "I don't know who to trust …", and I don't. I trust my shrink though, more than my own family.

  42. I’m always worried I’m putting too much furniture in my room that my floor’s going to collapse. I’m worried that the elevator will free fall. If I think about something stupid, I try to shift to something else, because I’m worried someone’s reading my thoughts. It also takes weeks for me to forget about insults…

    It just feels like whatever can’t happen will happen.

  43. Men are the cause of my paranoia. They’re always lying about some simple things in my mind, and so I’ll push you away unapologetically and know that I saved myself from something bad. Also online also causes it to rise. Watch out for people and trust your guts.

  44. How does this develop in the brain? Brain chemistry is so interesting to me, I’m thinking about going back to school to study Neuroscience/ psychology

  45. Yesterday I was thinking about the poeple's feedback about my attitude. I always think that I'm doing the right things and decisions. I don't know why if someone doesn't like what I said I get aggressive and defensive. I unconsciously hate critisms. I knew to myself there's something wrong with me. When I checked the symptoms. I really have paranoia/schizophrenia, I started isolating myself since then, I don't like talking too much specially to those persons that is bad for me. I don't want them to know so much about me because I think they'll use that against me or probably use me because of my capabilities

  46. The tragic cycle. PPD husband creates an unstable environment. Wife become discontent. Wifes discontent creates further worries with the husband.
    The cycle continues and the wife actually finds herself in an longish term affair.

    This was the best thing that could had happened to me / us ! It showed me exactly how I greately contributed to the decline of our marriage, and forced me to seek professional help.

    We were married 14 years when the oopsie was discovered. We would not be here for year 15 if this never happened.

    Its terrible that it took having such a tragic event before i could recognise things, but if im very thankful !

    My wife also recognised how she contributed to our decline also. I stand with pride that I still have this amazing girl in my life, and how we are rebuilding our marriage together, different and better !

    Just wanted to share my story ! Well the wifey is done with school, so more videos for tonight ! Lol

    Thank You Sir 🙂

  47. I believe I have this , I cannot keep a relationship nor friendship I cut everyone off to the point I have absolutely no one.I think everyone hates me and just around me to use me. I just moved in my apartment and think someone put a camera in all the vents to watch me . 😥 I want help because I wish I had ppl in my life but I dont trust no one.

  48. This… sounds like me in the worst form.

    Me and my girlfriend have been living together ever since I got out of the Army, I was discharged because I did a lot of crazy things and lied and almost got court marshalled to save some buddies. But I was interrogated by investigators every day of my whereabouts and I was always so scared my life was gonna be ruined. It wasn't that bad, I had just gotten into a fight when I was drunk and I tried to cover it up. But I got caught up in my lie because of the country I was in. But they forced me to file a report, they interrogated me, they wouldn't let me go anywhere but my barracks and DEFAC (cafeteria). I went through 8 months of getting the discharge processed, all while I had extra duty every day, 7 days a week, 16 hour work days for 3 months straight. I had no time to myself and all the time I had to myself was spent drinking. This ruined my engagement at home. Not only that I found out she had cheated on me since the day I left for Korea. I found myself online a lot these days and I met a girl that I could maybe talk to to get through my relationship, let her know its nothing serious. We fell in love instantly, well not instantly but we loved the idea of eachother instantly. It was a big risk and probably not the best idea but I moved in with her directly after I got out of the service. We were fine the first few months but then I started to notice it seemed like she was always guarding her phone. She had been talking to her ex boyfriend, nothing like that, just friends but, I said I didn't care if they were friends and that it'd be okay if she were open about it. But she insisted she blocked him, and I said it was her decision. But she did it and I had been talking to her one day and a notification popped up on her phone with her ex's name. A little agitated I asked why she did that and she said that she was just talking to him because of her cat, which I said was okay but she still insisted she blocked him. And she never did, we argued about this several times until we came to an understanding and I told her that it didn't make me feel comfortable now with all of that hiding, and she had said to me its because none of her exes trusted her. This happened several times with several people, but any time I went to check I always ended up looking like the idiot. My back problems persisted and I started having seizures from the contractions in my back, so I had to stop working. This is all progressively getting worse, tying into eachother, my paranoia, my back problems, making me depressed. Some days I wish I could just know everything, even if it was bad, because everyday is scary for me. Because when the problems really started getting bad I did very crazy things, I still do them to this day but I'm more aware of my situation and can control them easier. There are days that I feel myself going into that psychosis and it's like someone else took over. There are times my girlfriend and I fight and I just cant trust her, and I mean she lied to me in the past but nowadays things I freak out about are pretty small. Like if someone looks at her or talks to her regularly, or she appears too friendly to someone else, or if someone texts her. And these emotions I feel make me impulsive, they make me say snide remarks, and stuff that like I would never see myself saying, but it's like I can't help it, it has to come out or I have a panick attack or sensory overload, and to prevent that my anger keeps escalating until its world war III, and I've done some very unsavory things that most people would leave someone for. But now were starting to become aware of the situation and I'm being more trusting, inviting her to talk to her friends and to tell me about even guys she interacts with at work. It's very hard for me to trust anyone at this point, but she still sticks with me through it, and some days I can see her getting upset and mad at me because she works and at the moment she takes care of me, and I don't trust her at all… and I dont know why, I should but I keep seeing these underlying meaning and I find myself being a burden in her eyes than anything. Like just today she thought she was pregnant so we went and got a pregnancy test, and she had said she used it, but for some reason I didn't believe it, because the box said 3 minutes show results and she said it was negative as soon as she used it, therefore I didn't believe her. This is all scary and new for me, and it's very real and I advise getting help for it, because it can run your life.

    Update: I'm 22 years old

  49. @Dr. Todd Grande I feel like I’ve struggled with this since a really early age and that it was essentially sparked by the social implications of having Cerebral Palsy. Being that I developed an awareness of those seeing me as different from a very early age, and as I went through middle school judgments and negative feedback became severe in interactions with peers.

    A: Is there any research you know of that is focused around mental health disorders in individuals who have Cerebral palsy or any other outward appearing disabilities?

    B: if not I think (of course I’m bias) it would be an interesting and valuable study.

  50. FUCK!!! Yesterday this thought popped in my mind and then I realized I might have this disorder.
    Makes sense since I'm always thinking everyone wants to hurt me physically, or that when some people call me and I'm in the street they are observing to see if I take the call, in my new job I'm having thoughts everyone thinks I suck and when I walk the street and see a man sometimes I'm afraid it will assault with a knife, also I believe most people hate me, which contradicts evidence but at the moment of the thought I'm certain everyone hates me or pity me.

    Add this to Pure O and Depression, this sucks but I'm going back to CBT and get better.

    PS: Good think I'm not really aggressive, just on rare occasions.

  51. are there any guidance's on how to cope with partners that have or may have Paranoid personality disorder? or is there any hope? Seems like they stay single forever.

  52. I have a lot of paranoias
    I don't know what diagnosis I have.
    I have been in psychiatry but they don't tell me what diagnosis I have.I also feel empty,detached from reality,cold with people,socially withdrawn and agitated.I have symptoms of schizophrenia but I'm not sure.
    I attempted to kill myself that's why I have been in psychiatry.
    I think I'm affected by the evil eye.
    I had before major depression and generalized anxiety.I self-diagnosed I had those and I'm 100% sure but they passed away.

  53. I’m someone that suffers from this and I’m kinda glad more people are finding out about this disorder. It’s nice to shed some light onto it but it’s a bit annoying to hear everyone in the comments saying they have it

  54. It is very highly likely my father had PPD and unfortunately, he committed extremely violent acts…over time they progressively got more extreme and the paranoia was so pervasive it rubbed off on me. I wasn’t even allowed to open my drapes out of his fear someone was looking into our house. I was not allowed to have anyone over, ever. He could never get help…how can you when you trust no one?

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