What It’s Like To Have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

What It’s Like To Have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

– PMS times a million. I’m Augusta and I have
something called PMDD. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, is an extreme form of PMS that includes severe physical and behavioral symptoms. When I first realized that
I had it as a teenager, I was just convinced that I was bipolar or really depressed. I felt I was intangible
because I couldn’t put myself in one box, one way or another. I was captain of cheerleading,
I was in honors classes, I was in theater, I was
in all these things. And it’s like, all happy all the time! At home, I was like, wow
I’m extremely depressed. In this video, you’re gonna
see that I’m really happy and really upbeat and
that’s because I’m not in the part of my cycle where
PMDD is affecting me. If we were filming this
when I was in my PMDD cycle, I guarantee you it would be a
different version of myself. It’s not the happy me, it’s like the me that doesn’t have energy
or is just feeling really depressed and sad, and low. The big thing is that PMDD, when it hits, it’s not something that
you can really see, and it’s not something that’s
immediately perceptible. That’s why people don’t know
that other people have it or know that they have it. But it is this, like, bit of
a conflict inside of myself. If you don’t know what PMDD is,
picture PMS times a million. Extreme emotional and
physical highs and lows. I would laugh so hard that I
would actually start crying and then I would just really sad about, I don’t know, I just felt
sadness and hopelessness, really deep within me
for no apparent reason, it was just like a
feeling that overcame me. The physical part of it is that because your hormones are changing at whatever time, it gets triggered For me it’s like my boobs are really sore for like three weeks before my period which, if you do math,
is 75% of the month. I would get really bad migraines, like I started tracking it
and I would get migraines like 12 days before my
period every single cycle. So, PMDD for me is really
extreme highs and lows, or exaggerated emotions
and physical feelings, and things, before your period. So, when I was 15 I had my
periods for about 3 years, and I started at that
point getting very sad, like two weeks before my period. And then one day on TV I
saw a commercial for Yaz, which was branded as
the PMDD birth control. They started listing out the
symptoms and it was like, depression, sadness,
extreme highs and lows, breast tenderness, migraines,
like all of these things, and I was like it’s me, it’s me, they’re talking to me, I need this thing! So, I went with my Mom to my gynecologist, we went and I told her all of my symptoms and she was like, yeah, you have PMDD and if Yaz is what you wanna be taking, we can get you on that. So, I went on it, I was
on it for like four years, and it was great for my PMDD
but it was really terrible in some other physical aspects, so I wound up having to get off of it, and I can’t be on hormonal
birth control at all. Because of that, I’ve
had to figure out how to deal with PMDD on an
extremely natural level. So, when I’m experiencing PMDD I’m like in the zone of PMDD. The things that can throw me off are so minuscule-sounding but you would think that my entire world was shattered. If someone sends me an
email at work, that’s like, hey, you did something
wrong, can you fix it, it’s, like, the most
polite email, I’m like can you believe what they’re sending me! I need to quit this job, I need to go move to some cabin in the woods! I’m never looking at email again! It’s like you would that
they emailed that I was getting fired and I was upset about that. I have to ask myself, like,
okay, if this were a week ago is this how you would
respond to this thing? Or, like, if this was two weeks from now, is this how you would react to this email? So, I have to sit back and say to myself, girl, it’s not you talking,
it’s the PMDD monster and that person is who’s responding. And sometimes it’s the same
thing and I know what it is, like, if the email thing
at work, I’m like okay, I feel like I’m gonna
hate everyone this week, like, whatever. Other things, like
getting tickled, I’m like, couldn’t have spotted that. It’s not easy to necessarily
recognize PMDD in someone and sometimes it’s honestly hard to recognize it in yourself. For me, the thing that people
probably take for granted is they kind of just roll with
the punches no matter what and I feel like I need to plan
ahead for every single thing, which is exhausting and takes a lot more time and energy out of my day. For me, I’m like, okay
it’s the 17th of the month, which means I’m gonna be
crabby for about two weeks now. As an adult I’ve really learned how to roll with the punches of my PMDD. For example, I know that in
the moment and in my emotions I’m like, I don’t wanna get out of bed, I don’t even wanna shower today, I don’t wanna do anything,
I don’t wanna see anyone, or talk to anyone, and I
know that the thing that actually gets me out of it is distracting myself with social situations. The best thing that I can
do is go be with people. I know that what I eat
and how much I exercise actually really helps it. So, I’m really conscious
to take care of myself on a really regular
basis because it honestly is, like, the only medicine
that has been able to work and not give me negative
side effects as well. If you think you have PMDD
after watching this video I’d say first of all, @ me,
because we talk about it. Second, talk to your parent or guardian, or somebody in your life who you trust, who you can tell about your symptoms and maybe get an appointment
with a doctor or gynecologist. Know that you can figure
out what works for you and what doesn’t work for you, and figure out how to
roll with the punches. It’s not gonna be this, like,
life sentence of terribleness. You can figure out how to,
kind of, make it work for you. (gentle music) – Hey! Unsolved is on a new
channel, and now your part. – Subscribe here! – That was my part.

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  1. Shit…I think I have this. I always wondered why I wanted to commit suicide every time I got my period, or why my PMS symptoms were so intense. A period shouldn't be debilitating but it is for me. I need to go to the doctor 😭

  2. My doctor put me in prozac in 2015, but it didn't work for me.
    They gave me diazepam with several other medicines, and it also didn't work.
    So I didn't try other drugs again, but my pmdd is still really extreme because it puts me in rock bottom and make me attempt suicide many times. Good lord, any positivity is only a blatant lie to me.

  3. I know I have PMDD. I started getting my period 2 years ago and I don’t take anything for PMDD. HELP ME!!!

  4. I have it as well and I didn't know why I would fight with men and people, it's so hard before my period, I'm very emotional, it rullen my relashionships but I'm learning to relax myself with it

  5. I know right, I have this same problem… it sucks, especially when you have to be “normal” because you’re surrounded by other people and literally you’re laughing but three seconds later you feel the urge to cry and then to scream and smash everything

  6. I've been looking everywhere. for someone who knows what's it really like to have pmdd. since I was diagnosed with pmdd last year in march. so I don't have to feel lonely or seem insane because of how the pmdd effects me (big thank you!)

  7. I have it right now. Turned down a social event today, migraines, weight gain, severe mood, tears, emotions – you name it. But next week I'll be bright, bubbly and social once again! This video is very accurate. Thanks for this.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I mean that deeply. I could see when you are about to break several times explaining the pain. A pain that only 3% only truly understand. It's hard to manage and I commend you for taking the time to honestly tell and express to the world what we go through. I Know how hard it was. God bless you.

  9. Your description of your reaction to the email is so me during PMDD time and sometimes I need to take a sick day.

  10. My PMDD story has been rough. I had symptoms as a teenager but I really began struggling after I had my son. I noticed that I would become extremely sad/depressed over small things. My body would ache and I would have extreme fatigue. When I turned 30 things became worse. On top of my fun two week PMDD symptoms I began having anxiety and seizures. I was in and out of the hospital and the doctors had no clue. My husband kept telling them he thinks it's my cycle because the day before my cycle was the worst. The doctors did not listen, they gave me all sorts of meds and diagnosed me all sorts of diseases or mental illnesses. It didn't help that my depression two weeks before my cycle had reached a point of suicidal. My husband and other family members fought for the correct diagnosis. I finally met a small town midwife that knew so much about PMDD. She listened and helped me with medication (getting me off 75% of what the doctors put me on)and how to achieve healthy living. I still stuggle with PMDD symptoms but it's a little bit more manageable. I also have a great boss that understands and listens to me.

  11. I completely started crying when I watched this…😢 I never knew something was way off with me but like you said I learned to roll with the punches myself and thought I just had a tougher menstrual than others. I just never thought it was a thing! When I saw this my head exploded and wished I would have known this earlier and would of saved me from people in my life hating me at times….😳😔😢 Thank you.

  12. Wow I just looked this up. I've noticed around ovulation or before/during period I get way more anxious and right now is my fertile window and I have been feeling so sad. Like you said hopeless. The anxiety is bad too. After having my daughter the normal pms is extreme.

  13. I have PMDD and it feels like it’s not that big of a deal because it’s less known, telling people you have more PMS than the usual girl doesn’t feel like you can really be THAT affected by it.

  14. Everything you explained is what I go through…. I was literally just sitting in my car crying because I feel like there is something wrong with me and I don’t know how to fix it. Some days I’m motivated and ready to conquer the day and other days I don’t have the energy or drive to do anything, I feel pathetic. I always knew it was pms but I didn’t take it serious until now. It’s debilitating. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I’ll still be looked at as just a psycho anyways because people and physicians believe what they want. Nobody wants to really help the mentally ill whether it’s from PMDD or not. They just want us to stop whining and deal with it so they don’t have to hear about it and then God forbid you don’t have insurance 😔 (Yes, I’m nearing my cycle and everyone hates me anyways so might as well rant)

  16. I've had pmdd for almost 8 years now. I had my oldest child 8 years ago & within 6-7 months of giving birth to her I began having such insane & strange scary symptoms. Only recently I was officially diagnosed with pmdd. Before then I went to tons of doctors who told me a bunch of different conditions I probably had but no concrete answer. I was persistent & now I have an answer. It sucks though & what sucks more is my own damn mother & fiance doesnt care to understand. They just say oh your period must be on it's way blah blah blah. I feel so alone in this although I know many females have this. I'm so glad this video is out there.

  17. I have PMDD and was undiagnosed/misdiagnosed up until recent years. Im still trying to find something that works for me long term.

  18. 2 weeks of depressive/ suicidal thoughts, feeling guilty and ungrateful for not wanting to be here when I have everything to be happy for…..2 weeks of feeling on top of the world! Loving my life, feeling so excited for the future and showing gratitude daily 😫…….. although I don’t feel it at the time of my depressive state……thank God I have children that depend on me otherwise I may not be here today! ……… more needs to be done for this. It’s not a joke and we’re suffering with hardly any support. Thank you for sharing your stories, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  19. I was diagnosed with PMDD at the age of 14, which doesn't normally happen as Drs usually like to wait for a diagnosis when you are older to see where and how your hormones settle. I was put on the pill at 14 for hormone treatment to help with my PMDD (only with my endometriosis) as it was getting to the point where I was self harming, was considering suicide and was having breakdowns in class. I now am on the pill and have taken no sugar pills (prescribed by my gynecologist) for the past three years, and it has really helped with it and I am super thankful about it. It is hard, and I hated myself, my body, I hated people when they would just tell me it's just a period and would end soon, and I hated not having control. I am thankful and am so lucky that I was diagnosed so young and started treatment as soon as possible, I know I can just get by because I don't menstruate (thus don't fully experience my PMDD). So many women don't know about the greater impacts of PMS and barely know of the existence of PMDD I love this video and I hope that more and more people learn about this. 3% of all women experience this, that is a small amount but a lot of people who have PMDD don't ever get diagnosed till later. Raise awareness and thank you for making this video and sharing your experience

  20. I think I have this! After 29 years I finally have an answer for my heightened anxiety and stress and obsessive thoughts just before my period! As soon as I come on my period I feel relieved and more relaxed it’s weird.

  21. Ben's wife here….. PMDD has been dibilitating for me and I wish some how some way some day… i can "Roll with the punches" because the suicidal tendencies which also take place in PMDD Symptoms, hospitalize me every 3rd month. I am at a loss myself as to how to keep fighting

  22. this video saved my life. i randomly came across it about 8-9 months ago. i had been searching for an answer to my horrible hormonal problems and this just fell into my lap. i check off every symptom of pmdd. i'm now on a wonderful birth control that helps so so so much!! and it's made specifically for pmdd. if you have this, tell you obgyn about maybe getting on Yaz – it's made for pmdd. it's a life saver.

  23. My PMDD is about 24 to 48 hrs just before my period and about the first 2 to 3 days OF my period…anxiety, crying, emotional/physical exhaustion, bloating, cramps, carb cravings, nausea (sometimes vomiting)…I used to take contraception prescription: Necon 1/35 #28’s that helped me function in the corporate world for a solid decade until, of course, was discontinued by manufacturer (~2015?) …Dealing with a few “hellish ‘sick’ days” seems like every month. Oh well, could be worse. I agree with her, it’s just life and the more knowledgeable you are, the better. Honestly, the effects of fluctuating hormones: estrogen and progesterone on the female brain/body is still a baffling mystery study in the medical field and we STILL don’t have any substantial solution, AT ALL. For the woman suffering with PMDD symptoms, it’s kinder to just inform people rather than have them “wonder” if you are “bipolar” or “crazy” on those few (hopefully only a few) days each month. This young woman’s PMDD is rather more severe imho than the majority.

  24. Pmdd is debilitating. I have had to skip school because I was so depressed. It has ruined the chances to have relationships because I get so obssessive and weepy for around a week out of the month. Hopefully someday it will calm down, because it seems like it has only gotten worse. Working and keeping busy helps, but it eventually seems to catch up with me.

  25. It pretty much afffects my whole life… also glad a big platform is talking about it. Thank you Buzzfeed

  26. Omgsh mine are usually a day or two before. I literally broke down yesterday. I cried for hours, and then my period started today.

  27. This ruins my life…
    I had my worse time when I was 17 my mother died… since2005 I'm depressed most time… plus add this… oh life…😢

  28. Ever since I was taught about this, all my puzzled reactions right before my period came to a halt and first time I CRIED reading through the criterias and feeling omg I found the monster, it's helped me come a long way from dealing with myself and my mental health 9 days before my period. I was often always brushed off growing up that 'oh yah, its just PMS, like get over it' I would be glad to punch each one in the face who said that to me.
    PMDD often rolls in 2-12 days before period or during, but like the rest of your other days, you're completely fine and your mental health is doing good.

  29. I had it so bad that my doctor said I could stab him to death and get away with it. My children suffered terribly, I asked for them to be taken into care. Nobody helped me ever. I am so glad it has gone, but some of the memories will haunt me forever.

  30. Literally watching this smiling and then trying not to cry my period is a few days away. Sometimes i feel like i cant take it anymore that i want drugs i need to go to my doctor.

  31. I don't have PMDD but I cam empathize. I get my PMS for sure. Indica marijuana mellows me out so much. It also helps me with cramps as well.

  32. I actually feel like I can’t speak to my friends or who I’m in a relationship with when I’m PMS’ing because of how paranoid I am like I literally turn the smallest thing into the worst case scenario, I’m on edge and I’m picking at stuff to find things out that aren’t true, I can’t go to work sometimes because of it, the idea of socialising is horrendous. I dread it every single month 🙁

  33. I have PMDD and this video was so helpful, as I also feel like I have to plan everything and have to do things in the most natural way possible. Glad I found this.

  34. I've been crying since Monday and it's Wednesday .period is in a week n everything is going wrong. I can't even do normal things nor think normally

  35. My family knows that I have pmdd yet it is extremely hard for them to cope with my psychotic overreactions severe depression and mood swings and late night binge eating each month.

  36. I started feeling exactly the same after having 3 kids and I always though it was me exaggerating and being dramatic with the stress of kids and with all my symptoms one starting one week before my period.

  37. I’ve experienced all this since I’ve been on most forms of birth control. :/ I’m currently on depo provera for my fibroid tumors and I feel like a complete wreck. I’ve been on it for 6 months and I have my ups and downs with it. I’m currently on that down period where I’ve been spotting for 2 weeks straight post period. I’m depressed, hopeless and constantly feel lonely. I’m nervous about switching because it’s keeping my fibroids from growing and I haven’t had migraines since I’ve been on it. Switching to something else might reverse all that. I’ve been crying a lot lately because of it and I don’t know what to do… 😓

  38. Stopping me from dating no guy has understood me im more emotional and sensitive x100. Litrally driving is a task even no one dare overtake me or the world seems like its about to end

  39. I didn't know this was a real thing. I have been dealing with this now in my late 20s. After my second child I noticed that my "PMS" has gotten so bad. I have been ignoring it. But its getting so bad that am making my partner so miserable. I feel so crazy. I cant even stand myself. I feel so desperate for relief. Thank u for the video. I am going to seek professional help.

  40. I have been noticing extreme behavior in my girlfriend 2or3 days before her period actually begins for the past couple of months. And now I am pretty sure that she has PMDD. Just had a huge fight with her where she was very very very angry on me for a very silly mistake of mine. I have been searching a solution for her extreme behavior . Looks like I've cracked the code !! The fights have been very very demoralizing for me because she said some things to me that were not acceptable. But now I know its not her mistake. Just some hormonal stuff going inside 🙂 Thanks for such information.

  41. It is truly horrifying where ones mind goes during that pmdd time. Not to mention the physical pain as well. It's such a helpless and hopeless feeling all around. Wishing all the pmdd ladies well 💖

  42. My girlfriend has pmdd it's really challenging one minute she's nice and then I can see by her face that's turning into this pmdd monster and she says lots of horrible things then I gtf out of there few silent days then wait for her to contact me…its not easy on us men dealing with it..this is why women live longer lol

  43. 1 or 2 days before my menstruation I feel so lonely. I feel like I have nobody, especially when I'm alone at the moment. I feel so disconnected, and, I don't know, just very sad and lonely

  44. I have always had PMS from the beginning, but in the past few years I get suicidal thoughts!
    It is ruining my life and I think it's about time I started taking treatment for this (I'm a doctor myself so I thought I could help myself with self care but I truly can't manage anymore, my life is terrible)

  45. My fiance and I have known for a while my PMS gets really bad, but after I learned there was a disorder for PMS x10 I felt some relief. Like, it has a name? In the last week before my period it usually spikes, and I can tell when an outburst is on the way. It's just like a constant rush of anxious cortisol, and then if the people around me say even the slightest thing wrong, I'll freak out. It'll shift between sad, to so angry I could cut ties with everybody, to so depressed I'm borderline suicidal. Few hours later, the emotion spikes drop enough for me to calm a little. Luckily the worst only lasts one or two days, and then it pretty much goes back to normal once I start to bleed. I'm glad to see someone talk about it, because I feel like people don't take PMS symptoms seriously. So this disorder isn't talked about much because of that. PMDD sucks.

  46. I screw my boyfriend and later regret about it. The worst thing to punish someone for my internal loophole! Wow!

  47. omg you sound just like me I have this disorder I am a sensitive person to begin with so its really a challenge for me before my period .

  48. Just yesterday I was very close to suicide. This is the worst internal feeling on earth, and having to deal with it monthly is just too much! I literally feel like dying. On top of all the physical aches I’m going through, I get a fricking cold sore! Omg. I’m so tired of this. It’s really affecting my life horribly. I can’t even get the energy to go to work or to the gym! Ok, bye I’m going to go cry now. Ugh!

  49. This was the video that first introduced me to PMDD. I knew that my PMS wasn’t normal, but everyone kept saying that it was fine and that I was fine and I was just being a drama queen.
    It’s been about 4 years since my first symptoms, 1 year from my first introduction, and 1 month since my diagnosis and beginning of my treatment.
    So far it’s only gotten worse. I’ve gone through an episode nearly every day since starting birth control, but I know I just need to get into a routine and push through to get some results.
    Thanks for this video (a year later). You put the bug in my head that I needed to get a better dr (she was okay, but never listened to my mental symptoms and complaints, and would constantly berate my for my weight and A1C levels, despite being within completely normal)and get better treatment as well as advocate for myself!❤️

  50. I've noticed that the past few months my mood swings have become stronger and darker. I get horribly tired, my appetite is all over the place. I have an extremely short fuse, and get overly emotional for no reason. The last 3 cycles I've felt suicidal. I'm currently feeling that way. I'm 2 days away from my period. I feel like I have this fog in my head and this super heavy vest on my chest, that I can't get rid of. I hide to cry so my kids and husband don't see me. I feel like a failure, like I can't be a mom and a wife. I feel like my life is a joke and there's not a single person that truly cares about me, and it hurts. I just stay in this space no matter what I do. I hate it because it's not true! Day one of my period I'm happy but just tired, and feel like a total idiot for feeling that way a few days before. Today I decided to Google "suicidal thoughts before period" because it just couldn't be normal. I'm glad I have come across a possible answer to this horrible thing that takes over me.

  51. I’ve researched pmdd and at this point I’m pretty confident I have it. I always thought that everyone had pms as badly as me but I’m a normally chill, rational person with a pretty high self esteem and especially recently in the week leading up to my period I get extremely sensitive and short tempered and I talk down on myself so much and I don’t even feel like it’s me talking 90% of that time. I’m actually gonna go to the doctor and get birth control so hopefully the symptoms will die down.

  52. I think I have this.. I have a history of depression and it gets extremely worse near and on my period. And I never realized my migraines would be related

  53. I'm going through a very tough time right now. For almost 5 years I had been suffering from PMDD but wasn't aware. I was recently diagnosed and I was doing so well on meds, then 1 month later, it's like beginning from square one. In Kenya and Africa at large, PMDD awareness is so low and every person you explain to about your suffering, they end up dismissing you as just a lazy person, who doesn't wanna work 2 weeks a month. I'm really worried about my career. I'm an Actuarial Officer and that comes with pressure during end months, which is where my period falls most of the times. I just need to figure out how to go about my life. I'm glad I have a supportive boyfriend, but it's not been easy really.

  54. Following Autoimmune Paleo Diet (check Sarah Balentyne) helped a number of women beat this horrible disease. White rice, red meat, cucumber lettuce and drinking water. When stable they starting reintroducing other vegetables and fruits in order to see what causes their reactions.

  55. I don't know if I have PMDD, but my symptoms are horrible.. They start 14 days before period, and just keep getting worse until like 4th day of period (mine lasts 7 days).. 2 weeks before period, I start feeling extreme loneliness, sadness, depression, I get irritated easily, i start getting bruises all over my legs for no reason and I get eczema on my face..
    One week before period, I start feeling extreme anxiety and depression to the point where I'm shaking from it..
    Other symptoms include:
    – breast tenderness
    – acne
    – heart palpitations and fatigue
    – being very bloated
    – migraines (gets worse if the weather is rainy)
    – very hard time concentrating
    – Extreme insomnia
    – Hot flashes at night

    I never tried birth control, but I would just to see if it will help me…

  56. I have PMDD and I used to cut and everything was just not good mood swings were bad i feel so bad for you and that you can’t take medicine to help you with it I feel so lucky that I can take it I hope you feel better

  57. About 4 days before my period (and sometimes during) I am extremely sad and nothing cheers me up. Sometimess it's anger, sometimes it's sadness.

  58. My friend was suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome it includes number of symptoms related to the menstrual cycle such as Severe abdominal pain or cramps, Abdominal bloating, Indigestion, Tender and swollen breasts, Increased appetite and food craving, and Mood swings, etc. It was very painful for her. She tried Female health Support by "Planet Ayurveda" for this and got relief.

  59. Jesus i can relate to this so much I WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS! you’re not crazy you’re not bipolar. I’m showing my boyfriend this

  60. Maca root powder saved my life. I've been taking the yellow root for a year. But now need the stronger one the red.

    Its such an extremely difficult disorder. Its almost unbearable. Before the maca powder I was in PMDD for 3 weeks. Now as it's coming back more it's a week before. The day of my period coming its crazy

  61. I honestly think i was mis-diagnosed over 20 years ago with bipolar. This has to be what I have. I feel like i want to cry because i feel like i finally know. Thank you for sharing.

  62. I have a girlfriend who has been diagnosed with pmdd , and i was wondering how do i properly tend to her while she has her moments. Like i try to reassure her how amazing she is , being patient with her as she is with me and not taking it personal if she is upset with me. I just want to support her as best i can

  63. Hey! I would love to talk, please. I am struggling with this and also cannot do birth control because of many other reasons. Please help!

  64. I'm 98% sure I have PMDD, and I'm hoping that when I'm 18 I can get diagnosed by a Doctor so i know for sure. The symptoms are there, but I don't like self diagnosing

  65. Wow I actually think I have this…but I’ve been diagnosed with depression and bipolar in the past and this has made me really confused because I don’t always fit into the diagnosis fully

  66. I finally found this video! I have heard of pmdd before and even had some info on it but raising my nieces and nephews at the time made it impossible to keep up with this new info that I was so excited about learning of this new terminology about the woman's cycle and the mental anguish behind it. I am looking forward to learning more about it. Is there a website on this topic where I can receive more info!!!??? Thank you.

  67. This makes me feel so much better! I was so happy yesterday and then today felt so depressed/wasn’t thinking correctly 🙁 my period is due in a few days and I didn’t know what was wrong with me : things that don’t make me that sad are making me super depressed right now 🙁 my mom is moving super far away in a few months and she’s my only fam I have left 🙁 I feel so alone in life and this emotional issue makes it so much worse :’(

  68. I have this and have only found being on the pill helps a bit, but I’ve never been able to get rid of my PMDD completely, another thing that does help me more is taking women’s hormone balancing vitamins everyday so I’d recommend that to anyone who hasn’t tried it

  69. I don't want to self diagnosed but I'm going crazy and I couldn't really afford it.
    I think it's because I'm bullied but its weird like that was a part but its like worse.
    I lost soo many friends (they're fake so its ok)
    I'm only a little sad normally but was always cheerful when there are people but it was always like i could be like cheerful and can tolerate being outcast but only for a little bit.
    The email part tho so accurate hahahahaha
    Everyone says I'm dramatic but I don't believe so like even though i try not to be there will be weeks that no matter how much i slap myself to not be me so that people can like me. I hate me. If only I could not be a girl and have period I would.
    I've lost scholarship and so much. Like 💩 as I'm writing this I'm crying because I don't want to go to school but I need to so therefore I want to.
    Ifeel like im crazy. Most of the times I sh are before my period. Like I don't like it. I don't like anything.
    I know nothing will change if i write it down in a youtube comment but I honestly feel like just a few more months I'm literally gonna lose it so i need to leave something behind for no apparent reason

  70. I'm honestly trying to figure out if I have this. I feel like I do but I don't want to be dramatic if its just PMS, but I feel like the symptoms match how I feel 😕

  71. Yup kiss my but and dont let the smooth taste fool u lol .. u kiss me and I'll kiss u back ..😘🦄. Thow a shoe at me and I throw it back .. invite me to a Jerry Springer show or the Adam's family show and it bound to be a food fight..mess with my chicken and that means war

  72. I wish more people knew about this. The worst feeling in the world is not being taken seriously when you know something is wrong

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