Will space junk end our modern way of life ? – The Kessler Syndrome

Will space junk end our modern way of life ? – The Kessler Syndrome

Space ain’t what it used to be mainly
because just like here on earth we are slowly filling the most important part
just above our heads with junk. Over 60 years of space travel flight debris or space
junk has accumulated around the earth to the point where it’s now becoming
dangerous. With the amount of space junk in orbit expected to triple up in the
next 15 years experts are beginning to take the
problem very seriously indeed because if they don’t a theory known as the Kessler
syndrome suggests that the space around the earth could soon become so clogged
with space junk but no vehicle will be able to fly through it. That means no
more missions to the Moon or Mars no more deep-space probes and closer to
home and more importantly for everyday people like you and me,
no more satellite communications networks, weather satellites and research
probes, live international news, stock price updates, flight information or GPS
services. We could imprison ourselves on earth and make the world a lot smaller
and more difficult to navigate and understand while we do it. wWhen space
exploration began there was no way of dealing with the vehicles once they
completed their jobs so they were just left there floating around the earth but
no further use to anyone but as the pattern continued over the decades more
and more debris built up and now it’s a real problem.
objects from spacecraft to specks of dust stay in orbit because they are
traveling an incredibly high speed normally in the order of around 17,000
miles an hour 27,000km it’s not all that
bad if they’re all traveling in the same direction like cars on the same side of
a highway but if the orbits are different and at different angles and
directions then it’s like a car driving into oncoming traffic, the impact speeds
are huge and so is the energy released when they collide. A 1cm or 1/2
inch fleck paint around the size of a fingernail traveling at a typical
collision speed of 22,000 miles or 35,000 kilometers an hour
has the same impact potential as an object weighing 550 pounds or 250
kilograms traveling at 60 miles an hour or 96 kilometers here on earth. A
10cm or 4 inch object has the impact energy of around 7 kilograms of
TNT. The Space Surveillance Network is currently tracking more than 750,000
pieces of junk of which 16,000 are 10cm in diameter or larger whilst
most of them are between 1 and 10cm but there are thought to be
more than 150 million pieces smaller than a centimeter. Over the 5000 vehicle
flights or so since 1957 rocket flights have created clouds of aluminium dust
from engines, nuclear powered satellites have created droplets of fuel and liquid
and radio experiments from the 1960s have left strands of copper wire
floating around. At the larger end of a scale the junk includes defunct
satellites, empty rocket stages, discarded shields and even lens caps. The oldest
known item still in orbit is NASA’s Vanguard 1 satellite and it’s upper
stage launch rocket which was launched in 1958. In 2002 an unidentified item was
found to be a burnt-out stage from the Apollo 12 moon mission launched in 1969.
It was identified by the paint pattern on its exterior and paint as it turn it turns
out is also a significant issue in the space junk situation. Flecks of paint
become detached from the dead vehicles as a result of the extreme ultraviolet
radiation, although they’re tiny they’re traveling at around 5 miles per second
and that means they can pack a serious punch if they hit anything.
Several Space Shuttle windows needed replacing after being hit by what was
later identified to be paint flecks. A solar array removed from the Hubble
Space Telescope in 1993 showed hundreds of tiny impact holes.
Last year a piece of micro debris cut a hole in the solar panel of a
Copernicus sentinel 1A satellite and in May 2017 astronaut Tim Peake
revealed how a paint flakes believed to be just a few thousandths of a millimeter
in diameter made a serious dent in the Coppola window of the International
Space Station. The ISS can be moved out of position if an impact is predicted.
NASA flight rules include guidelines for assessing the threat posed by space
debris. They know that pieces of junk moving up to 17,500 miles an hour pose
a serious threat to vehicles in anyone aboard, so an imaginary box known as the pizza box because the shape is projected around the ISS and any other vehicles.
It’s a mile deep 30 miles wide and 30 miles long and if any pieces of space
junk enter the pizza box area NASA and its partners do what has to be done to
protect the vehicle and its crew if there are any onboard. There have
actually been very few large-scale collisions to date but for an idea of
what does happen when they occur consider this. In 2007 China tested an
anti-satellite weapon by destroying a defunct probe with a rocket that
explosion created the largest breakup in space history adding a further 3,000
new trackable pieces of space junk around the planet. Two years later
in 2009 a dead Russian probe struck and destroyed at operating us commercial
communication satellites creating a further 2,000 more tiny bits of debris.
The Kessler syndrome as defined by Professor Don Kessler of NASA in 1978
predicts that these sorts of impacts will become more and more common and
create more and more tiny non trackable bits of junk to clog up the space around
the earth. The theory goes that as time goes by large objects will smash into
other large objects and break them into smaller ones with so much junk for these
smaller bits to hit a chain reaction could be set off that ends up with
billions of tiny pieces too small to be tracked making it impossible to leave
earth without encountering an impact. In essence the Kessler syndrome warns that
we could lock ourselves into a world where
we can’t send out satellites or rockets because there’s no way through this
invisible junkyard. So what is being done government space agencies and corporate operators are working together in the inter agency space debris Coordination
Committee, they’ve developed guidelines about limiting space junk. The current
thinking is that the problem for micro debris can’t be solved so organizations
must work to prevent the vehicles from having the chance of smashing into other
things and creating junk in first place. Future satellite networks and space
stations are expected to have a maximum orbital last time of 25 years after
which they are either sent into the atmosphere to burn up or moved into a
higher graveyard orbit well out of the way but what about the current situation.
Well the earth does have a self-cleaning function to an extent. Every 11
years the solar cycle increases the amount of energy received by the earth from the Sun. This heats up the lower parts of the atmosphere which expand outwards
creating higher air drag, which in turn causes debris in the lower orbits to
slow down and in fall back to earth to burn up. Although this doesn’t last for
long as it’s replaced by objects descending from higher orbits. The problem here is that we are filling up space faster than the earth can clean up our
rubbish. In 2013 NASA said they aim to concentrate on mitigation of the problem
because there was no practical method of debris removal. they posed a solution to the problem called space debris animation or “Spade”. This would shoot pulses of atmospheric
gas at targets which would destabilize their orbits and force them to re-enter
the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up. NASA argued that the space system would be
failsafe because the gas pulses would just fade back into the atmosphere
leaving no additional junk in the place of the junk food just being removed.
Meanwhile the European Space Agency is working on its own solutions. Agreeing that the problem of the micro debris can’t be solved they’re also going after
the larger pieces. ESA are working on a machine called the e-Deorbit which would
use a net or robotic arm to capture large bits of junk and
drag them towards the atmosphere where both the hunter machine and the
piece-of-junk would burn up. The first launch of e-Deorbit is expected to
happen in 2023. If the chain reaction predicted by the Kessler syndrome theory
ever began we could find ourselves trapped within the confines of the
Earth’s atmosphere until a way was found to clean up the billions of tiny but
deadly pieces of space junk. Human ingenuity suggests that we would be able
to solve a problem if we had to but it makes much more sense to find a solution before the Kessler syndrome cascade occurs. How long we’ve got to do this is
anybody’s guess and in the meantime with more and more nations joining the space
race and more than a hundred vehicle launches every year and that figure is
set to increase the problem is only going to get worse. So as always thanks
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  1. Iโ€™m surprised this guy buys into the space clutter myth. Even including that bullshit graphic. Thumbs down

  2. Sounds like the launch of a hunter/killer/harvester could prove very profitable. Possibly a Waste Management + Republic services + SpaceX Gov't contract… taxpayers cleaning up corporate trash… so they are free to create more…

  3. Answering the question above "nahh Congress will kill us with taxes kim jung un will kill us with nukes(or fatboy threats)china will kill us with broken "but new and improved" tools Bill Gates & Google will kill us with updates, Africa will kill us with reverse slavery psycology fukishima will kill us with radioactive debris from the china- california trade route&port mark zuckerberg will kill us soliciting documents to apply for credit accounts illegally..FEMA will kill us with "fix everything my ass" Russia will kill us with Arrogance..France will just burn it down for charity donations (Btw Oral Roberts is a real motherfkkr isnt he?) "Dubya" Bush will kill us with ignorance(proves hes the actual devil by the way) and if all that fails Rick Scott will finish us off at the hospital one way or another and of course "Killary" could run again for president soon as howdy doody gets done kissing on Kimmyboy with Denis Rodman in a manajatwa..and then again could be road crew painting 10 feet bumps in the middle of the road while the real road remains a 50 feet cannion for job security while the next 4 years of election propaganda is still going on..so they can all ignore Hurricane Michael..and continue thier ironic mess untill God is like "fkkt it..'slap' and the planet is no more or karma reverses time and sends a star and a blackhole at once towards us thinking "maybe finally theyll get this shiit straight before fkn with me again. 'I dunno but "space junk matters'

  4. There is nothing up there show real video of this so called trash if NASA did show this so called trash it would be C.G.I. hahahaha

  5. NASA better fix this problem & all the others space agencies otherwise what's the point of of there programs they'd be pointless… They never take stuff seriously till were behind the 8 ball

  6. Sooooo thanks to americas noseyness into space and the moon , space is full of americas trash . Nice on america , gotta take that moment for yaselves !!

  7. wonder? a big solar collector beaming the light down ( geostationary ? the junk flies thru it) slowly push the junk in atmosphere, might take awhile but better than decades and decades

  8. In a word, no. If the problem gets to be big enough, companies will form to take care of it. The payoff would be tremendous. Good vid!

  9. Well garbage will also litter the surface making earth a garbage dumpsite and man lives a few hundred feet above ground similar to the movie "Fifth Element". Well that's way too far in the future but as for now lets enjoy the beauty of this planet before our innovative destructive concieted mind destroy it depriving our next generations the beauty of this planet, together destroying this planet slowly but surely with our garbage.

  10. & now we have India following China footsteps and creating thousands of debris pieces by blowing up a satellite. And than their is the mega saturation of throwing an additional thousand satellites into orbit to form a starlink…if just one out of those thousand new sats failures and collides with another object RIP. Maybe thats how the rings around Saturn formed, an ancient civilization doomed themselves by creating the first kessler field ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I thought someone had a solution that had a satellite that could create a static field so to speak and as it orbited a huge debri orbit the small stuff would get attracted to the static cling and then the whole ball would come back down and burn up. I saw this idea once but never saw it again. Maybe it deemed not feasible due to wide variety of material that would not be affected by the static.

  12. God dammit it's Uh-loo-mih-num. You're adding an extra "i" to the word aluminum. It's aluminum–not aluminium.

  13. Add a balloon. /To slow down orbital speed// then add a drag para shoot. (Dangerous splash downs) Grave orbit is good. though a better way is to make a orbital foundry and store metals in orbit to be cast into new space craft, and habitats. //Prisons, store houses, and repair stations for more hearty SATs that need repairs. // Make This into a private/govt concern that lures workers into space for profit. Kv4li

  14. Instead of pulling a net try pushing one. Deploy a net in front of something like the Apollo 12 booster with rigid masts to start picking up heavier debris and use that to pick up smaller debris. If Mother Earth can't cope with our mess then we need to give her a little help. Develop a refuellable thruster pack and fore net and use THAT for a junk wagon for space. That hulk is already up there, let's turn it into the skylark of space and use it to capture resources floating around in space. Using an equatorial orbit should help minimize the rendezvous speeds.

  15. Space junk is probably what people are seeing and thinking itโ€™s a flying saucer/ UFO.
    Traveling at super high speed and not giving off a heat signature is most likely what the U.S. Navy pilots saw over the Atlantic.

  16. Ignorant selfish mankind. Didn't those immaculate brains in the 50's, 60s up till now realise that? Mankind needs a cosmic slap to wake those responsible up!

  17. I remember learning about this issue in an college level astronomy class taught by a former NASA meteor impact specialist.

  18. I propose a multi layered relatively soft aluminum cone impacting and trapping micro debris for 35 years until it's life ends and it falls to earth. A hardened outer shell will prevent debris from simply tearing through and the layers will break apart and trap the particle junk. This could be made 30 miles across and built in multiple pieces in space. Designed to take micro debris impacts and trap the debris while absorbing all of the energy this mostly passive solution could be used to clean up specific orbits or to remove clouds of small space junk.

  19. I see this on a smaller scale on the housing estate I live on. An increasing number of kids play out front and they leave litter which nobody cleans up, least of all the parents because it's not their job. More and more litter appears, more people feel it's OK to drop litter here because it's not where they live and everybody else does it and so it goes on. It seems that no matter where we go we make a mess and destroy the environment in the process.

  20. LMFAO space junk ? Where is all this space junk ? All the videos of the space station and not one video of space junk passing by lol .. and where are all the satellites ? Not 1 video of a REAL satellite in space lol ..


  22. Strong magnet that has at rocket attached. The magnet captures all magnetic space junk and then fire its engine to reach earth. Where all the junk burns up. Problem solved.

  23. Imagine the shock of aliens when they arrive and find our planet floating with that garbage around it

    I feel embarrassed already

  24. What's fascinating about humanity, is nobody is interested to actually solve the problem. However, to solve this problem of Space Junk, we need to expand up on the idea of the 'Gas Pulse Generator' which is explained in this video. The specific way to send up the gas pulse, is with a hydrogen fusion bomb, detonated at a nice high altitude, probably 50,000 feet. That will throw out a huge amount of atmosphere to higher altitudes of true vacuum, deorbiting all the little pieces such as the paint flecks.
    Of course then comes all the foolish people who want to object, thereby making sure that the problem won''t get solved. They will say 'creates fallout'. this is false, a high altitude detonation doesn't create any significant fallout. "Fallout" is due to interaction of a nuclear bomb with the dirt at ground level, and we don't have that situation at high altitudes.
    Next, to enhance the function of the gas pulse generator, instead of ONE fusion bomb going off, it's better to set off a whole bunch of them. This forms an "array" which can be tuned to boost the gas pulse much higher. Budget approx 4 – 8 bombs and turn tthis problem over to the fluid dynamics guys, with their finite element modelling, and they'll recommend what is the best "array" of fusion bombs to put up a substantial atmospheric gas pulse.

    Lastly, as to all the greedy nasty ugly corporations that want to launch thousands of cube-sats, they should simply be stopped from doing that, by government intervention. We don't need a world that ugly, as mass production of stupid little junky worthless trash satellites paid for by sick worthless assinine government research grants or selfish psycho-sick rich people. Also, enact taxes onto the greedy selfish rich people, so they couldn't even afford to do something that stupid in the first place. IF somebody wants internet at every location on earth (and they should not want this) then they can do it with stationary satellites, AND price it so that very few customers will exist.

    However since nobody wants to solve any problem of any kind, well then never mind, let's just let the space junk and the paint flecks multiply exponentially until nobody can go into space. Also what about space paint. Then the rockets should have to go up with bare aluminum exterior skins, so they don't have paint on them to peel off. OR the laws have to change, for guaranteeing they will deorbit before the paint fails.

  25. Space junk? That's a classic. So the Truth finally comes out. We only fire junk into space? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  26. I had an idea for cleaning up the micro debris but I'm not sure if we have the right materials for it. Basicly sending a spacecraft with a giant shield. Two layers of it with a large gap in the middle just like the ISS. The shield would colide with all the micro debris in it's path and in this way slowly clean it up. The only problem is that I don't know if we have a material available that would only splinters in the direction of the impact to prevent the creation of more debris.

  27. We need to use this space junk to build our future space stations and moon cities. For that we'll probably need another space station sent from earth exclusively to process, smelt,and fabricate said space junk. EDIT: It's free building material already in space.๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿค– 2nd EDIT: Heck! We can sell that same processed,and fabricated,space metal to any other country that wants to start building their own space stations,such as India, china,and Russia. And we could charge them for slightly less than it would cost them to launch the same type of building material into space themselves. GOUGE CHINA!๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณโ›ฉ๏ธ๐Ÿ—ก๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ

  28. What about large highly magnetic probes. Position them around the planet in different orbits. Collect as much space debris as possible over time then either send them out of earth orbit or to burn up in atmosphere re-entry. Obviously we couldn't collect paint chips, ceramic, aluminum or titanium so we'd need other systems but magnetic probes could sit in orbit until commanded to do self destruct.

  29. Why are these people still being allowed to send useless items up into orbit, whose only apparent goal is to enrich it ,s weathy owners and satifiy their desire and greed even at the cost or destuction of the ๐ŸŒŽ. Good job earth people huh.

  30. Does anyone here know how they get to space? And atmosphere and a vacuum cannot be side-by-side without a solid barrier between them. The law of physics thoroughly says this would be an impossibility. Having a vacuum side-by-side with atmosphere is impossible. So which is wrong? The physics or the science?

  31. It's amazing that the stage from Apollo 12 is still up there. I would have thought by it's sheer tonnage it would have fallen out of orbit long, long ago. And would today be at the bottom of the ocean.

  32. Lol this is such BS. Sure the probability of impacts are there but these depictions are pure propaganda. Do you really think the collection of space trash has the same surface area as Earth? How about showing an image of the trash to scale relative to the Earth

  33. Humans by nature are generators of garbage and they think higher forms of life would want to visit a garbage dump.๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  34. Elon Musk's SPACEX Plan:

    1) Get a few choice people to Mars and set up a colony.

    2) Launch Tens-of Thousands of CubeSATs into orbit, to Quarantine the rest of the human race so that they cannot leave Earth anymore… at least not for a few thousand years.

  35. Experts need to design a robot for gathering and use magnetics to line the โ€œtrashโ€ into a man made ring for future gathering and recycling…

  36. A scrap metal merchant would have a field day if he could get up there there is so much junk going around the Earth itโ€™s a wonder there is not more coalitions ( love the shirt )

  37. I don't get the whole space junk thing! Why doesn't gravity simply pull all that so-called space junk down and burn it up on entering the atmosphere, like gravity does to everything else in space? Or if it really is so bad then create a space trash truck type satellite that roams around space collecting it.

  38. Here's the future of the space junk (elements) from 2 Peter Chapter 3 of the Holy Bible KJV:
    9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
    10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

    13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

  39. Years from now the debris which has blocked all comms on earth coalesces into a single entity which, given its electronic nature, becomes self aware and thinks the earth is its mother. Desperate to reach her it begins its journey towards the earth, only to burn up in the atmosphere, unseen and unknown by anyone. Meanwhile, we can all watch cats on YouTube again.

  40. Depressing as this is, still an interesting video, of the usual Shillito standard. Nice music. I'll bet you've got at least one piece of Pink Floyd vinyl somewhere, Paul.

  41. Soon this Judeo-Masonic shit will end.
    You'll not be able to travel eternally.
    Allahu Akbar!
    Everyone gets what he deserves.

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