What Will Happen By 2090!

What Will Happen By 2090!

The future is a big part of our lives, but
have you wondered just what will happen in the upcoming decades? Join as we show you event that will happen
by 2090! 8. Nuclear War? Alright, let’s start things off with a rather
grim topic, but since we’re talking about events that will likely happy in the next
70 or so years, it’s very fair to talk about the dark side of events. Human history is full of wars, so much so
that you could argue that history is defined by wars and who won them. The world as we know it hasn’t had a large-scale
war in some time, just minor wars that focused in one area of the world like the Iraqi War. But that doesn’t mean we should be relaxed
about it, after all, there are a lot of political figures out there in the world right now that
aren’t exactly the most kind or stable people mentally. That’s not to say that they’ll slam the “FIRE!”
button on their arsenals, but it is a probability, and the thing they would fire is nuclear missiles. Now, on one hand, the amount of nuclear missiles
in the world right now is actually smaller than you think. During the Cold War nations were stockpiling
these things like no ones business because they were expecting war to happen, but that’s
died down since. But, we still have plenty to permanently affect
the world. And as history has shown us, all it takes
is one incident, one move in the wrong direction, one misunderstanding, and war is here. With tensions high, and unknown events coming
over the next 70 years, you might hard pressed to not say that a massive nuclear war “could
be” inevitable. 7. Landing On Mars
Ok, now let’s get to the better stuff! Something based on a project that we all know
is going on right now in the world via entities like NASA and Space X. Mainly, that we’re
going to Mars! It’s often been the dream of humanity that
we would not just have homes on Earth, but on other planets, and the goal of places like
NASA has been to observe the universe and see if there are places we could potentially
habitate. Which they have found for the record, but
because of the distance problem, we have to settle for a place that is close enough to
us and a place where we can make a colony somewhat easily. Somewhat. That place right now is Mars. Now to be clear, making a colony on Mars will
not be easy, nor is the process for making a colony on Mars perfectly set right now. That’s part of the reason there hasn’t been
any missions to Mars involving humans so far in history, but that is now changing. Both NASA and SpaceX (an independent company
working under Elon Musk) have their own plans to colonize Mars, and it’s kind of a new Space
Race to see who gets there first. At present, it seems that Elon Musk’s crew
will be the first to land on Mars by either 2022 or 2024 depending on various elements. But either way, by 2090, not only will we
have landed on Mars, we’ll have likely gotten multiple Martian cities it and perfected how
we colonize the planet. Which means that humanity will now inhabit
two worlds, opening the possibilities of what else we can do colonization wise by 2090. How did that guy say it? Oh yes, to boldly go where no man has gone
before… 6. Technology Boom
Humanity as a whole is often defined by the technology that they have at the time. At one point in history the bow and arrow
was the most important and powerful weapon in the world. Then came gunpowder, then tanks, and missiles,
and cyberhacking and on and on it went. Obviously, non-weapon technology is just as
important, from how we construct buildings, to making a better computer, technology governs
our lives whether we want to admit it or not. So where will we be by 2090? In truth, it’s hard to fully know. Sure, we can guess based on where we are right
now, and what things many groups are working on, but as history has shown us, sometimes
a single event or year can help change things so drastically that it would’ve been laughable
to think it would’ve happened when looked at from a few years previous. We refer to this often times as a “technology
boom”. You can point to various points in history
and see the technology boom, like the birth of personal computers and the microchip, the
arrival of radar, x-rays, microwaves, the arrival of certain medicines, and so on. Fast forward to 2090 and we might just have
cars that don’t require fossil fuels. We could have homes that run on solar energy
alone, we could have medicine that cures many diseases that are considered fatal right now. We could have computers that we wear on our
bodies, interact fully with voice commands and have holographic project systems. We could even have food replicators. The possibilities in this case are limitless,
the only question is what the event itself will be that inspires or sparks the next boom,
and when it will happen. But you’d foolish to say it won’t happen before
2090 cause humanity doesn’t like staying stagnant. Then again…that’s not always a good thing… 5. Technological Singularity? For those who don’t know, Technological Singularity
is a term that defines “a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth
becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.” There are two ways to look at this. One, that Earth grows so large on its technology
use that we become defined by that technology and can’t go back to a time when we didn’t
use it. Or two, that we create A.I. intelligence that
is so advanced and powerful that IT controls US. Either option is…not appealing, and to be
fair, we’re REALLY close to something like that RIGHT NOW. As humanity is becoming more and more dependant
on technology with every year that passes. Don’t believe me? Just look at the next generation of humanity. 10 years ago you might find 2 out of 10 kids
with cell phones in their hands. Now? It’s 9 out of 10 in most 1st world countries
because kids “need” phones. Hint: they don’t, they really don’t. Also, humanity is working with various forms
of A.I. right now that are getting more and more advanced. You might even have one in your home right
now via Siri or Alexa. Plus, more advanced A.I.s are in the works,
and are even being put into autonomous robots that are able to open doors for other robots! Yes, it’s scary. So by 2090, there is a very real and scary
chance that we’ll have hit the technological singularity. It’s not impossible to avoid it for the record,
however, it is more than likely that it will be reached in some capacity by that point. The only real question is how humanity will
adapt to this new lifestyle and whether it’ll end in the “Judgment Day” that the Terminator
predicted all those years ago. Don’t worry, I’ll be back…to the list in
a bit, but before then, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel! That way you don’t miss out on all of our
weekly videos! 4. Cosmic Events
While it’s easy to focus on what humanity as a whole is going to bring to the table
by 2090, we must remember that there is a whole universe full of things that affect
our planet that we sometimes don’t even focus on. Thankfully, a lot of other people DO focus
on the stars, and by 2090, there are many cosmic events that will come our way. Now, some will be fine, and fun even, like
how Halley’s Comet is going to come back around 2061, so if you’re around by then, you’ll
have a very fun sight to see. But, there are also some more dangerous cosmic
events that could arrive on Earth by then. Such as an asteroid that is set to pass by
Earth in 2050. Current projections state that this massive
rock won’t exactly hit the Earth, but that’s still 30 years away, the universe is known
for making changes that can affect Earth, and so who is to say that the trajectory of
it won’t be altered? Yeah, it’s a grim thought, but the Earth has
been almost destroyed by asteroids before, and not just the one that took out the dinosaurs,
there were other events that have happened that were mere hours from total planetary
destruction. If you’re looking for more positive cosmic
events by 2090, you are in luck. There will be numerous cosmic events like
supernovas being born, meteor showers, the birth and death of planets, and more that’ll
happen in the next 70 years that humanity will be able to document. Plus, if we do make it to Mars, we’ll have
yet another vantage point to explore the universe, and be able to see things that we might not
have been able to view on Earth. 3. Medicine and Disease
There was a point in time in human history when the life expectancy rate was incredibly
low, so much so that certain major powers like Rome had people dying in their teens
more times than not because medicine just wasn’t there to save them. Thankfully, we’ve grown past that, and in
the future, we could have more medicine than ever to keep us alive. We’ve already briefly talked about this during
the “technology boom” session, but it’s important to document the events in medicine that could
have us pushing in further in having near immortality. Because as sci-fi as it sounds, that honestly
is the goal with humanity and medicine. As a race we already have various kinds of
pills and nutrients that are meant to make our bodies stronger and last longer, so having
something in the future be born that could make our immune systems super strong and incapable
of catching disease isn’t just probable, it’s likely. However, the opposite side of that coin is
also true. Because just as we are able to make medicine
that can make our lives better, we also have technologies that could make a virus or biological
weapon that could literally wipe us all out. It’s almost happened before, and those were
via natural things like the Black Plague, or AIDS, or the Avian Flu. With those as a reference, countries could
make biological weapons and decimate a country. With 70 years until 2090 a biological attack
is very probable, especially since every major nation in the whole world has the capabilities
to make these things work and happen. And…man-made biological attacks have already
happened on Earth, just in a small scale. But by 2090 it’d be hard pressed to believe
that a large-scale event won’t happen. 2. Aliens? There are several big “mysteries” in the universe,
but none are as powerful and as prevalent as the one simply known as aliens. Specifically, “Is there life out there in
space?” Many have pondered, many have searched, and
many have made theories or statements claiming that aliens have already been to Earth. But as a whole, humanity does not know if
aliens do exist. But maybe the reason we haven’t seen them
yet is…they haven’t had the time to get here. After all, space is BIG, and despite all the
predictions of aliens with light-speed capabilities and such, we don’t know how fast they can
go. But maybe in the next 70 years we’ll have
contact with them. Maybe in the next several decades we’ll receive
a signal that is clearly not from any random object in space. Perhaps by 2090 we’ll have a true close encounter
of the third kind. Or…maybe we won’t, and we’ll still be wondering
where the heck the aliens are. It’s hard to say. 1. World Peace? Ah, the dream of many people on the planet,
the dream of coming together not as a group of nations, but as one planet to make things
better. In this current political climate it may seem
like that is an impossibility. As many world leaders either don’t like each
other, don’t trust each other, or flat out hate each other and want to go to war with
their rivals. But by 2090? The world may be a very different place. We’ve seen the world come together to help
change things, like with the Live Aid concert, or the events of 9/11, or certain other things,
but imagine if an event, whatever it may be, rose up and created such a unifying force
that the world itself changed for better? It’s very hard to imagine it, because we honestly
only think about world peace in the style of certain sci-fi shows that talk about the
Earth coming together as one to become a singular entity. Like in Star Trek where they Earth has been
touted as a near “perfect” planet because of technology and the unification they underwent. But could that happen on Earth? Yes, it really can, and it may not be as hard
as you think. It just takes a singular event to bring us
all together. It may be that we rally together after a devastating
incident, like a war, or a disease that kills a large part of the planet. Or maybe it’s a technology that allows us
to break down the barriers between the nations and allows us to see that fighting is pointless. There’s a lot of time between now and 2090,
so who knows? Maybe the Earth may be a truly peaceful planet
by the time we get there. Thanks for watching everyone! What did you think about these events in our
lives that will likely happen before the year 2090? Which of these events do you think will likely
happen? What events do you think will happen before
that period of time? Let me know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I will see you next time on the channel!

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  3. By 2090 your great, great grand children and their children will be slaves as the government has weponized the law and they tighten the noose every generation. As it stands now, you have to go to court to prove you have rights.

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