Wim Hof Method | Lyme Disease Trial

This Lyme Trial was set up with 22 people All diagnosed with post-treatment Lyme disease They got together for over 10 weeks. Once a week, we get together, we practice all the exercises together in a group At the beginning, it was new for them And some of them are fighting Lyme for many years. The intention is to have a follow-up after half a year And then, measure again and see if there’s any progress in their functional daily lives. We created a Facebook group With all the people involved They share their experiences. The bad ones, the good ones And when it was snowing outside here, in The Netherlands They all went outside and challenged themselves with little snow angels That created a beautiful atmosphere And I think that was really the power of the Facebook group. I felt how good it was for me in Poland I felt the strength of the method but after that I also had a little drawback And after a few months I could feel that my life was getting better! It’s certainly a long-term commitment I kick-started the method in 5 days And after that I also had a drawback And had to get through that And then, in the long-term it started to work for me As good as it does now. This was a really successful trial And in my opinion, I really hope that this is the starting case for Lyme patients all over the world To help them with this method Because the results with such a small group already gives us big promises for the future. I think this project is amazing I mean we started off and didn’t really know what to expect It was the first project that we did like this But it was amazing to see that during the 10 Weeks You just saw the spark in everybody’s eyes returning And I’m really proud of what they did It was really tough at some point And they were still full of commitment They really wanted to go for it and saw this as a new chance I’m really proud of them all! The reason we set up this project Is because if you want to have the real big scientific studies you need a lot of funding for it It takes a lot of time And here, we were able to set it up really quickly And also see really quickly the results with the participants You only had to have 20 people with Lyme disease You have a location You have instructors, like me, that are more than willing to help out and give back to the community And in that way, we already see results now Hopefully, it inspires science and the rest of the world To take on this method and see what it can do even more for Lyme patients.

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